Sunday, May 9, 2010

Would someone put a gag on Christina Aguilera already??

This was just too funny to NOT post! check out this latest post from our friends at "TheProphetBlog" we are not loving Christina's new work or her bragging about how "futuristic" "different from everything" she claims it to be and we just saw this post and had to re-post it here!

Mother earth Christina Aguilera sat down with MTV recently to discuss her raunchy music video for “Not Myself Tonight”, as well as her new album and her sexuality, and as usual it was another hilarious self-indulgent ego trip that’s a must-see for haters and fans alike.

“What I do artistically in expressing myself has nothing to do with being a mother, those are two very different hats for me. My little son will grow up in a household that’s very artistic, where he’s surrounded with a lot of artwork, a lot of nude women within the art, that will very much be a part of his life. Appreciating a womans beauty and the fact that a woman is allowed to express herself in a sensual way, in a sexual way and not have to feel ashamed of it.
“I make sure that every time I express myself in that way that it’s in a very controlled environment, that I am in control of the environment and I’m very comfortable. I think that’s what sexuality is all about. It’s such an important message to me because I feel like there are so many rules and regulations and labels, especially for women. Men are sought of allowed to be whatever they want to be, [they're] allowed to be these free beings and what-not and not get labelled for anything, and I feel like women should have the same rights…”
Wasn’t that the theme of the Stripped album back in 2002?
“…that’s why it’s a point that I like to drive home each and every time. It’s very much a part of me and I’m a very sexual person and it’s always very important to me that that comes across in my messages for the last what, over a decade now? So uh, always changing it up, always staying inspired by non-mainstream things.”
Aggie then discusses her new found love of dancing after being inspired by the filming of Burlesque, taking director Hype Williams into her “creative den” with her “mood boards” and the ‘Not Myself Tonight’ video being “iconic and classic”.
Many words come to my mind when thinking about that video, but “classic” and “iconic” are not two of them.
Watch Xtina’s stunning rant for yourself below. Oh and while you’re at it please let the girl know that it’s 2010. Not 2002, not 2005, not 2007. 2010.


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  1. She has lost it. I thought it keeps getting better but it look like we just keep on getting the same.


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