Sunday, September 2, 2012

Truckers weekly rant - Trends

The music industry follows trends, it’s a well known fact, but why do bands that have already gotten themselves a place in our hearts have to? Why do they have to follow trends or sound like other bands just to make sure we will still listen to them?

Two bands spring to mind while writing about this, the first would be The Offspring, who for their 1st new single has given us a poor attempt at playing what can only be heard as a Foo Fighter’s song, the 2nd would be Matchbox 20 who gave us a “fresh” new sounding song, that I’m sorry but it sounded like a Maroon 5 song to me.

Neither of these songs was overly bad and wouldn’t win my award for worst song of the year, but both have stepped so far away from the style that we had come to know and love from these bands and that got them to where they are today.

This really bugs me, in the matchbox 20 case mostly, because they are a more talented and better established band than maroon 5 and shouldn’t need to look up to and try and copy a band that is nowhere near their level of talent or experience and the song comes across as forced as a result.

At the end of the day bands need to evolve from their own sound not take massive jumps into new sounds because that is the trend of the industry, if the labels don’t like that then it shouldn’t matter, the fans will still buy it and if they don’t like it then that is a risk you have to take, don’t force a B grade “what you need to be because the label said so” onto the world.



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