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Friday, September 28, 2012

Arrow's rant - Leona Lewis

A few weeks ago Trucker crashed the NovastreamGames website with his rant about Skyrim, so I thought it was only fair that I return the favour.

Oh poor Leona! X Factor winner, amazing voice, the whole world eating out of the palm of her hand after she converted Jesse McCartney’s song into an International Number 1 that saw her name plastered across the globe with high hopes for the future.

Her first album Spirit was released and debuted at Number 1 in several countries including the USA (something which is very rare for a Brit!) She then went on to with a plethora of awards for the single and album accumulating critical praise as her sold out tour dazzled audiences around the globe.

Leona then changed record labels and met up with industry heavyweights Ryan Tedder, Justin Timberlake and Larry Rudolph to work on her second official album Echo. The problem was that her old label UEG music had a collection of recordings from a couple of years ago titled Best Kept Secret, and several weeks before the release of Echo, released and marketed the album as Leona’s new album.

Advertisers on I Tunes and Advertising Standards Authority banned the ads claiming this was Lewis’s new album and Echo was then released. Shooting straight to number 1 in the UK as well as the lead single Happy, things where still looking great for this pop star who was destined to continue her reign as the new Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston/Gloria Estefan voice type person.

Lewis recorded the theme song from the hit movie Avatar I See You and was nominated for a golden globe for best original song, and recorded some duets with other artists and planned a tour.

Taking to the road for the Labyrinth tour (inspired by the movie) she won hearts over with her sexy new look and sultry voice, and was set to support Christina Aguilera’s Bionc tour, after Floptina cancelled the tour due to poor album sales and a lack of interest in her trying to be Lady Gaga, Lewis hit the studio to record her third album Glassheart.

Glassheart is where things started to go wrong for poor old Leona, she recorded the first single Collide, which unashamedly sampled Avicci, problem was that Avicci had no idea about the song until it was made. In a swift move the record label negotiated an agreement to have the song as Leona featuring Avicii to avoid any legal nastiness and released the single. Too bad it was all over the press already and it smeared the single with a nasty distain that people have for this kind of sly move.

Good news for Leona, the song hit number one in the US dance and club charts (a first for her!) but only reached number three in the UK. The second single released was Trouble featuring US rapper Childish Gambino (Troy from Community) and to be honest the song is a snooze-fest. Great lyrics but this is the first Leona song that I press the skip button.

A week after hearing Trouble I stumbled upon a little YouTube clip called Glassheart, which featured the title track that was premiered on the radio at the time. This up-tempo trance inspired track was pure genius. It was the kind of thing that should have been the lead single and I am certain the album would have received a different response.

The song is pure pop hotness, extremely radio friendly and a track that clubs beg for these days. Why oh why is it not a single, let alone lead single? ? ?

It is this kind of idiocy that has plagued pop artists for such a long time. Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Duff, Holly Valance, Britney Spears all have amazing songs on the album that are not given the single status that are hotter than the actual singles that are released. Why WHY WHY!!!

Fortunately for you I have included the Glassheart YouTube song, let us know what you think, Should Leona release this?

News: Christina Aguliera, Bruno Mars, Boys like girls

After several weeks waiting and many teasers Christina Aguliera has finally released the full video to “your body” a single pulled off her upcoming album “Lotus” check it out here:

Bruno Mars has announced that he wil be releasing a new album entitled “unorthodox jukebox”. The first single will be called “locked out of heaven and released on the 1st of October, and the album will follow on the 11th of December.

Boys like girls have announced they will release their new album on titled “crazy world” on December 11.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

News: Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera

Singer Chris Brown has premiered a new video for his song, “Don’t judge me”.  The song comes off his newest album "fortune". Check it out here:

Christina Aguilera has release another teaser to her song “your body.” The video in full will be released in a few days, check it out here

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Truckers weekly rant - Laziness

Let’s get right to the point, we as a general collective can be damn lazy sometimes. We don’t want to get out of bed, we don’t want to go to do anything and we really don’t want to go to work today. When we do go and do any of the things we really couldn’t be bothered to do, we normally do a half arsed job of it just so it’s finished and out of the way.

That is fine, who cares? But now think about what happens if all music artists took that same attitude towards their work?

I’m not going to name and shame anyone one artist right now, but I am sure that everyone can think of a song, an album or seen a live show that they felt like the artist just couldn’t be bothered and were only half doing their job.

When this has happened to me, I’ve felt cheated out of my money and been mad at the artist for doing that to me, but now sitting back and really thinking about it, I have come to realise that I don’t have the right to be because, let’s face it, this is their job and some days I don’t want to do my job either.

So where is the line, what counts as ok laziness and what is just taking it to a whole new level of “can’t be bothered and I’ll just sell my fans short” ?

This is my question and I want to know what you guys all think on this one because I really am stuck and not sure how to feel about this anymore. 

News: Reece Mastin, The Script, No Doubt

Reece Mastin, former contestant in the X factor, has announced a new single that will be released next Friday. The song will be called “rockstar” and is the third single to be lifted off his new album upcoming album, rumoured to be released later this year.

Australian fans of The Script will be pleased to know that the Script, who set foot on Australian soil this week to promote their newest album, have announced tour dates for Australia kicking off on April 03. Tour dates are below:

April 03 : Perth (Perth Arena)

April 06 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena)

April 07 : Sydney (Entertainment Centre)

April 09 : Brisbane (Entertainment Centre)

No doubt have released the video to their song “Push and shove” off their first album in ten years, by the same name. The song features Busy Signal & Major Lazer, check it out below:

SONG - Diamonds - Rihanna

Pop princess Rihanna is still intent on releasing a new album every year so why should 2012 be any different?

The song is called Diamonds, and to be honest it is pure tripe. This is NOT a single, this is album filler that belongs on Talk That Talk with the rest of the fodder on that album.

No doubt the "Navy" will get behind this song and I am sure it will chart well, but to be honest I miss the Rated R Rihanna who was rough and edgy, instead of this snore of a track! Oh well! Give it a listen below

ALBUM REVIEW - The 2nd Law - Muse

I've been a fan of Muse for a long time. During high school it was "cool" for our little alternative group to like Muse, so I started listening without even questioning why listening to this band called Muse was cool. It was like our own little exclusive club, and as a bonus, everything I heard from Muse was awesome. Muse finally hit the mainstream back in 2006 with their album "Blackholes & Revelations", and became firmly entrenched in pop culture after the Twi-hards first heard "Super Massive Blackhole" as the backing music to that famous Cullen baseball scene. Yeah my exclusive club was no longer exclusive, but secretly isn't that what we all wanted? For Muse to get the recognition they deserve?

Well it's 2012 now and Muse have gone from strength to strength, with front man Matt Bellamy achieving 'Rock God' status. They have achieved universal acclaim around the world, but fans from their early days have started to have reservations about the direction their music is taking. So how does their latest album "The 2nd Law" hold up against their musical legacy? Well, much like "The Resistance", this new album showcases some of the very best tracks they have ever created, alongside some of the most boring and uninspired tracks they have ever created. In a word, this album is frustrating!

The opening track "Supremacy" is Muse at their absolute finest. An awesome grungy riff played out by bass guitarist Chris Wolstenholme, Dominic Howard tearing it up on the drums, and Matt Bellamy delivering some of his most powerful vocals to date. Bellamy also makes use of his trademark guitar solo and has composed an awesome orchestral backing melody - the result is a track that starts off by focussing on all these different elements individually before bringing them all together for a stunning conclusion. As I said Muse at their absolute finest, and the perfect start to their new album. So what happens next.

Well track 2, "Madness", is five minutes worth of Matt Bellamy repeating "Muh muh muh muh muh muh muh mad mad mad" interspersed with some anarchistic buzz words and accompanied with some fairly straightforward drums and riffs. Track 3 "Panic Station" might be my second favourite track on the album with a melody and vocals that seems take direct inspiration from the most upbeat and funky INXS tracks. In fact, the rest of the album sounds like it has been inspired by both INXS and U2 with easy listening melodies, funky bass riffs, and some Bono-like vocals from Bellamy. It might sounds like a good mix, and the more I listen to it the more I like it, but first impressions count and my first impression was "Meh".

Other notable tracks: the Olympic anthem Survival sounds much much much much better on the album than it did at the Olympics or on the Youtube preview, the sixth track Follow Me is another favourite with probably the best use of bass / dubstep on the album, and the eleventh track Liquid State is higher tempo grungy track that leads quite nicely into the two part cautionary tale finale Unsustainable and Isolated System.

So my overall impression... this is, as each album always is, a new direction for Muse. I feel like they tried out too many different styles of music in this album, and because of that the overall product seems to lack direction and cohesion. It is very easy for me to skip over a few of those middle tracks so I can get to my favourite tracks faster, which I think gives you the best idea of what I feel about the album. This is still an awesome album, but for your next one Muse can you please make more tracks like Supremacy, and less tracks like Madness?

Review by Ryan Lawler

Monday, September 24, 2012

EXCLUSIVE - Die Young - Ke$ha

Pop trash tartlet Ke$ha has just dropped her new summer track "Die Young", the first single off her upcoming album. The track was  was co-written with Nate Reuss and produced by Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco, and Cirkut.

Check out the hotness summer anthem below

News: Rihanna, Miguel, Alicia Keys

Rihanna has released the official cover for her new single diamonds. The song itself is set for release tomorrow.  It will come off her brand new album, not titled 7, which is rumoured to be released in November.

Miguel and Alicia keys have released a collaboration called “Where’s the fun forever”.  The song has been pulled from Miguel’s sophomore album “Kaleidoscope dream.”

News: Missy higgins, Nicki Minaj, 3OH!3

Missy Higgins has released a new single “Set me on fire” to the Australian public. The single is taken off her Album “The ol’ Razzel Dazzel.” The song will be available for purchase soon. Check it out here:

Nicki Minaj is rumoured to be relasing a new song called “Marilyn Munroe “ in December. The song will be for her re-relased album “Pink Friday Roman re-loaded.”

3OH!3 has announced via twitter that they will be releasing a new album entitled “Omens” on December forth of this year. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Review - 9th inning - Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot’s new rap song Ninth inning Missy Elliot reunited with her musical muse super producer Timbaland
on USStream to announce the iTunes release of her new single “9th Inning”. fans on social media sites, Elliot
explained excitedly that her new tracks will be featured on her new album that is due sometime this year.

“I like to call it theatrical Hip-Hop,” says Elliot. “It’s not the Da Real World all over again, but just the dramatics
of the real world is the feeling that I get from this album.”

Even though this will be Elliot’s first release of an entire body of new material in seven years, Timbaland says
that their timing couldn’t be better. “I think what’s going on right now is the same ol same ol,” “The timing is
right for what we doing right now. We didn’t pick it. It just happened this way.

Social media sites are full of mixed reviews, some say about time we miss you Miss Elliot to others quoting”
the new songs are just like Nicki Minaj” either way, if you’re a fan of Missy Elliot, she won’t disappoint with her latest rap single.

Review by Tracey

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review- Parking lot - Nelly Furtado

It isn’t really saying much but this song is better than the last few songs Nelly has given us. This said it still doesn’t even come close to being a good song choice for the girl.

Almost 4 minutes of the same synth sound and drum beat and nothing else, it really actually can do your head in. It sounds like the song is on a scratched CD and cant get past the same spot, then add to that the vocals and you just have a mess on your hands.

The vocals sound like she can’t even speak let alone sing (which we know she actually can), speaking through her nose the whole time and mispronouncing words all over the place, Nelly what are you doing?
I fear that this album could do bad things for Nelly, who up until now has done some truly awesome stuff.

review by Trucker

News- Rihanna, Leona Lewis, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars

Rihanna’s new single “Diamonds” is due out in three days (Wednesday the 26th). Rihanna is pulling the song of her seventh Album in as many years. Rihanna’s team seem to have started generating hype around the album with a brand new site, entitled “Rihanna 7”, going live last night.  Check it out here..

Leona Lewis has released a new song. “Stop the clocks” is off her upcoming album “Glassheart” set to be released October 15.

New shots have been released on the set of Nicki Minaj’s  “The boys” filming. See them below.

Bruno Mars new single “Locked out of heaven” is set to premier on the 1st of October. The song is off his upcoming album to be released on December 11. 

Review - Live while we're young - One direction

Wow now this is just getting sad, not only are the 1D boys so self aware that their fame will fade fast so are selling future shows now while they will sell, they have also worked out they don’t really have much musical credibility and just given up any pretence of talent with this new song.

Live while we’re young is nothing more than a quick million bucks for all involved, it’s just “you don’t know you’re beautiful” pretty much exactly, just different  words and instead of the opening riff being stolen from Grease’s “Summer love’n” , this time it’s been stolen straight from the Clash’s “Should I stay or should I go”.

Now I’m sure this was meant to show respect to a great band, but im pretty sure that the Clash have every right to be annoyed their music has been turned into industry produced pop.

The song will do well though and the boys (or at least their managers) know their target and how to sell to them, but releasing the same thing over and over, so hey if you liked this song the 1st time, you can love it again with different lyrics.

Review by Trucker

Friday, September 21, 2012

Album review- Truth about love - Pink

A little while ago I said that I felt like Pink had kind of stuck to close to what she knows and needed
to try something new and change it up a little bit, and she finally has done that with this new album.

And now I wish I had never said that at all!

The newest release from Pink really does showcase a wide variety of sub genres that Pink would be
able to step into if she choose to, but it just seems that she is trying to have to many ideas on one
album and as such the overall product is subpar.

You can almost go through the whole album naming the artist that each different song sounds like,
whether it be the Kesha sounding ‘Slut like you’ or the Destiny’s child like ‘where did the beat go’
and for the few songs that don’t fall into the “sounds like someone else” category, well they can get
filed under “sounds so much like one of her old songs its not funny”.

It really just feels like Pink didn’t even try on this album at all, it’s just another album that the label
said she had to do right now and it feels like there is none of the usual energy that, even if you don’t
like her music, you have to admit was at least an always present feature of her songs.

And really the overall lack of energy was the biggest problem I had with the album, there were a few
moments where it picked up a little but no enough. This album is the musical equal to the Lord of
the rings films, some really good moments but a lot of boring go nowhere parts that aren’t worth
waiting through.

The lyrical content on the album doesn’t break any new ground either, choosing to stick to the
things she knows best and taking up being in love, how that can hurt, oh and who could forget,
songs about parties, this is all well and good but I was hoping for some new deeper songs about
being a mother now and maybe even how being a mother and, let’s face it, a pop icon, is a very hard
thing to deal with at the same time, but fingers crossed we get that soon.

There are a few songs that we can only hope get released as singles, because they are the stand outs
as the best songs on the album, the opening track ‘Are we all we are’ is a killer opening track and
I’ll admit did get my hopes up for the rest of the album, ‘the truth about love’ is a fun track with an
old school rockabilly feel that will have people dancing away and while it does have a little bit of
a “stolen from Kesha feel” that isn’t a bad thing and ‘slut like you’ is still a stand out track here.

Review by Trucker

News- One direction, LMFAO, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga

One direction fans will be excited to know that their new single was released last night along with their new video clip. “Live while we’re young” was released early after it was leaked.

Universal has purchased EMI after the European commission approved a $1.9 billion takeover. While they are not getting the entire company they are retaining over two thirds of it.

LMFAO  have decided to call it quits after Redfoo and Sky blu drifted apart.

Taylor Swift’s new album “Red” will be released worldwide on October 22nd. A new track will also be available for purchase in the four weeks leading up to the album release. Red will contain 16 tracks all  written by Taylor and including collaborations with Ed Sheeran, Butch Walker and many more.

Lady Gaga has released a new rap, “Cake like lady gaga”. Check it out here:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

News- Norah Jones, Christina Aguliera, Destiny's Child

Norah Jones has announced a second Sydney show following the following her sold out Sydney show.  The new tour dates are below:

February 15 : Sydney (State Theatre) SOLD OUT
February 16 : Sydney (State Theatre) NEW SHOW
February 19 : Brisbane (Convention Centre)
February 21 : Melbourne (The Plenary)
February 22 : Adelaide (Festival Theatre)
February 24 : Perth (Riverside Theatre)

Christina Aguliera has finally launched “You body” for digital purchase. You can get your copy here. 

Destiny's child is back, planning to release two new band projects. The albums will include greatest hits and unreleased songs. The set will arrive on the 15-year anniversary of the band’s first No. 1 hit, “No, No, No Part 2” and will contain their greatest hits. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review- Triple threat - Missy Elliot ft. Timbaland

She said she would slap anyone that says she isn’t relevant, and anyone who does say it really would deserve to be slapped.

Missy Eliot has hit the music world hard, bringing in Timbaland again to give us two new songs , triple threat and 9th inning, but for now I’m going to talk about triple threat.

This song is amazing, a huge introduction starts this song, which just proves why Timbaland is the man to work within the hip hop/RnB world. It contains a beat, heavy and layered synths, and strings that are mixed beautifully together, with Timbaland dropping vocals over the top.

Then Missy steps in and its clear as hell she means business yet again , rapping about why she the best at what she does and that she and Timbaland are a force not to be messed with.

If you are a fan of Missy or a Timbaland lover, then this is the song for you, but at the same time this song is strong enough on it’s own to win Missy Eliot a whole lot of new fans.

Review by Trucker

Truckers Weekly Rant - Autotune

Now I know this might get a bit of backlash, but I just feel it is about time someone said this, IF YOU CAN’T SING DONT JUST USE AUTO TUNE!

Now I don’t mind auto tune at all, it is/was a different sound and when used with other vocals as a layer or just in part of a song then it can work really well and make a song more interesting, but when it’s all that you use for every single song you make, then it starts to get boring and makes me think “wait can this artist even sing without it?”

Now this is the part that may bring in some haters, but it is also the part that got me onto this little rant.
Who the hell is Kesha trying to fool with her new little teaser of her singing her new song on a train in Tokyo? The teaser is meant to be her singing the song out loud while listening to it through headphones, but the voice that we can hear isn’t what is coming from her lips because it is still auto tuned. Now is it just me or does that just scream “I can’t really sing at all”? Or does Kesha think that little of her fans that she thinks they will believe that is really her singing voice?

Either of those answers make it very clear that the girl should have auto tune taken away from her and made release a song without it, if she still does well with that song then she may have auto tune back and if the song does badly then it will speak for itself and Kesha will fade away.

And well the same should go for anyone that abuses the right to use auto tune, in the modern world of music where so many people do try to, and I think with that way of thinking in mind we could fix music up a bit but getting rid of some of the imposters.

News- Kesha, Matchbox 20, No doubt

Kesha has unveiled her new Album cover. Titled “Warrior” it will be available in stores from December 4th. The first new song “die young” will be released on the 25th of September.

Matchbox 20 have announced additional tour dates for their down under tour. The extra shows will be in Sydney and Brisbane. They will be playing songs from their new Album “North” as well as a string of hits from their long career. The band will be supported by INXS. New tour dates are:
October 20 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena)
October 21 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena)
October 25 : Canberra (AIS Arena)
October 27 : Brisbane (Entertainment Centre)
October 28 : Brisbane (Entertainment Centre) NEW SHOW
October 30 : Sydney (Entertainment Centre)
October 31 : Sydney (Entertainment Centre) NEW SHOW
November 03 : Hunter Valley (Hope Estate Winery)
November 06 : Wollongong (WIN Entertainment Centre)
November 08 : Adelaide (Entertainment Centre)
November 11 : Perth (Perth Arena)

No doubt’s next new single from their upcoming album “Push and shove” is rumoured to be “Looking Hot.” The album itself will be released on September 25th. Check out its preview here:

Review- Candy - Robbie Williams

I’m not going to lie to you, I for one have been looking forward to this moment for a long time and now it’s has finally happened .... Robbie Williams has returned to music and is awesome all over again! People this song is as catchy, fun, cheeky and something that needs to on summer car trips with the windows down. “Candy” is pop at its finest that is for sure, but there is a little something that I can’t put my finger on that sets it apart from the rest of the songs out there and shows the world that Robbie is still the man.

The film clip to go along with the song is just as fun and cheeky as the song itself so make sure you check it out if you haven’t already, it sees Robbie following a girl (who I am pretty sure was in seasons one and two of ‘Skins’) as her guardian angel and putting himself it some ridiculous predicaments to save her without her very moving her eyes off her phone to notice this all going on.

As I said, I was keen for this to begin with and I feel I wasn’t let down, it’s worth a listen and it will get stuck in your head and you will remember why Robbie has always been ahead of the pop game! 

Review by Trucker

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

News- One direction, Birds of Tokyo,Guy Sebastian, Kesha, Pink

The one direction boys have officially unveiled the cover for their new single “Live while we’re young.” The new song is lifted from their upcoming album “Take me home” due to be released in November. A limited edition “live while “we’re young” CD will also be available in stores in October.

Birds of Tokyo have announced the release of a new EP titled “this fire.” According to the folks at EMI it will represent change, renewal and a new start for the band who have slowly been growing in popularity over the past five years. The EP is a glimpse of their yet to be titled album released in March and will be available on Friday October 5.

Guy Sebastian has unveiled the cover to his brand new album “Armegeddon”. The album is rumoured to be released later this year and will feature his smash hit “Battle Scars” ft. Lupe Fiasco which has spent five consecutive weeks at the top of the ARIA charts.

Kesha has revealed the cover art for her new single “Die young.” She has also released a video of her singing the upcoming song on a Tokyo train.

Pink released her new Album “Truth about love” today for Australian audiences. And has announced American tour dates for the new album.

VIDEO Parking Lot - Nelly Furtado

Fresh from YouTube is the video for Nelly Furtado's new single "Parking Lot"

So far the singer has struggled to get a hit from her latest album, hopefully this video will change things but unfortunately all it does it show the weakness in her vocals.

Monday, September 17, 2012

News- Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliott, Kesha, My Chemical Romance

Christina Aguilera has released a preview to her video clip for “your body”. Check it out here:

Missy Elliott has released two new songs today. The rapper has released “9th inning” and “triple threat”. The two songs have been pulled off her upcoming album. The album itself is going between two names, Block party and Class dismissed. Check both new songs below:

Kesha has released a teaser to “die young” shot in Tokyo. Check it out here:

My chemical romance fans will be pleased to hear that they are releasing the songs reordered for “Conventional weapons”, an album that was scrapped in favour of their latest release “Danger days: The true lives of the fabulous kill joys”.

The guitarist Frank Lero has announced “beginning in October we will be releasing 2 songs a month for 5 months. 10 songs in total from the Conventional Weapons sessions we did back in 2009. We hope you enjoy these time capsules, and that they may shed a little more light on how and where 'Danger Days...' came from, and maybe even where the future of MCR might be heading.”

Review- Here comes the weekend - Pink ft. Eminem

Once again Pink and Eminem are reunited after their first work together “Won’t Back Down” off Eminem’s Recovery album in 2010. Now in 2012, Eminem is adding a twist of his own to Pink’s newest album, The Truth About Love.

Can you guess what the song is about? Get your weekend started! Throughout the track, Pink shows her darker side of Pop Rock with Eminem adding an unusually unenergetic verse in the last half of the song. Still Without a doubt he holds to his gift for a flowing verse, and if you need a song to jumpstart a wild Friday night this is the one to do so.

With this song debuting Pink’s new album, she is definitely keeping her music career alive by sticking to the mainstream adolescence Pop Rock audience. But while she states in her song “If you know what’s better for you” does she in fact know what’s best for her? Well of course she does. From the audience to producers, it
would most certainly seem like she knows what she is doing. On the contrary, I feel as though that the old die-hards of classic Pink, myself included, are loosing their faith and her originality continues to slowly seep through the cracks of the music industry.

Nonetheless we all still love Pink and congratulations to her on her newest album The Truth About Love.

Review by Johann Tattenbach

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review- Little Black Submarines - The Black Key's

The Black Keys have been around since 2001, but recently hit fame with the release of ‘Lonely Boy’. The music clip, which featured an average man dancing and lip-syncing to the track, ensured popularity and boosted success. 

This effort was followed with ‘Gold on the Ceiling’, an enjoyable song that didn’t quite reach the heights of ‘Lonely Boy’ but demonstrated a different edge. Now seen as having established themselves as an alternative rock band, The Black Keys are set to release ‘Little Black Submarines’. 

On the first listen it is clear to see where the influences lie; the slow beginning sounds similar to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and the more upbeat follow-up appears to have a ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ feel. A great aspect of this track is how ‘live’ it comes across, as though you are watching a band in a garage with the roots of rock at the core. The guitar strumming in the intro is very raw, adding to the pondering lyrics which focus on the message ‘a broken heart is blind’. Heavy instrumental blocks break up the singing well, no doubt an attempt to recreate the 70’s and appeal to an older generation while regenerating the vibe for youth.    

Review by Chris Sutton 

Jennifer Lopez Tour

 JLo has added another date to the Australian leg of her world tour “Dance again.” Following sold out shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

The new shows will take place in Melbourne on Wednesday 12 December at Rod Laver Arena and in Sydney on Saturday 15 December at Allphones Arena.

Tickets to the second and final shows in Sydney and Melbourne go on sale on Wednesday 26 September. 

Advance JLO Dance Again World Tour tickets will be available to all Visa Credit, Debit and Prepaid cardholders from 2:00pm (AEST) Friday 21 September 2012 until 5.00PM (AEST) Sunday 23 September or until the VISA Entertainment presale tickets sell out

Frontier Members pre-sale tickets are available via from 11:00AM (AEST) Monday 24 September until 11:00AM (AEST) Tuesday 25 September or until the Frontier Members pre-sale allocation is exhausted.

Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide tickets are on sale now.

Updated tour dates are below.

Thu 6 Dec  Perth | Perth Arena  (All Ages) | Ph: 132 849

Sun 9 Dec   Adelaide | Entertainment Centre  (All Ages) | Ph: 132 849

Tue 11 Dec  Melbourne | Rod Laver Arena   (All Ages)   SOLD OUT

Wed 12 Dec  Melbourne | Rod Laver Arena  (All Ages) NEW SHOW!!! | Ph: 132 849

Fri 14 Dec  Sydney | Allphones Arena  (All Ages)  SOLD OUT

Sat 15 Dec  Sydney | Allphones Arena    (All Ages)  NEW SHOW!!! | Ph: 132 849

Tue 18 Dec  Brisbane Entertainment Centre    (All Ages) | Ph: 132 849

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New song releases- Leona Lewis & Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has released “Your body” the first single off her brand new album Lotus. Lotus will be released on the November 13. Check the song out here:

Leona Lewis has released the video for her new song “trouble”. Trouble is off her upcoming album “Glass heart” to be released on the 15th of October. Check it out here:

Review- The Kiss - Carly Rae Jepsen

With the success of ‘Call me maybe’, everyone has been waiting for Carly Rae Jepsen’s next hit. Fans received ‘Good time’, a duet with Owl City, very well but the track can’t be classified as her own.

‘This kiss’ is Carly’s newest track off her album ‘Kiss’, and will no doubt be a regularly played song on the radio. With an 80’s vibe and an upbeat tempo, the tune is very catchy and has the same ‘song about a boy’ message that was clear with ‘Call me maybe’.

Despite being more of a dance track, ‘This kiss’ doesn’t seem to deliver on the same level (that level being the fact that grown men actually enjoyed the previous song for a while and weren’t ashamed to admit it for some reason).

The target audience is the teenage, and probably pre-teenage, generation, and there is no doubt they will enjoy the beat and the seamless transitions from verse to chorus. But for anyone older, I cannot see this song producing the same effect as the previous single. 

Review by - Chris Sutton

Review - The boys - Nicki Minaj

I’m almost at a loss for words, really what can I even say?

This song is so bad, I’m almost not even sure it is a song, it seems like a collective of parts of song that didn’t make it past a verse or a chorus that got put together at the last moment to fill in an empty track spot.

Musically the song is just a mess of noise and random sounds that jump from section to section without anything to connect them together.

Vocally this is the worst I have heard Nicki in a long time and together the music and vocal just make a mess.

Normally I would write a lot more and more detailed as to why this wasn’t a good song, but I really am lost for words with this one. It has no redeeming parts and no reason to listen to it what so ever.
But if you are already an artist doing well for yourself and run out of ideas Nicki says “just throw all your old worthless songs together”

Review by Trucker.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

News- Ciara, Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot & Brian McFadden

Ciara has released her new song “Sorry” along with her new video. It comes as her first offering from her new Album “One woman army.” Check it out here:

Niki Minaj has released a new song “The Boys”. The song features Cassie and has been taken from her upcoming album roman re-load. Check it out here:

Missy Elliot has released the cover for her new song “triple threat”. This song has been pulled of her new album, tentatively titled “bloc party”, expected to be released later this year.

Brian McFadden has announced a new album titled “Irish connection”. The album will contain covers of songs from his native land. The Irish connection is set for release on the second of November. 

Truckers weekly rant - airplay

Dear Radio,

.... Why?

Why do you always have to play the same damn song every time that I get into the car?

Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen today I am taking it on head first, the big radio stations and their sick little need to push what we already knew was a good song down our throats until the very thought of hearing it again makes us ill.

The one that springs to mind most for me would be Gotye with his hit “Somebody that I Used to Know”, when I first heard that song I was pretty damn impressed (to all our overseas readers if you haven’t heard it you should), but then the song got huge, everyone knew it and every station played it.

The fact that every single station in the country played it isn’t the part that bugs me, it’s the fact that they played it to the point that it felt like it was on every half hour on the dot and if they missed it well then they were playing it twice in the next half hour block to catch up.

Now I can’t bare to hear that song, and may not listen to it for a long time now, all because the radio has no self control or any idea what moderation is!

Haven’t these people heard the saying “to much of a good thing can be bad for you”?  You might bloody love cake but you don’t eat the whole thing or you will be sick and this is the same kind of deal.

I think we as the people , people with clear heads and an idea of how the world should really work, should all join forces and politely tell the radio stations to pull their heads out of their ..... well you know and please only play the “HIT” song a few times a day and share the love (airplay) with some of the other amazing songs that are out in this beautiful, lovely world we have.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Morrisey Tour

Morrissey, lead singer for the smiths, has confirmed he is going to be touring Australia and New Zealand in December. Joining Morrissey on tour will be American singer/songwriter Kirsteen Young.

Frontier Members pre-sale via Australian pre-sale: 2pm AEST Mon 24 Sept to 2pm AEST Tue 25 Sep

New Zealand pre-sale: 2pm NZST Mon 24 Sept to 2pm NZST Tue 25 Sep

General public on sale from 9am local time, Wednesday 26 September

Fri 14 Dec   Wellington | Town Hall (All Ages) | Ph: 0800 842 538

Sat 15 Dec   Auckland | Vector Arena  (All Ages) | Ph: 0800 111 999

Mon 17 Dec  Brisbane | Convention Centre   (All Ages) | Ph: 132 849

Wed 19 Dec   Melbourne | Festival Hall    (All Ages) | Ph: 136 100

Fri 21 Dec   Sydney | Enmore Theatre  (All Ages) | Ph: 132 849

Sat 22 Dec   Sydney | Opera House (All Ages) | Ph: (02) 9250 7777 | Ph: 136 100

News- Christina Aguilera, Pink, Ciara

Christina Aguilera has released a single cover for her new song “Your Body.” This came with the announcement her new album will go by the title “Lotus” and will be released in November. If that wasn’t already enough excitement for fans, she also announced she will make “Your body” available for purchase on Friday.

Pink has revealed her new song ft. Eminem titled “Here comes the weekend.” The song is yet another single off her new album “truth about love” which is coming closer and closer to its September 18th release date. Check it out here:

Ciara has released a preview to her new song “Sorry” of her new album “One Woman army.” This is the first of two singles to be released with “Got me good” set to drop on October eight. Check out the preview here: 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

News- Cee Lo Green, Avril Lavigne & The Script

It seems that Cee Lo Green has gotten into the pre-season spirit with the announcement of his new album “Cee Lo’s magic moment”. Cee Lo’s Album is a Christmas album featuring collaborations by Rod Stewart and B.o.B and will cover a lot of holiday classic. The album will be released  on the 30th of October.

Avril Lavigne has announced that her fifth studio album, featuring her fiancé Nickel Back’s Chad Kroeger,  has been completed. The album will be released early 2013 following the disappointing sales of her last album “Goodbye Lullaby”.

The Script have announced that their one off Sydney show has sold out in a matter of minutes. The tour, to celebrate the release of their new album #3 released on the 10th of September  and has added the singer “Sinhead Burgess” as a special guest to the performance. The show is on the 24th of September at Sydney' Metro theater. 

News- Robbie Williams, Missy Elliot, Lady Antebellum

Robbie Williams has released his new song “Candy” as well as his quirky new video clip. The single is off his upcoming album “take the crown” to be released on November 5. Check it out here:

Missy Elliot has also released a teaser for her new song, “9th Inning” feat. Timberland. The rapper plans on releasing two songs “9th Inning” and “Triple threat” to kick start her new album rumoured to be titled “Block party”. There is no official release date yet. Check out the snippet here:

Lady Antebellum have gotten into the pre-christmas spirit recording a Christmas album to be released in October. The Album will be titled “On this winter’s night” and will feature 11 traditional Christmas songs as well as 1 original song. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

News!- Mumford and Sons, Hot Chelle Rae, Lupe Fiasco, The black Keys

Mumford and Sons have released their official video for their single “I will wait”. The single is off their new album “Bable” which is released on 21st of this month, unless you happen to be in the Sydney CBD between the 14th and the 28th. Mumford and Sons are opening a general store, a salon themed experience, with coffee, booze, live music and most importantly a preview of their new album. Check out the video for “I will wait” here:

There has been a change of venue in both Sydney and Perth for the forthcoming tour for both Hot Chelle Rae and Cher Lloyd. The new shows will give fans a chance to get “up close and personal” with smaller venues. Patron’s will no to exchange tickets and both shows are on the same date.  All tour dates are listed below:

October 22 : Sydney (Enmore Theatre) * Change of venue
October 23 : Brisbane (Convention Centre)
October 26 : Melbourne (Festival Hall)
October 28 : Canberra (Royal Theatre)
October 30 : Adelaide (AEC Theatre)
November 01 : Perth (Astor Theatre) * Change of venue

Lupe Fiasco has announced he is to quit music in a twitter post. The rapper announced “This album will probably be my last...its been a pleasure to have all my fans provide so much love an inspiration for me and my family but my heart is broken and i see no comfort further along this path only more pain. I cannot participate any longer in this...”

The Black Keys have released their official video for their single “Little Black submarines”. They have also confirmed that they are working on a new album. Fans may have to wait though with the Drummer, Pat Carney, might not finish it until March since we have to tour so much, but we'll see. After July, we'll be able to know how long it'll take.' Check out their new video here:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Norah Jones Tour

Norah Jones hasn’t graced us here in Australia since 2005, that’s a long wait!

But we don’t have to wait any longer. The beautiful singer is coming back to tour her album “little broken hearts” and we can’t wait.

Tour dates are below so check it out and don’t miss out

FEBRUARY 2013 Frontier Members pre-sale via 3PM AEST Thursday 13 September to  3PM AEST Friday 14 September(or until pre-sale allocation is exhausted)

General public on sale from 9am local time, Tuesday 18 September  

Friday 15 February  Sydney | State 136 100

Tuesday 19 February  Brisbane | Convention 132 849

Thursday 21 February  Melbourne |The 136 100

Friday 22 February  Adelaide | Festival 131 246

Sunday 24 February  Perth | Riverside 132 849

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