Friday, September 28, 2012

Arrow's rant - Leona Lewis

A few weeks ago Trucker crashed the NovastreamGames website with his rant about Skyrim, so I thought it was only fair that I return the favour.

Oh poor Leona! X Factor winner, amazing voice, the whole world eating out of the palm of her hand after she converted Jesse McCartney’s song into an International Number 1 that saw her name plastered across the globe with high hopes for the future.

Her first album Spirit was released and debuted at Number 1 in several countries including the USA (something which is very rare for a Brit!) She then went on to with a plethora of awards for the single and album accumulating critical praise as her sold out tour dazzled audiences around the globe.

Leona then changed record labels and met up with industry heavyweights Ryan Tedder, Justin Timberlake and Larry Rudolph to work on her second official album Echo. The problem was that her old label UEG music had a collection of recordings from a couple of years ago titled Best Kept Secret, and several weeks before the release of Echo, released and marketed the album as Leona’s new album.

Advertisers on I Tunes and Advertising Standards Authority banned the ads claiming this was Lewis’s new album and Echo was then released. Shooting straight to number 1 in the UK as well as the lead single Happy, things where still looking great for this pop star who was destined to continue her reign as the new Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston/Gloria Estefan voice type person.

Lewis recorded the theme song from the hit movie Avatar I See You and was nominated for a golden globe for best original song, and recorded some duets with other artists and planned a tour.

Taking to the road for the Labyrinth tour (inspired by the movie) she won hearts over with her sexy new look and sultry voice, and was set to support Christina Aguilera’s Bionc tour, after Floptina cancelled the tour due to poor album sales and a lack of interest in her trying to be Lady Gaga, Lewis hit the studio to record her third album Glassheart.

Glassheart is where things started to go wrong for poor old Leona, she recorded the first single Collide, which unashamedly sampled Avicci, problem was that Avicci had no idea about the song until it was made. In a swift move the record label negotiated an agreement to have the song as Leona featuring Avicii to avoid any legal nastiness and released the single. Too bad it was all over the press already and it smeared the single with a nasty distain that people have for this kind of sly move.

Good news for Leona, the song hit number one in the US dance and club charts (a first for her!) but only reached number three in the UK. The second single released was Trouble featuring US rapper Childish Gambino (Troy from Community) and to be honest the song is a snooze-fest. Great lyrics but this is the first Leona song that I press the skip button.

A week after hearing Trouble I stumbled upon a little YouTube clip called Glassheart, which featured the title track that was premiered on the radio at the time. This up-tempo trance inspired track was pure genius. It was the kind of thing that should have been the lead single and I am certain the album would have received a different response.

The song is pure pop hotness, extremely radio friendly and a track that clubs beg for these days. Why oh why is it not a single, let alone lead single? ? ?

It is this kind of idiocy that has plagued pop artists for such a long time. Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Duff, Holly Valance, Britney Spears all have amazing songs on the album that are not given the single status that are hotter than the actual singles that are released. Why WHY WHY!!!

Fortunately for you I have included the Glassheart YouTube song, let us know what you think, Should Leona release this?



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