Monday, September 17, 2012

Review- Here comes the weekend - Pink ft. Eminem

Once again Pink and Eminem are reunited after their first work together “Won’t Back Down” off Eminem’s Recovery album in 2010. Now in 2012, Eminem is adding a twist of his own to Pink’s newest album, The Truth About Love.

Can you guess what the song is about? Get your weekend started! Throughout the track, Pink shows her darker side of Pop Rock with Eminem adding an unusually unenergetic verse in the last half of the song. Still Without a doubt he holds to his gift for a flowing verse, and if you need a song to jumpstart a wild Friday night this is the one to do so.

With this song debuting Pink’s new album, she is definitely keeping her music career alive by sticking to the mainstream adolescence Pop Rock audience. But while she states in her song “If you know what’s better for you” does she in fact know what’s best for her? Well of course she does. From the audience to producers, it
would most certainly seem like she knows what she is doing. On the contrary, I feel as though that the old die-hards of classic Pink, myself included, are loosing their faith and her originality continues to slowly seep through the cracks of the music industry.

Nonetheless we all still love Pink and congratulations to her on her newest album The Truth About Love.

Review by Johann Tattenbach



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