Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review- Parking lot - Nelly Furtado

It isn’t really saying much but this song is better than the last few songs Nelly has given us. This said it still doesn’t even come close to being a good song choice for the girl.

Almost 4 minutes of the same synth sound and drum beat and nothing else, it really actually can do your head in. It sounds like the song is on a scratched CD and cant get past the same spot, then add to that the vocals and you just have a mess on your hands.

The vocals sound like she can’t even speak let alone sing (which we know she actually can), speaking through her nose the whole time and mispronouncing words all over the place, Nelly what are you doing?
I fear that this album could do bad things for Nelly, who up until now has done some truly awesome stuff.

review by Trucker



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