Thursday, September 13, 2012

Truckers weekly rant - airplay

Dear Radio,

.... Why?

Why do you always have to play the same damn song every time that I get into the car?

Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen today I am taking it on head first, the big radio stations and their sick little need to push what we already knew was a good song down our throats until the very thought of hearing it again makes us ill.

The one that springs to mind most for me would be Gotye with his hit “Somebody that I Used to Know”, when I first heard that song I was pretty damn impressed (to all our overseas readers if you haven’t heard it you should), but then the song got huge, everyone knew it and every station played it.

The fact that every single station in the country played it isn’t the part that bugs me, it’s the fact that they played it to the point that it felt like it was on every half hour on the dot and if they missed it well then they were playing it twice in the next half hour block to catch up.

Now I can’t bare to hear that song, and may not listen to it for a long time now, all because the radio has no self control or any idea what moderation is!

Haven’t these people heard the saying “to much of a good thing can be bad for you”?  You might bloody love cake but you don’t eat the whole thing or you will be sick and this is the same kind of deal.

I think we as the people , people with clear heads and an idea of how the world should really work, should all join forces and politely tell the radio stations to pull their heads out of their ..... well you know and please only play the “HIT” song a few times a day and share the love (airplay) with some of the other amazing songs that are out in this beautiful, lovely world we have.



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