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Monday, May 31, 2010


Watch out, pop fans. The first Ke$ha clone has officially arrived and she's packing one of 2010's catchiest anthems! That might sound like a backhanded compliment but there's no denying the similarities between Kyrah's debut single and everything pop music's favourite skank has ever recorded. And there's nothing wrong with that. "Tik Tok" wouldn't have worked without "Just Dance", just as that song owes a large debt to Rihanna's "Dont Stop The Music, which she, in turn, stole from Kat Deluna and so on and so forth all the way back to 1980 when La Toya did everything first. Fact! Anyway, back to Kyrah. To be honest, she's a bit of mystery woman. All I know is that she was born in the UK, raised in the US and has a batch of quirky pop songs streaming on her Myspace. Strangely enough, they're all very different to "Uh Oh". Her older material has a slightly gothic rock edge ("Darker Side" and "Angels In Pain"), while her debut is pure electro-dance. It's definitely a step in the right direction. If you overlook the Ke$ha comparisons, there is so much to love about this fierce party jam. "Uh Oh" has a killer chorus, great production and some of the year's classiest lyrics. I'm also slightly obsessed with the male backing vocalist who says "listen, Kyrah" like a drag queen on heat. And let's face it, any song that opens with "wake up wasted and it's oops I'm naked" was always going to end up on Pop Trash Addicts! I really think this girl can go a long way if she finds her own niche. She's gorgeous, knows how to write a catchy tune and has a great voice. Check out Kyrah's high brow exploration of social mores below. Give it a couple of listens. It's a massive grower.

Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers music Video

Once again Kylie has done it again! Releasing the first single from her 11th studio album "Aphrodite" the catchy "All The Lovers" what we love is that it sounds like NOTHING else thats on radio at the moment and is classic Kylie! check out the hot hot hot video below

4th Of July - Kelis

Kelis is gearing up to release the 2nd single off her amazing "Fleshtones" album check it out below

Eva Simons "Wherever I Go"

Eva Simons has let a VERY hot track leak online called "Wherever I Go" we are totally loving it and are hoping to hear more HOT HOT HOTNESS from Eva! Check it out below

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Leona Lewis kicks off her first ever tour and WOW!

Leona Lewis is finally making a name for herself in a positive way! She kicked off her "Labyrinth" tour at the Sheffield Arena in the UK, one of her fabulous fans took some videos of her performances which includes her hits "Bleeding Love" "Happy" "Outta My Head" and a cover of Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me A River" These videos really show that she truly is an amazing performer. Check out the videos below

Cry Me A River

I Got You


Outta My Head

Bleeding Love

Friday, May 28, 2010

Te Amo - Rhianna

Rhianna premiere's the video for the 5th single off "Rated R" called "Te Amo" simply put love the song, love the clip!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Christina Aguilera delivers a "Bionic" performance FINALLY!!

The finale of American Idol has just aired in the US and a host of stars joined to perform including Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson & Kelly Clarkson..

Christina surprisingly chose the ballad "You Lost Me" from Bionic, its actually a really good performance she focused just on her amazing voice instead of the "fashion, women rule, men hating" crap that is "Bionic" hope she keeps more of these performances up!
check it out below

Janet Jackson performed her hits "Nothing" and "Nasty" and proved why after 25 years she is still at the top of the game! Totally mind blowing performances! check them out below

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Your Love - Nicki Minaj

Nicki didnt have much luck with her first solo single "Massive Attack" she is on to single number 2 "Your Love" which has already had loads of airplay in the US. check it out below

Bionic HITS!

Ok so we have been ragging on Christina a bit, and to be honest she brings it all on herself. Through the whole album she doesn't set a theme or tone, she told us it was going to be "groundbreaking" and "futuristic" but once again sounds like Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Britney and Pink 2 years ago. . .saying this however there are some great tracks on this album, my personal favourite "V Is For Vanity" i HATE the lyrics as she sings "Everyime I look at me I turn myself on" and "If I where another girl i would so kiss me" what are you 16?? the beat and instrumentation is amazing and keeps you listening as she drones on about herself.

Remember when she released her spanish album? we all hoped she would be over this lunacy but no she is back! The song is called "Denuduate" or in english "Get Naked" sound familiar?? oh thats right Britney's song on "Blackout" also named Get Naked?!?! Oh Christina you are scraping the barrell for ideas! She even goes so far as to use the same hook "Get naked, get naked" sigh sigh sigh! Check out the hilarity below

Honestly it's not worth writing about the rest of the album cause its kind of a snore and by the end of it you are begging to hear "Not Myself Tonight" or even "WooHoo" if you are a HARDCORE Christina fan check it out, if not maybe wait for the next album. . . who knows if the tour will reach Australian shores, 2 singles and not one has charted in the top 20 yet doesn't look good. . . overall I hope Christina learns from this experience as she is an extremely talented singer and has the potential to be the next Mariah or Whitney "voice" but she lets this "im a slut, im a mother, i want to do me!" crap get in the way of whats important...her voice!

Christina Aguilera postpones tour....

Christina Aguilera has now post-poned her "Bionic" tour due to wanting to promote her new movie "Burlesque" this is the reason given by her publicist, but honestly lacklustre sales and poor chart performance of "Not Myself Tonight" Honestly after hearing the album she made bad single choices and the album is just all over the place in parts (Christina you are NOT spanish!!! STOP PRETENDING TO BE!) Word on the street is there are only 2 people affected by this news of the tour, Leona Lewis who is silently unhappy as it wont boost sales of her aluminium foil record "Echo" and Lady GaGa who silently grins while sipping on her signature cup of tea, her tour is sold out through April 2011 for a year old record....poor Christina...

Nobody Can Change Me - Nicole Share-A-Zinger

Everyone's favourite pussycat doll Nicole Sherzinger has a second go at a solo career releasing "Nobody Can Change Me" off her untitled solo album. Things have really gone sour for the Pussycat Dolls with everyone except Nicole leaving (they have now been replaced as Robin breathes a sigh of relief!) Nicole seems insitant on a solo career, check out the track below. . .

Who's Gonna Love You - Amerie

Amerie released a "buzz" single via twitter called "Who's Gonna Love You" it sounds very old Amerie style with a hint of "In Love & War" (personally one of our favourite albums of 2009!) dismal sales of the album and not one hit single sees Amerie teaming up with old producers for her next album. Check out the leaked track below

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Rockstar 101" - Rhianna

Rhianna premieres the video for "Rockstar 101" check it out below

The Vengaboys preview their new single "Rocket To Uranus" check it out below! we cant WAIT for this one!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Dream BUTCHERS and Aaliyah classic

The Dream has released his version of the late Aaliyah's "One In A Million" and honestly just listening to it made me vomit in my mouth. So I will NOT be posting it up on here (if you do want to listen to it you can visit

Here is Aaliyah's version below from the vault :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Rapture" - Alicia Keys from Sex & The City 2

Alicia Keys releases the title single from "Sex & The City 2" a cover of Blondie's "Rapture" love the track, stays true to the original track and features some additional rapped bars from Keys. totally loving this track, check it out below

"Cant Fight This Feeling" Sophie Ellis Bextor feat Junior Caldera

Hot music just keeps coming! word is this has only been released in France so far, no word when we will get it, check it out this song is amazing and is exactly how pop music should be. We look forward to hearing more from Sophie in the future! 


My First Kiss - 3OH3 feat. Ke$ha

Brand new track from 3OH3 and this time around Ke$ha guests on their track. Extremely catchy song (thanks again **Shane we should so start paying you:P)
check out the track below

All The Lovers - Kylie

Kylie has just premiered her BRAND NEW SINGLE "All The Lovers" here it is in high quality with no talking over it! thanks to **Shane for the link :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Leona Lewis & Jennifer Hudson "Love Is Your Colour"

Leona & J-Hud team up for the Sex & The City 2 Soundtrack with this mid-tempo song "Love Is Your Colour" check it out below and tell us what you think

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Would someone put a gag on Christina Aguilera already??

This was just too funny to NOT post! check out this latest post from our friends at "TheProphetBlog" we are not loving Christina's new work or her bragging about how "futuristic" "different from everything" she claims it to be and we just saw this post and had to re-post it here!

Mother earth Christina Aguilera sat down with MTV recently to discuss her raunchy music video for “Not Myself Tonight”, as well as her new album and her sexuality, and as usual it was another hilarious self-indulgent ego trip that’s a must-see for haters and fans alike.
“What I do artistically in expressing myself has nothing to do with being a mother, those are two very different hats for me. My little son will grow up in a household that’s very artistic, where he’s surrounded with a lot of artwork, a lot of nude women within the art, that will very much be a part of his life. Appreciating a womans beauty and the fact that a woman is allowed to express herself in a sensual way, in a sexual way and not have to feel ashamed of it.
“I make sure that every time I express myself in that way that it’s in a very controlled environment, that I am in control of the environment and I’m very comfortable. I think that’s what sexuality is all about. It’s such an important message to me because I feel like there are so many rules and regulations and labels, especially for women. Men are sought of allowed to be whatever they want to be, [they're] allowed to be these free beings and what-not and not get labelled for anything, and I feel like women should have the same rights…”
Wasn’t that the theme of the Stripped album back in 2002?
“…that’s why it’s a point that I like to drive home each and every time. It’s very much a part of me and I’m a very sexual person and it’s always very important to me that that comes across in my messages for the last what, over a decade now? So uh, always changing it up, always staying inspired by non-mainstream things.”
Aggie then discusses her new found love of dancing after being inspired by the filming of Burlesque, taking director Hype Williams into her “creative den” with her “mood boards” and the ‘Not Myself Tonight’ video being “iconic and classic”.
Many words come to my mind when thinking about that video, but “classic” and “iconic” are not two of them.
Watch Xtina’s stunning rant for yourself below. Oh and while you’re at it please let the girl know that it’s 2010. Not 2002, not 2005, not 2007. 2010.

"Woohoo" - Christina Aguilera feat. Nicki Minaj

Christina just keeps disappointing! Her 2nd single off "Bionic" titled "Woohoo" features our favourite new rapper Nicki Minaj. Christina sings about her "woohoo" and how we can't wait to taste it? Oh Christina! Seriosuly? ? These cheap, trashy tactics are really making us dislike her awhole lot, yes you can go on about Lady GaGa but she isn't married, doesn't have children and doesnt sing about her "woohoo" Anyway listen below and tell us what you think

Friday, May 7, 2010

California Gurls - Katy Perry feat Snoop Dogg

Katy Perry's first single off her second album just leaked "California Gurls" feat. Snoop Dog. The track is produced by Dr Luke (Tik Tok) and you can definitely hear the similarities, that being said it is a great song! Check out the song below and let us know what you think

Beauty In The World - Macy Gray

Macy Gray has a new album out soon and the first single "Beauty In The World" we are loving it and was featured on the last episode of Ugly Betty. check out the video below

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why Don't You Love Me - Beyonce video

Beyonce serves up a video to a bonus track "Why Don't You Love Me" there has been alot of negative comments on others blogs i have read about this clip, honestly I love it! I think she learnt alot from working with Lady GaGa and this clip shows it. Check it out below and let us know what you think

Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Alejandro" new album art

This is the new album art for Lady GaGa's next single "Alejandro" the missing kidney (i am guessing) ponders many questions. . . either way the video clip has been filmed and we are waiting on a release date.. . .

"Ridin Solo" - Jason DeRulo

Jason DeRulo is running high on his amazing album and released the third single "Ridin Solo" love this song and one of the standouts on the album. check out the clip below!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Time names Lady GaGa most Influential Artist in The World!

TIME magazine has released its annual list of the most influential people in the world and none other than Lady GaGa has topped the list. The Pop phenomenon ranked higher than Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, Elton John and Prince. Check out GaGa’s message to her fans about her own inspirations below

"Not Myself Tonight" - Christina Aguilera VIDEO

Christina has finally released the video for "Not Myself Tonight" honestly it's hard to watch this without thinking what a total hoe I know you haters will stone me for this but to be honest she has been crapping on about how "Bionic" is about her motherhood process and this just is "Dirty" plus 2, i hate to say that she is just going for shock value rather than going for good music. anyway check out the clip and let us know what you think

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