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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NEWS - Greenday push a new video, Jade Smith cashes in on his family name and 90's girl Mya is attempting a comeback?

GreenDay have released a new video for the upcoming Twilight sequel Breaking Dawn Part 2. Fans of the band will probably hate this, but the video is shot quite well and the song is a winner so check it out below (waits for Trucker to send a rant!).

Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith, brother of Willow and son of Jada Pinkett) is holding his name to the music game now. Recording a song with Justin Bieber titled Love Me Like You Do. Check it out below

90s rnb star Mya has been hard at work trying to get a single to chart and get noticed again. Previously here efforts have been abismal but fortunately this song seems to hit the right chords. Check out Take Him Out below.

Monday, October 29, 2012

NEW MUSIC - Kat DeLuna, Kelly Clarkson

One of our favourites Kat De Luna keeps pumping out the hits, this time teaming up with Busta Rhymes. The latin infused dance hit proves why DeLuna is still one of the hottest acts around.

Kelly Clarkson is getting ready to release volume 1 of her greatest hits package. This time releasing a new country inspired song, which like anything she does is amazing. Check it out below.

NEWS - New songs from One Direction, Kylie performs LIVE and Alicia Keys has a new song.

One Direction are getting ready to release their new single Little Things, the UK X Factor winners have  taken the world by storm. The third single is a bit slower than their previous entries and it suits them just fine. Check out the track below

Kyle Minogue is enjoying some success with her Live Abbey Road album, some may be surprised that the words Kylie and live singing go together, but someone made it work. Here she is performing Never Too Late on the Jonathan Ross Show.

Alicia Keys is gearing up for her new album Girl On Fire, the second single is confirmed to be New Day. You can check out the song below

NEWS - Rita Ora has a new video, Carly Rae Jespen follows up her big hit with a kiss.

Rihanna wannabe Rita Ora has a new video for Shine Ya Light, the singer is getting ready to release her album in the next few months. Check out the video below

Carly Rae Jepsen has finally released the long awaited follow up to Call Me Maybe with a brand new single and video This Kiss. It is nothing like her last single so maybe no-one will watch it? Check it out below

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Truckers Weekly Rant - My Chemical Romance

Let me start off by explaining what is happening here so that everyone is up to speed.

Somewhere between recording The Black Parade and Danger Days, My Chemical Romance went and recorded an album called Conventional Weapons, but when it was almost finished something felt wrong to them and they didn’t release it and recorded Danger Days instead and released it.
Now they are releasing the songs off that missing album two tracks  a month at a time with the first of those being released this week.

Now that you know whats going lets talk about the songs

Boy Division and Tomorrow’s money are without a doubt some of the coolest tracks that My  Chemical Romance have given us in a long time.

Striped back and straight up rock and roll, everything that MCR started as packed into just two songs.
Gerard Way’s voice is raw and edgy and just makes every word that comes out of his mouth the coolest statements you will ever hear no matter what it is.

The question that now needs to be asked is, “why the hell was this never released?”

The easiest answer would seem to be that, unlike the tracks on Danger Days, the songs so far don’t seem to radio friendly and wouldn’t have kept them in the spotlight, but only time and hearing the rest of the songs will tell with that.

These tracks will never be on mainstream radio and will not be loved by everyone, but fans of their older stuff will love the trow back to their roots.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Taio Cruz - Diamonds

rnb crooner Taio Cruz has setup a new studio in his house and the best way to take the studio for its inaugural ride was to record a song, more specifically a cover of Rihanna's newest single "Diamonds"

The only problem is that the auto-tune was on and kind of killed what should have been a beautiful song. Check out the clip below (it is a little out of sync, damn macs!)

When Can I See You Again - Owl City

Disney are preparing for the release of their latest animated blockbuster Wreck It Ralph, Owl City are providing the official song from the film titled When Can I See You Again.

In a very appropriate video game themed video clip the band shines and gets a chance to showcase the movie.

Check out the clip below

Friday, October 26, 2012

NEW VIDEO : Va Va Voom - Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has released a new video for her latest single Va Va Voom which served as a bonus track on the album.

Va Va Voom is definitely the weakest track on the album and the fact that it is getting the single treatment from an album with so many potential hits is quite laughable.

Check out the video below

The softer side of Nicki Minaj

Everyone knows Nicki Minaj for her crazy wigs, outlandish songs (Stupid Hoe) and rapping style. What everyone needs to know is that the bitch can sing!

Minaj is currently in the UK performing the Roman Reloaded tour and is proving such great live vocals that we just had to share it with you.

Minaj is due to release another crazy single Va Va Voom tomorrow, but in the meantime check out these beauties and perhaps give her another chance.

NEW VIDEOS - Anastacia, Far East Movement and Ciara

90's one hit wonder Anastacia is back with another comeback attempt, this time covering the Foo Fighters classic Best Of You. 

The video premiered earlier, check it out below

Turning political, Far East Movement have released a new video inspired by Obama's campaign titled For All. The song is a clear push for Obama and a little tacky at times. Check out the song below.

Ciara just keeps trying to get a hit, this time releasing both the song and video on the same day, the video premiered on the screens in Times Square and left a lot of tourists wondering who is this?
The bad news is that the song is so so, it would have been good in the 1,2 Step era, but doesn't really work now. The good news is that the video is hot! The dancing showcases just what a great talent Ciara is and she doesn't need flashy effects or 10 minute story line to make a good video. Check it out below

Thursday, October 25, 2012

End Of The Week Throwbacks

We thought we would introduce a new section this week, it's the end of the week and due to the lack of anything happening in music today we thought we would do a throwback to an old song/video clip. This week we have chosen Leave (Get Out) by JoJo. The single was released in February 2004 and was JoJo's debut hit.

The song was an international success for the singer and peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Charts, number 2 on the ARIA charts and number 2 in the UK.

Since then things have not been so good for poor JoJo, her latest album keeps stalling with record company push backs.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let Me Go - Brandy

Earlier this week we reviewed Brandy's new album not so favourably. Through all of the garbage and disappointments there is one song that has happily kept coming up on shuffle that we just can't skip anymore.

The song is produced by Bangladesh and is called Let Me Go and is easily the best song on the album. With Wildest Dreams failing to chart, Brandy should move on and look at songs like this to release as a single as it's actually listenable.

Check out the only song worth checking out on Ms.Norwood's new album

ALBUM REVIEW - Write It On Your Skin Newton Faulkner

After a chart topping highly acclaimed first album Hand Built By Robots, and a less impressive less inspired second album Rebuilt By Humans, Newton Faulkner returns to the airwaves with his third studio album Write It On Your Skin, and in my opinion it is by far his best effort yet. For those who haven't listened to Faulkner before, he is a bit of a one man band who sings with a distinctive crooning voice and backs its up with some very complex guitar melodies. For the studio albums he has all the instrumental backing for his songs, but when you see him live he performs the whole song by himself, even providing a bit of a drum track by tapping his fingernails on the body of his guitar.
Each track here has been put together with an impressive amount of skill, and the album as a whole is one of the best I have listened to this year. Every song pulls its weight, every song contributes something to the over theme of the album which I interpret as "be happy and do your best". That said, there are some songs in here that are clearly a cut above the rest, with Pulling Teeth, Soon, Clouds, and Write It On Your Skin my personal favourites.
Fun, joyful, easy listening, catchy riffs, inspired song writing, excellent vocals and amazing guitar skills - these are hallmarks of this album. You can just sense that Faulkner is a happy guy who is in a really good place with his life right now. I cant help but to smile when I listen to these songs. With all the anger, angst and sex fuelled songs currently populating the airwaves, it's refreshing to listen to this upbeat music whose only message is one of positivity. Go listen to his music right now and have a nice day :)

Review by Ryan Lawler

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NEWS - Taylor Swift sees Red in new video, Enrique Iglesias is back with another comeback and

Taylor Swift readies her second single from inspiring album "Red" The second single is titled Begin Again and showcases just why Swift is one of the top artists of our time. 

Enrique Iglsias keeps pumping out the singles with his new video landing this morning. The dance/pop inspired clip features Sammy Adams and is the usual nightclub video etc. Check it out below

Ciara keeps trying for a hit and has released a snippet of her new single and video which are due to drop on the same day. The song is called Got Me Good and sounds like it is still stuck in the early 2000's with the rest of CiCi's career. Check out the snippet below

Monday, October 22, 2012

Trucker's Rant is BACK!

Its time to take aim and fire here people.
I have been busy writing up all the nice things that need to be said and done to get things moving in other areas but I am angry and need to get some of that anger out into the world.
And so here it is people the Chris Brown and Rhianna rant....

That is the point people, why do we care?
Now I don’t know all the details on what is happening right now, last I heard was that they were getting married (but that could be wrong), if this is true then good for them.
Ok then let me go from here to say that there is no question here, what Chris did is wrong, there is no reason at all, ever, to hit a women in anyway and any and all punishments that the law deemed fit for him were all deserved, but that is where this matter should have been left, in the courts of law.
There is a lot that I want to cover on this topic so I will lay this down in points.

1.     Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? – while what he did was wrong, has he done this more than once? No this is the 1st and only time this has happened (yes and i know this is a “that we know of” moment) but still it hasn’t happened, if we found out that Chris came home after every show and beat her around the kitchen and she still was going back to him, then yes I too would be saying “girl what the hell are you doing” and hope to god that the law had some grounds to step in and get her out of there , but Rhianna clearly thinks this is a one off thing and that she can trust Chris not to do it again and until proven wrong shouldn’t we let that happen if that makes her happy?

2.     The “but they are role models” argument- they are not role models by choice, they made music people liked and became role models and now every part of their life is on our screens and in magazines everywhere, but hey your son’s football coach might also beat his wife but because you don’t know, you are more than ok with him being a role model. “but little girls will see her go back to him and think it is ok to be beaten like that” and “boys will see her go back to him and think it is ok to hit women because they will come back”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 

Take some blame here people, if you have a child (and seeing as the artists we are taking about are pretty sexual I am sadly guess we are talking ages 12 to 16 here) and they see this and think that it is an ok way to behave in a relationship maybe it is time for you to sit back and look at the way you raised them , because one would hope that you have taught your children right and wrong. That is, for boys, hitting women is never ok, and for girls, that if a boy hits you should do something about it, if you haven’t  then I am sorry but you are doing something wrong!

3.     What if it was you?- Chris Brown has had a lot of trouble with what he did over shadowing his music, but why? Ok so he did something wrong and that isn’t a good thing , but what if you did something wrong and went to prison or whatever the case may be? You wouldn’t want that every minute of every day and it goes the same for Chris. To put it simply, if you were a cook when you did something wrong, should that make it so you can’t be one after? No it doesn’t and it should go the same if you are an artist. I say no more to the attacking of his musical works because of what he did.
4.     Why the hell do you care- lastly, and this is the most important point of them all, Chris Brown didn’t hit you!!! So why do you even care? It isn’t any of your business what goes on in their life and you don’t get to choice who does or doesn’t go back to who no matter what happens. So please stop going on about it.

There you have it people, reasons why we shouldn’t care or worry about this, may this please be the last I hear of it.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

VIDEO Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys

The incredibly talented Alicia Keys is back with a hot new track Girl On Fire and after several video teasers and images we have the full video to show you.

Check out the amazing Ms Keys who is arguably one of the best singers of our generation.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Leona Lewis LIVE at Stand Up To Cancer

One of our UK favourite Leona Lewis hit up the Stand Up To Cancer ball and performed Run with the  Big C Choir and Orchestra. What results is one of the best live performances we have seen in a while. Peep the video below as well as an interview with ThatGrapeJuice about her upcoming album.

ThatGrapeJuice Interviews Leona Lewis

NEWS - Melani Amaro has a new video, Jenn D debuts, Kat DeLuna flops and Rihanna breaks cover

Melania Amaro has released her debut single "Don't Fail Me Now" the electro pop ballad is making waves on the music scene, and she has released the video in support of the single.

Pop music is certainly seeing a rise of trashy pop stars who want to cash in on the success of Ke$ha. The latest is Jenn D, whose debut song and video Lose It is pretty formulaic. Check out the trashy star below

Just a couple of days after premiering their song, UK girl group Girls Aloud have released the supporting video. Hoping to score another hit and win back fans after the failed solo career of Cheryl Cole, the girls are getting ready to embark on a Ten - Greatest Hits Tour.

Contending for WORST video of 2012 is poor little Kat De Luna, the poor girl just can't catch a break! After RedOne giving her greatest stuff to J-Lo to get worldwide #1 hits with, poor Kat is still struggling to keep a record deal. This latest track sees De Luna teaming up with DJ Yass Carter for a video that looks like it was done on a handi-cam! Check out the trashiness below

It is all about the girls today in pop music with Rihanna releasing the official tracklisting and cover for her new album due out later this year. The bajan princess can't seem to get through one year without releasing a new album, every year she promises that it won't suck, and every year it seems to. Check out the official cover art below

Thursday, October 18, 2012

VIDEO - The Boys Nicki Minaj and Cassie

Nicki Minaj has released an official video for her "song" with Cassie. The Boys is a horrible song and the video is not much to write home about either. Check it out below

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NEWS - Steps have a new single, as do Girls Aloud and Taryn Manning is back

Taryn Manning after a hiatus from music has released a new single and video. The song is titled Send Me Your Love and features Sultan and Ned Shephard.

90's band Steps are making a comeback with a new single Light Up The World, the song is very 90's nostalgia and full of so much cheese, fans will be swooning. The single is going to be released on October 22nd 2012.

British band Girls Aloud have re-formed and have released the audio for a brand new song Something New. Check it out below

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tired of Australia's blocking amazing US and UK websites and services?

Hi Guys, it's Arrow here

I just wanted to share with you a new website I have found it's called VPN Authority. If you are like me and LOVE watching the latest TV shows, movies and music as they are released without waiting for Australia to catch up, or catch it 3 days later on Ten or 7 with ads at an irregular time-slot that caters to the elderly, you need to sign up for this!

VPN Authority actually give you a fake US or UK IP address. It sounds confusing, so let me break it down for you. Your IP address is an identifier and shows which country you are accessing sites from. Using VPN Authority tricks the site into thinking you are from the US or UK and allows access to these sites.

Is there a catch? Well yeah, sort-of, it does cost money, BUT you will be saving money as Hulu alone is worth the VPN change and access to US ITunes? YES PLEASE!

Head over to , it is totally worth your dollars!

ALBUM REVIEW - Two Eleven - Brandy

RIP Brandy 15/10/2012

Oh Brandy, Brandy, BRANDY! Once considered the hottest voice and up-coming talent in the late 90's. Her amazing partnership with Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins saw Miss Brandy Norwood score the hits and create some truly inspiring music that has stood the test of time and is still great today.

Even her experimenting phase when she teamed up with Timbaland to record the most personal (and my personal favourite) Afrodisiac  and then back to Darkchild for the soul scorching "Human" and now believing that Darkchild never delivered hits for her (blasphemy!!!) Brandy has a whole new team of producers who have shown that she is irrelevant, instead of trying to blast Brandy in 2012, they have attempted to replicate Monica's formula of keeping it old school, the difference is Brandy cannot pull this off.

What results is an album that can be summed up in one simple word Cluster-fuck. Enlisting Sean Garrett, Bangladesh and Rico Love (frankly all of whom should know better!) Ever since I heard the horrible first single "Put It Down" featuring Chris Brown, I immediately grew concerned of where this album was headed.

This is Brandy's first album with new label RCA, and with the exclusion of Timbaland and Darkchild as producers the album falls into forgettable territory and the title of the third song "So Sick" describes how I feel about this album and Brandy's "career" if it can ever resuscitate itself from this mess.

The album starts with an Intro (aptly named) that has no vocals, no talking, just a beat...completely and utterly useless, followed by the second single "Wildest Dreams" this mid-tempo rnb ballad produced by Garrett is a horrible single choice and even more a bore of a song. Dear Brandy - never in my wildest dreams did I think you would make a song as shit as this!

I have already talked about "So Sick" and the nausea continues with Slower, a slight improvement produced by Switch who picks up the pace a bit, while the song is still stuck in 2001, it is a great old school throwback.

No Such Thing As Too Late introduces the Rico Love side of the album and puts everyone to sleep. Brandy's vocals sound stifled and weakened. As the next track Let Me Go started and I heard Bangladesh's call out my ears immediately pricked up with interest, and finally a song that delivers some resemblance of relevance. The rnb/dubstep track is still not great but compared to the rest of the snoozers on this album, it sounds good by comparison only.

Without You moves things back to ballad territory, and usually Brandy is one artist who can pull off a ballad and keep it interesting and relevant. Whatever magic she has had with producers in the past she has seemed to lost now. The lead single Put It Down is up next featuring controversial artist Chris Brown, the lead single only reached #70 on the Billboard Top 100 charts, which frankly is an embarrassment to RCA and should have been an indication of how this album was going to be received.

Hardly Breathing may just be an indication for the coma that listeners may be medically induced into after getting this far into this mess of an album. Another forgettable ballad le sigh. Do You Know What You Have? sounds like a Mariah Carey Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel b-side and is as uninspiring and uninteresting as the rest. Scared Of Beautiful actually sounds like Brandy but only just, Wish Your Love Away and Paint This House finish off the album, that's right you guessed it, they are both ballads, and they are both just boring as watching paint dry. Oh and there is also an outro, exactly the same as the intro, same music, no lyrics, no talking...why why WHY???

I really wish I had something good to say about this album, but I can' is just a massive disappointment from producers and an artist who should know better. Two Eleven is meant as a dedication to Whitney Houston and also Brandy's birthday, I don't know how Whitney would feel about this, she would probably spark up some crystal meth and listen to Full Moon or Afrodesiac to wipe out the memory of this mess.

Two Eleven is in stores and on I-Tunes now.

Friday, October 12, 2012

NEWS - Justin Bieber Sex Scandal, Mariah Carey hits #1 (sort of) Usher's new video

Justin Bieber has been leaking (pun intended) naked photos and suggestive clips alluding to a sex tape, unfortunately it was just publicity for his new sexy video with rapper Nicki Minaj. Check out the Beauty And A Beat clip below.

Mariah Carey's latest flop single "Triumphant" has not been making any waves on the Billboard 100, struggling to even enter the Top 100, her record label Def Jam have claimed the song is now a number #1 "hit" with the song going to number 1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play songs.

“This is another tremendous achievement for Mariah. As one of the world’s reigning artists, she continues to set chart records and surpass even her own record-breaking accomplishments. Congratulations to Mariah and to the IDJ staff that worked to bring home this incredible club sensation”

Usher is struggling to sell his latest single "Numb" the rnb crooner's latest single has failed to chart, instead of moving on he has released a new video in support of the song. Check out the video below

Thursday, October 11, 2012

NEWS - Rihanna, Anastacia and Leona Lewis

Rihanna has revealed the cover and title of her latest album. The album is to be called Unapologetic. The lead single Diamonds debuted at #1 on the Billboard U.S Charts.

90's crooner Anastacia is set to make a comeback with her single "Best Of You" premiering at a live concert this week. The dance inspired track is set to make a big comeback for the once popular 90's artist. Check out the live footage below

Leona Lewis is taking no prisoners with her third album Glassheart, the british X Factor winner has released a snippet of a new song and possible third single "Shake You Up." The song seems to follow the trance, pop sound she is setting the tone for with this album. You can check out the snippet below

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NEWS - Pink, Ellie Goulding and Kelly Clarkson

Pink has released the video for her next single "Try" The video is actually quite beautiful, set in a house with a hunky man, Pink dances up a storm and shows some classical ballet moves in this change of pace. Check out the video below

Ellie Goulding has released the video for Anything Could Happen, the good news is that she has chosen the Bill & Ellie remix as the official single and to accompany the video. The clip shows a fun side to the singer, check it out below

Kelly Clarkson has confirmed she will release a greatest hits volume 1 package in the next month, the album will feature a couple of brand new tracks and we have finally got our hands on the first one titled Catch My Breath. This track is Clarkson blending her rock sound with mainstream pop and making a hell of a great song. Check it out below

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TOUR : Cosmo Jarvis

Our UK favourite Cosmo Jarvis is coming back to Australia for a highly anticipated tour. When we spoke with Cosmo earlier this year he hinted at a tour and we are happy to announce that it is actually happening!

Cosmo is due to release the third single from his latest album Tell Me Who To Be, a fan favourite from his pop up tour back in July this year. The single will be released on October 12. 

He’s just finished touring Germany and is kicking on through the UK until he heads to Australia in December
with his band.

Don’t miss Cosmo Jarvis at his best – live on stage at the following venues.
Wednesday 26                                                  The Rails, Byron Bay, NSW
                                                                                (free show)
Thursday 27                                                        Cambridge Tavern, Newcastle, NSW
                                                                                ( OR )
Friday 28                                                              The Patch, Wollongong, NSW
( or Music Farmers -   Street 5 Crown Lane Wollongong - 02 4228 0459)
Saturday 29                                                        Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine, VIC
Sunday 30                                                           FALLS FESTIVAL, Lorne, VIC
Monday 31                                                         FALLS FESTIVAL, Marion Bay, TAS

Wednesday 2                                                    Annandale Hotel, Sydney, NSW
                                                                                ( OR )
Thursday 3                                                          Corner Hotel, Melbourne, VIC
                                                                                ( OR )

Friday 4                                                                Crown and Anchor, Adelaide, SA
Saturday 5                                                           SOUTHBOUND, Bussleton, WA
                                                                                ( )

Sunday 6                                                              Ya  Ya’s, Perth, WA
                                                                                ( OR )

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