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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DJ Earworm 2013

DJ Earworm is BACK at it again for his latest song for 2013, mashing up the supposed best songs of the year. Honestly we cannot help but feel a little disappointed with this effort, it is a little bland and slow...maybe next year...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How Could I Want More - Jamie Lynn Spears

Britney's sister Jamie Lyn Spears is wasting no time releasing a new single, straight off the back of her duet with sister Britney Spears on her new album #BJ. This country/pop inspired track is a bit of a mixed bag, have a listen below and let us know what you think.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Unconditionally - Katy Perry

Katy Perry has served the video for her latest single Unconditionally, a complete departure from the Roar sound. Time will tell if the decision to try and become a "serious singer" will pay off. In the meantime check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thunder - Jessie J

Jessie J is not finding any luck in the charts with her latest album, but it is not stopping her from releasing singles hoping for a hit. Check out the official video to the song "Thunder" below

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Katy Perry preview

Katy Perry has released a preview of her new single "Unconditionally" the odd choice as second single from Prism is set to be released in the next week.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hard Out Here -Lilly Allen

UK Songstress Lilly Allen has released the video for her latest single Hard Out Here, it has been a while since we have heard anything from one of our favourite UK songbird, but as always delivers an entertaining and edgy clip with a great song to match.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lady Ga Ga interview on Howard Stern Show

*Just a warning this interview is quite long!

Lady GaGa hit up the Howard Stern Show in SiriusXM providing one of the most in depth and personal interviews to date. She addresses the situation with Madonna and Perez Hilton, being godmother to Elton John's kids, her new album, her fans and the things she has been through since Born This Way.

Have a listen to this below

Monday, November 11, 2013

Bad Day - Justin Beiber

Justin Beiber has released his latest single "Bad Day"the pop princess is still riding high off the success of his latest album and has started a Music Mondays project releasing a new song every Monday for the next few weeks. While we have missed the first few here is the latest one Bad Day below.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Little Mix Live

British girl group Little Mix hit up Radio One for an exclusive live performance of a medley of their new tracks and some old ones as well (Smells Like Teen Spirit) the group sound great together and have finally got the "mix"right (haha!)

Check out the girls performing live below and let us know what you think. Do you rate Little Mix or do you have no idea who they are ?

Carrie Underwood performs live at CMA

Country superstar Carrie Underwood delivered an astounding performance at the country music awards last night. Underwood has been a little quiet as of late, but this performance showcases just why she is so good at what she does. Check it out below

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Perfume - Britney Spears

Britney Spears has released the second single off her upcoming album #BJ (hehe) and talk about going in the complete direction from previous single "Work Bitch"this track is not for the faint of heart. It has been rumoured to invoke coma like qualities in listeners. It is one of the most boring and lifeless songs I have ever heard.

Check it out below and let us know what you think

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Work Bitch - Britney Spears

As if Katy Perry and Lady Gaga wasn't enough, Britney Spears had to throw her hat into the ring and announce her new single, and boy has she delivered!

The song is called "Work Bitch" and clearly draws inspiration from her last world-wide number 1 hit "Scream & Shout" with Will I Am.

The song is an absolute club banger and has the hint of the british accent she donned in the previous song. It is so great to see Spears mixing things up and bringing out something completely different for herself as an artist and an edgier, darker single for radio.

Check out Work Bitch below and let us know what you think.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Truckers Review - In A World Like This Backstreet Boys

In a world of 1D’s and Justin’s we slowing started to forget that they weren’t the first ones in this game, that long ago boy bands once before roamed the earth, holding young girls hearts with bad songs and cheesy dance moves.

We forgot what being a boy band was really about, but we don’t have to worry because, with the risk of being the millionth person the make the joke, Backstreets back and they are showing us just how cheesy the boy band game is meant to be.

What we have here is a song that by all accounts can only be described as “1D didn’t want it so you can have it”, because really it does just sound like one of their songs with men singing it instead of boys.

And that is just bad one the only difference musically between new Backstreet boys and One Direction is lower hang balls.

The thing that really sets this song apart though is its film clip. To sum it up fast “cheesy as hell”
While other bands (term used very loosely) in this scene make their film clips about having fun and jumping up and down, the Backstreet Boys have straight out stuck to what they know best. standing next to each other and doing a move I would call “passing the sandwich”, close up shots of their faces doing odd expressions which I think are meant to be passion and bending at the knees to the beat of the music.

This all may have come across well back in the day but now that they are old I think we need more, they aren’t good looking enough anymore to just swoon over anymore we need substance.
Oh let me mention that they do attempt this once but it doesn’t work because they show they have no real idea. We get a few shots of them playing the guitar, which at first was cool, you think “ok they finally learnt to play” but when you start to see shots of them playing guitar again in parts of the song that don’t have guitar in them, you start to relies that it’s just for the film clip and they don’t know how to play still.

This is nothing but a letdown to say the least, if you are going to step back into a game you have been gone from for so long then I think you need to bring more than this song did.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Video - Here's To Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne

Well the punk girl wannabe Avril Lavigne is back with a new video "Here's To Never Growing Up". While Lavigne had some appeal back in the 90's, it is clear that as an artist (and as a person) she hasn't really grown. Her sound is still the same, her style is still the same, and it just seems stale and old.

The video is not much better, horrid make up, trashy outfits and the typical "I make everything fun" the song peaked at number 22 on the charts, showing that Lavigne is no longer the power house she used to be. Struggling in a world of Kesha, Britney and Kelly Clarkson, Lavigne should seriously re-strategise her material and come up with something better,because this is just plain garbage.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Music - JLO, Tamar Braxton and Mariah Carey

JLo has released a new single and guess who she teamed up with again? Yes, that's right Pitbull! For the FOURTH time the two have collaborated with RedOne (really???) and produced a song called Live It Up. It all sounds very formulaic and stupid, but guess what? The song is AMAZING! It is a party anthem and is the closest thing to On The Floor as she is going to get! Check out the song below

 Tamar Braxton is back with the follow up to her number one single Love & War, this time around she is keeping with the old school rnb style and this song kind of misses, while her voice is flawless, the song itself is just a bit boring and plain. Check out the song below and let us know your thoughts


 Mariah Carey teamed up with rnb singer Miguel for her new single '#Beautiful' yes the hash tag is included in the song (sigh!) and it is pretty much Carey cashing in on Miguel's unique style and not really letting herself go. The song is snooze worthy, especially if you took Miguel out. Check it out below


Monday, April 1, 2013

NEWS - Chris Brown, Nicole Sherzinger and Havana Brown

Hope you all had a great Easter break! I know we sure did, but we are back on board now and lots to catch you up on!

Chris Brown has released his latest single Fine China and the accompanying video, a lot of people give Brown a rap for his personal life but this time around he has actually released a decent single. Check it out below

Nicole Sherzinger helped Andrew Lloyd Webber celebrate 40 years with an epic performance of Don't Cry For Me Argentina. The dazzling live performance showcases just why Nicole is one of the most talented performers around. Check it out below

DJ Havana Brown is still trying to launch her "singing" career and has a new video and song Big Banana, unfortunately not filmed on location in Coffs Harbour the catchy song and video should become a viral hit. Check it out below

Havana Brown - Big Banana from My Obsession on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

S Club 7 Jon gets a new song, Justin Timberlake hits #1 and Backstreet Boys new song.

Remember 90's band S Club 7? Remember that horrible reunion tour they did last year at any venue that would have them? Well one of the bands member Jon is trying to use that to launch a solo career. The song is called My Father's Son. It's an interesting song with a very low budget video. Check it out below and let us know what you think

Big congratulations goes out to Justin Timberlake on snagging a number one album for The 20/20 Experience in USA, UK and Australia! Congratulations! It truly shows that dubstep and following pop trends doesn't guarantee a great album. The album was a few thousand shy of a million copies in the U.S. alone.

In an attempt to appear relevant the Backstreet Boys have recorded their own version of The Harlem Shake.  Good or bad? Check it out below

Sunday, March 24, 2013

NEWS - Emblem 3, Christina Aguilera and Robin Thicke

X Factor USA hunks Emblem 3 have released a new live performance as part of the Vevo GO Shows series. Check out the track below

Christina Aguilera surprised everyone by showing up to the premiere of The Voice season 4, the one she took off to promote and tour her latest album Lotus. It is no secret that Lotus was a commercial disappointment. Aguilera talked to media about the album , new music and more !

Robin Thicke has released a new single Blurred Lines featuring Pharrell Williams and rapper T.I.
Check out the video below

Saturday, March 23, 2013

NEWS : Vanessa Hudgens, Wiz Khalifa and Jay Sean

Vanessa Hudgens is starting the promo train on her new controversial movie Spring Breakers and has recorded a song for the soundtrack. Check out the raunchy video below

Wiz Khalifa has released the third single from his latest album, this time teaming up with Akon for the slow balladish song Let It Go. Check it out below

Singer Jay Sean has finally comeback with a new song after a too long hiatus. The track is called Where You Are and you can hear it below

Friday, March 22, 2013

NEWS - Eva Simons has a new song, 98 Degrees come back and Lady GaGa Born This Way Ball in Montreal

Eva Simons has finally released a new track after a long hiatus. The song is called Chemistry and is being used in the latest Pepsi campaign. Fans are still waiting for a debut album after 2 years patiently. No news of when to expect the album or when it is even expected. Check out the song below

98 Degrees have reformed after a long hiatus and serviced their new song Microphone to radio this morning. You can listen to the song below

Lady GaGa is still touring the world with her Born This Way Ball, lately appearing in Montreal and it is here for you to watch! Check out the full two hour concert below

NEWS - Jojo has a new video, Carly Rose Sonnenclar covers and Jessica Sanchez has a new video

Jojo is still trying to get a hit song and brings the latest Andre single to the video treatment. Someone needs to put this girl in the studio with a hit-making producer and give the girl a good song already! Check out the video below

X Factor USA singer Carly Rose Sonnenclar is busy recording her debut album, and in the meantime she is releasing some covers along the way. Check out her version of Bruno Mars Runaway Baby below.

Jessica Sanchez has debuted her new song and featured Ne-Yo in the track to gain some attention, problem is no one told Sanchez that Ne-Yo is no longer relevant. Check out the video below

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mirror - Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has confirmed that Mirror is the official second single from his latest album The 20/20 Experience, the Cry Me A River-esque track delivered its official video earlier today. Check it out below

Sunday, March 17, 2013

NEW MUSIC - Bow Down - Beyonce

Beyonce has been quiet since having miss baby blue, but with the upcoming Mrs Carter World Tour coming up, it was about time that Queen B hit back and demand that you bow down. This is exactly what she does in this extremely commanding and addictive dance track.

This is a completely different sound for B and it suits her well, the track was produced by HitBoy. Check it out below

Saturday, March 16, 2013

NEWS - Gabriella Cilmi, Taylor Swift and Pitbull feat. Chriistina Aguilera

Gabriella Cilmi has released her latest single/video titled Sweeter In History, the pop song is show in beautiful black and white. Check out the track below

Taylor Swift is currently touring the country in support of her latest album Red, the singer can be seen below performing We Are Never Getting Back Together, clearly taking a picture from Britney Spears "Circus" tour, as always she performs flawlessly, check it out below.

Pitbull has teamed up with Christina Aguilera for his latest single Feel This Moment, the song is he first hit single for Aguilera in a while. Check out the steamy video below

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ALBUM REVIEW - Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience

It is no secret that I hated "Suit & Tie" with a passion when I first heard it, I thought this was a colossal joke that JT was playing on the music industry, to the point of renaming it "Shit Ass Pie", but after a month of constant playing it finally grew on me and I got it. Next came Mirrors, while I didn't love it, I got it and it got passed into the same pile of hopefully will grow on me. So when the album arrived in my inbox in the early hours of yesterday morning I was extremely skeptical, the pairing of Justin Timberlake and producer Timbaland has always been a magic combination in the past, but could they keep it going especially with such a long break in between albums? The short answer is yes, yes and yes!

Recently we have been complaining about the slew of artists releasing albums that are just complete trash (Ke$ha, Rihanna, Madonna) and that everything is starting to just sound the same in this era of music. Fortunately Justin Timberlake is here to shake the foundations of the currently bland pop music industry and blend some old school with a new twist that sees the 20/20 Experience one of the best albums of the year, and of the last few.

A lot of people will be confused by the tracklisting, there is only 10, I thought possibly I had been given just a demo version or something, but each song is about 10 minutes long and has 2 different styles that run off and compliment each other. This is the pop album I have been waiting for, to come and change the way we listen to music and how things on the charts should be.

Pusher Love Girl is the first track and the 50's jazz style mixes with some heavy Timbaland typical beats that ooze sexuality. This is one of my favourite tracks on the album and is constantly on replay, from here we move into "Suit & Tie" this is a really extended edition with a great breakdown at the end that added a lot to the song and I really enjoyed it. Don't Hold The Wall is definitely the most danciest sounding song on the album, starting out with a drum and bass style beat mixing with JT beatboxing and then moving into a modern rnb "4 Minutes" Madonna sounding song is one of the best produced and performed songs of 2013. StrawBerry Bubblegum is pure pop gold and is a little throwback to his N'Sync days, but still very modern and JT. The next three tracks Tunnel Vision, Spaceship Coupe and That Girl all meld in together seamlessly and really showcase this new sound that Timberlake has going on. Mirrors is the second single from 20/20 and is a beautiful love song and slides in nicely with the final song Blue Ocean Floor.

None of the songs have any auto-tune or dubstep and while this may sound and seem like an extremely risky move, it definitely pays off for Timberlake who has crafted and created his own sound with Timbaland and this will be music to definitely head to the tour for. As well as being beautiful and addictive, this album has the potential to expand new and varied audiences who would normally not listen to pop music.

Overall this album is a game changer, and is THE game changer we have been waiting for. Cleverly crafted pop music stripped back and showcasing just what a talent Justin Timberlake is. The 20/20 Experience is our pop album pick of 2013 and is available in stores next week.

Review by Alaisdair "Arrow" Dewar

Monday, March 11, 2013

NEWS - Skylar Gray, Nicole Scherzinger and Bo Bruce

Skylar Gray has released a new song titled Clear Blue Sky. Check it out below

Nicole Scherzinger is taking no prisoners with her current single Boomerang, and is determined to make it a hit. Performing the song live on Daybreak, check out the dynamite performer below The Voice UK contestant Bo Bruce has finally debuted her first song/video and it was definitely worth the wait! Check out the songstress below

Friday, March 8, 2013

NEW MUSIC - Mariah releases new video, Melanie C performs live and NKOTB release a new single

Mariah Carey has debuted her video clip for her new single Almost Home, the official single from Disney's latest film Oz The Great And Powerful . The single is one of the best things MC has done in the last few years of her career. Check out the video below

One of the most successful solo spice girls Melanie C is currently doing the global rounds in Jesus Christ Superstar and hit up The Morning Show in the UK to perform I Don't Know How To Love Him, the gorgeous scaled back performance is a true testament to the power of her voice. Check it out below

New Kids On The Block are still cranking out the hits with a brand new song Remix (I Like The) and have serviced a video immediately. Check it out below

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

NEWS - 3OH3, Emblem3 and Cherish have new music

3OH!3 are back with a new single appropriately titled Back To Life, the new song and video have been released today. Check it out below, do you like the return of the band?

X Factor band Emblem 3 have released some new live clips. Check out one of the fan ones below Cherish are back after a four year hiatus and independently funded their comeback. The all girl group's new song Going In Circles has been released this morning. Check it out below

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

NEW MUSIC - Ciara, Fantasia and Gotye

Ciara has released another track from her new album One Woman Army, the song is called Body Party and is produced by Mike Wills (Brandy) and once again disappoints in this track written by Future. Check it out below and let us know what you think

American Idol winner Fantasia is back with a new song and video titled Lose To Win, taking this track and video back to the dancey 80's. Check it out below Gotye is still struggling to have another hit after "Somebody That I Used To Know" was so big. But he keeps trying with this new song and video "Smoke & Mirrors"

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

NEWS - Fifth Harmony have a new track, Demi Lovato hits up Ryan Seacrest and The Summer Set

USA X Factor girl band Fifth Harmony are gearing up to record and release their debut album, the group who were formed by Simon Cowell have also been signed by him. The girls hit up you tube to record a cover of Thinkin About You by Frank Ocean. Check out the beautiful accoustic performance below Demi Lovato hit up Ryan Seacrest's radio show to premiere her new single Heart Attack, the premiere was announced by Seacrest a few weeks ago and most thought it would be Avril Lavigne revealing her new track, but alas it is just Lovato. Check out the interview and song below The summer Set have released their new video for Maybe Tonight, check out the video below

Monday, February 25, 2013

NEWS - Carly Rae Jepsen has a new single, David Guetta goes charity and Kelly Rowland behind the scenes.

Carly Rae Jepsen just keeps cranking out the singles from her debut album, this time around choosing Tonight Im Getting Over You and has premiered the music video. Check it out below

David Guetta and Usher had a hit a couple of years ago Without You, now they have teamed up to re-release the song and video to raise money for world hunger. Check out the video below Kelly Rowland is still trying to be a solo artist and has resorted to songs about vaginas to gain an audience. Check out a behind the scenes video below of the upcoming single

Monday, February 18, 2013

NEWS - New Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Oprah interview and Josh Krajcik

Hot off her American Idol judging gig Mariah Carey has recorded the theme song from Disney's upcoming film Oz : The Great And Powerful. Check out the song Almost Home below

Beyoncé sat down with Oprah for her Next Chapter series to talk about her life, new baby and upcoming album and world tour. You can watch the interview in full below!

Beyonce | Next Chapter (FULL EPISODE) by Ashley_Miller_3

X Factor Season 1 singer Josh Krajcik has released a new single called No Better Lovers. The pop rock singer has been quiet lately but is readying a new album. Check out his first song below

NEWS - Adam Lambert covers Rihanna and the Will.I.Am/Britney remix gets a video

Adam Lambert has laying low recently and footage of a cover at a recent live show proves just how much of a talent this guy is. This time he tackles Rihanna's latest single Stay, as always he kills it and hopefully album #3 will see some more hits.

Well it is finally here, the horribly unnecessary hip-hop remix to global #1 hit Scream & Shout by Will.I.Am and Britney Spears features phoned in guest rap performances from Diddy, Flocka and a bunch of others. Check out the video below

Saturday, February 16, 2013

NEWS - Christina Aguilera & Pitbull, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake all have new videos

Christina Aguilera seems to have finally found a good chart position for a song, but it has not come from her latest album, instead courtesy of Pitbull. Check out Feel This Moment below

Justin Timberlake continues his comeback with the final release of his video Suit & Tie. Not everyone is a fan of his new style but most critics and audiences have reacted positively. This beautiful black and white video features Jay-Z and is a gorgeous throwback to the 50's. Check it out

Rihanna has released the second video to her single from Unapologetic, this time the ballad Stay features Mikky Ekko. Check out the video below

Friday, February 15, 2013

A-Z of Pop Music - A

Albums of Pop A-Z
A-   Armageddon by Guy Sebastian

For most of us who tuned in to Australian Idol back in 2003 have had the pleasure of watching Guy Sebastian win the first series.

Since then Guy has released seven albums that all reached the top ten, six reaching the top five and two peaking at number one. Not to mention, the singer has had six singles hit number one including his debut single ‘Angels Brought Me Here’ which is the highest selling song for Australia’s last decade.

Over Sebastian’s career he has been lucky enough to have already received seventeen ARIA nominations and has collaborated with the likes of John Mayer and Jordan Sparks.

Sebastian’s latest album ‘Armageddon’ (2012) demonstrates the great growth as an artist that Sebastian has achieved over the years of dedication to his career. ‘Armageddon’ and was the 9th highest selling album of 2012 in Australia.

The single ‘Battle Scars’ featuring Lupe Fiasco brought international popularity for the Sebastian as it reached number two in New Zealand and was added to Lupe Fiasco’s fourth studio album ‘Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1’ . The song was also used in the US for the Television Promotion of the new remake film ‘Red Dawn’. Sebastian and Fiasco complement each other in this song and was a given to be a huge success.

His latest single from the album ‘Get Along’ is based around the idea of struggle against cultural and religious difference. The lyrics are definitely heart-warming and send a great message to humanity. You can almost tell that Guy’s song writing has matured and focuses more on real life rather than recent dance pop songs.  

Beginning with a ballad ‘Amnesia’ that demonstrates Sebastian’s amazing vocal range and ending the album with Used To You’ a love song, that could new ‘it’ song for weddings. It’s a sweet song that borrows an orchestral sound in the background and Sebastian’s soothing tone.

‘Armageddon’ is one of those albums that you just listen to easily and does not have one bad track. Overall it has an urban feeling with some RNB but still is very pop.

Guy will be touring nationally in 2013 for his ‘Get Along’ tour from March to July.

Review by Jessica Tisdell 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NEWS : Far East Movement perform live, Celine Dion performs and Justin Timberlake has a new song

Far East Movement hit up Jay Leno earlier this week to perform "live" their hit Turn Up The Love, the band have struggled lately chart wise but keep trying for a hit. Check out the performance below

Thanks to Vicki Lee Henry for this one, Celine Dion is still performing live and this time her worldwide hit song from the movie Titanic, My Heart Will Go On. She still has it! Check it out below

Justin Timberlake set tongues wagging at the Grammys with a stellar live performance and release of his second single Mirrors of his highly anticipated album The 20/20 Experience. Check out the song below

Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Grammy Performances

It's that time of the year again, the Grammy's, a lot of people do not see the merit in these awards but for those actually in the music industry this is a prestigious and highly sought after award. Check out the performances below.

Taylor Swift

Elton John & Ed Sheeran

Alicia Keys & Maroon 5

Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Damian Marley

Friday, February 8, 2013

NEWS The Lumineers, Owl City score big and Little Mix LIVE

The Lumineers have released a new video for their latest single Stubborn Love, the folk rock band are making waves in the USA with their self-titled debut album which was released in April, 2012 and we think they are worth a listen. Check out the single and video below

Owl City have scored the official single from upcoming CGI movie Escape From Planet Earth, the band have lended their hit song Shooting Star and recorded a live/CGI video clip. It is pretty cool and we miss a big soundtrack song, so this could possibly be it! Check out the video below

Little Mix sat down with Graham Norton to discuss their latest album and to perform their new single Change Your Life. The group have seen some great success lately in the UK (particularly) and this live set continues to show why they are the next big thing.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ALBUM REVIEW - Justin Bieber - Believe Accoustic

Having one of the biggest albums of the year with Believe, the album was heavily laden with production, bass and Nicki Minaj so Bieber did what Bieber did originally (and best) and took the production away and released the songs on the album as acoustic guitar with his vocals, no effects and showing his fans and nay sayers just what a talent he is.

His fans may have matured and fallen in love with the party hard Believe album, but this version of it is so rich and raw it will not only please his current fans but should usher in some new ones as well.

That being said it is not all perfection, the acoustic version of his first single Boyfriend sounds empty and hollow without all the extra bits (whale moans included!) this is definitely something that should have been looked at before slapping it on, but then you take the Nicki Minaj infused Beauty & A Beat surely that wouldn't work as without Nicki and that hot beat? Surprisingly so it does, slowed down and stripped back it serves as a love song with actual lyrics worth hearing.

This is not just a repackaged version of his album, it also features 2 unreleased songs I Would is a bright and colourful pop song that is reminiscent of Chris Brown's earlier work and should serve as a great track on any Valentine's Day playlist. It is a massive break from the sexualized content on Believe and definitely adds to the syrrupy sweet feel to the album.

The second new track Yellow Raincoat is dripping with digs at his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, the melancholy tune is unlike anything we have heard from the Biebs before and is very reminiscent of Justin Timberlake's Cry Me A River.

The best thing about this album in a generation of tall poppy, armchair critics, no-one can say that Bieber cannot sing or is not a talented performer. He many appeal to the 15 year old masses and send them swooning, but there is definite talent there and Believe acoustic only confirms this and while not a completely perfect album, it is definitely worth checking out.

Review by Alaisdair "Arrow" Dewar.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Superbowl Exclusive - Beyonce and Mrs Carter World Tour

For those who do not know yesterday in America was the highly anticipated Superbowl. As is tradition the half time show was owned, operated and slayed by the out-spoken and incredibly talented Beyonce.

The show saw Queen B deliver some of her best known hits, while doing a little late promo for her last album 4. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the performance was the Destiny's Child reunion that happened when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined Beyonce on stage for Independent Woman and Single Ladies.

It was truly a sight to see them all back together and happy, if that wasn't enough B announced a 2013 world tour titled Mrs Carter. We have had fresh updates confirming that Mrs Carter will indeed by going everywhere she can, UK, US and Australia have been confirmed at this stage.

Check out the performance and tour dates below

 ’The Mrs Carter Show’ World Tour

    • RSVP

    • APRIL 17, 2013ARENA ZAGREB
    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • APRIL 22, 2013ZIGGO DOME
    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • APRIL 26, 2013LG ARENA
    • RSVP

    • APRIL 29, 2013THE O2
    • RSVP

    • APRIL 30, 2013THE O2
    • RSVP

    • MAY 01, 2013THE O2
    • RSVP

    • MAY 03, 2013THE O2
    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • MAY 11, 2013THE O2
    • RSVP

    • MAY 12, 2013THE O2
    • RSVP

    • MAY 14, 2013SPORTPALEIS
    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • MAY 20, 2013PARK & SUITES ARENA
    • RSVP

    • MAY 22, 2013OLYMPIAHALLE
    • RSVP

    • MAY 24, 2013O2 WORLD
    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • MAY 27, 2013FORUM
    • RSVP

    • MAY 28, 2013TELENOR ARENA
    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • JULY 2, 2013HP PAVILION
    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • JULY 9, 2013BB&T CENTER
    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • JULY 15, 2013TOYOTA CENTER
    • RSVP

    • JULY 17, 2013UNITED CENTER
    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • JULY 22, 2013BELL CENTRE
    • RSVP

    • JULY 23, 2013TD GARDEN
    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • RSVP

    • RSVP

Monday, February 4, 2013

NEWS : New Fall Out Boy, Hurts and Nelly teams up Dizzy Crook

Remember Fall Out Boy? They are BACK! With a brand new single and a very unique sound. The song is their first single and features rapper 2 Chainz. The song is called My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up), check it out below

UK singer Hurts has released his latest single, the crooner has penned Miracle as his next single and has already serviced the video. Check it out

Nelly won't stop until he finds a foothold in the current music scene, after the severe flop that was Porsche this time around sees the rapper teaming up with Bizzy Crook and continuing to serve out the flop music. Check out the video/song below

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A-Z of Pop Music - A - All Saints

All Saints, some people labelled them the poor man's Spice Girls, I labelled them one of the most influential and ground-breaking girl groups of all time. If they were to be compared to the Spice Girls and it came down to a fight, All Saints would win hands down! 

Forming in 1993 the group consisted of Melanie Blatt, Shaznay Lewis and sisters Nicole and Natalie Appleton. They became one of the most successful British pop groups of the 1990s, with nine top ten singles (including five number-ones), two multi-platinum albums, two gold albums and record sales in excess of ten million worldwide.

Their debut self-titled album was released on November 24, 1997 by London records and was certified platinum in the USA, reached #2 on the UK charts and top 5 in Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada and The Netherlands. 

The debut single Never Ever was one of the biggest songs of 1997 and was a number one hit in the US, UK and Australia and is still one of the most played songs on radio to this day. The gritty and honest break up song was written by the band members and also had one of the most spectacular and memorable videos in pop music history. 

Each track on this album was solid, it was a consistent and memorable piece of pop music history. Bootie Call was dark and sexy and had a gritty black and white music video that complimented the song perfectly. I Know Where It's At one of the party anthems of the album was considered as a first single and would have been a great introduction to the girls but was instead a stand out album track. Heaven, Alone, Take The Key and Trapped took the band in a more urban, hip-hop direction while still retaining their pop slickness. These tracks truly pushed the boundaries of pop music and vocal effects (at the time) and still retain heavy rotation in my music collection today. 

Under The Bridge/Lady Marmalade was released as a double single and saw the band do their first covers and were a commercial and critic success. The videos ran on from each other with Lady Marmalade being a pumping party track and Under The Bridge a soulful and cool swag track that opened the girls up to a whole new audience. These are still two of my favourite videos to this day, the crowded party apartment dancing and going off to Lady Marmalade, to having the apartment rip open its foundations and fall down, and have the girls singing Under The Bridge in the debris mess was inspired. 

When the charity album for the death of Lady Diana in the UK was assembled, All Saints submitted a hauntingly beautiful track War Of Nerves which made the album and was released as a consequent single. The single did not chart too well, but it is definitely worth a listen. The soulful lyrics and sound literally brought me to tears and this is one of the stand out tracks on this album. 

A big issue for me is JAPAN! Why do they get all the good bonus tracks? ? ? Britney, Christina, they all release Japan only tracks and they are usually some of the best!! This was the case with All Saints as well, releasing Let's Get Started (If You Wanna Party) as an official single and accompanying video, this was a song I used to play and hear at parties A LOT and still do to this date. 

A lot of critics have noted that they felt this album lacked personality, but I feel that this album oozes with it, the girls present themselves as a very grainy, serious, down to earth group with depth, which they show through tracks like Take The Key, Trapped, War Of Nerves and Heaven, but they also have a crazy wild side with the party songs Lady Marmalade, Beg, Let's Get Started, I Know Where It's At. 

Overall this album is solid from start to finish, there is rarely a need to skip a song and the combination of Lewis's raspy rapping, Blatt's smooth and sexy vocals and the Appleton's bleating in the background it all comes together and works. This will remain for me one of the best albums in pop music history and the group cemented themselves as my clear and definite favourite of the 90's.

Review by Alaisdair "Arrow" Dewar

You can purchase All Saints via the links below

I Tunes

Google Play

NEWS : Taylor Swift and Gavin DeGraw team up for new single and new music from Justin Timberlake

Taylor Swift and Gavin McGraw have teamed up again, this time for the song Highway Don't Care. You can listen to the song below.

Justin Timberlake premiered 2 new songs at a pre Superbowl party moments ago, the two tracks are completely different from Suit & Tie (to everyone's relief) and you can listen to the two songs exclusively below.

That Girl

Little Pusher, Lover Girl

A - Z Of Pop Music - Albums

We all love pop music here at Novastream, we have a long history with it and sometimes we do not get to review albums that we really love, especially ones from the past that you may not know even exist! This really concerns us so we had to think of a way to remedy it, and we thought the best way was to create a list, an ULTIMATE, BIBLE if you will pop music and start from A and go right through to Z!

How the hell will this work? Each week we will release an album review from an artist or band starting with that letter and do a full album review and let you know WHY you should add this to your collection.

Additionally if you have any ideas about what should be included or want to submit your own review to us please email it through to and include your full name and the review and we can look at posting it for you!

The reviews will start next week and we are so excited to be bringing you the BIBLE of pop music!

NEWS : New Backstreet Boys, Pink chooses new single and X Factor runner up goes solo

This morning a very cocky and anxious Nick Carter from the boy band Backstreet Boys has confirmed that the group have recorded a new album and was able to perform one of the songs to be featured on the upcoming release.

This is the first time that all five have returned to the band with Kevin Richardson finally giving in to pleas from the group and fans. No first single or album title has been announced yet, but we will keep you updated as this comes to light. For now check out the leaked track below

Pink has confirmed her new single will be titled Just Give Me A Reason and feature Nate Ruess, her latest album The Truth About Love is still high up on the aussie Aria charts, you can check out the song below.

X Factor runner up Carly Rose Sonnenclar is not wasting anytime getting back into music and has released her first single post X Factor. The song is called After Tonight There's Trouble and is a shining example of what a raw and amazing talent this girl really is. A lot of fans disputed that she should have taken out the winner's crown, but as Diamond White constantly reminded us, it usually is the runner's up that make it long term. Check out the song below

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NEWS : New Ellie Goulding, Robbie Williams and Beyonce eyes comeback

Hipster Ellie Goulding is back with a follow up to arguably one of the biggest pop songs of 2012 Anything Can Happen, this time around the tracks is called Explosions and it does a pretty good job of showcasing a different side to Goulding both musically and visually. Check out the video below.

Beyonce is gearing up for a mega album and single launch at this year's Superbowl and has released a little teaser video about what her intro could offer. Check it out below

Robbie Williams has officially released his latest single and video titled Be A Boy, not seeing the huge accolades this time around, Williams has managed to craft out a different sound than the current top 40 trends but still found a way to fit in. I have personally found a lot of his stuff has grown on me, so watch the video below (a few times!) and give it a chance.

NEWS - Carly Rae Jepsen aims new single, Bon Jovi celebrates 30 years and Wyclef hits back

Carly Rae Jepsen has confirmed her third single will be Tonight I'm Getting Over You, Jepsen has found it hard to find another hit off her debut album after the roaring success of her debut single Call Me Maybe. Check out the song below

Rocker Bon Jovi released his new video today for his latest single Because We Can, the rock legend is celebrating 30 years in music! Check out the video below

Another blast from the past Wyclef has released his first song since 2009, the track is simply titled "Hip Hop" and the video is said to be released shortly. The single is coming from his highly anticipated self-titled album due out later this year. Check out the track below and let us know your thoughts.

Monday, January 28, 2013

NEWS : Alicia Keys performs new single, Will.I.Am enlists offensive artists for Scream & Shout remix, new BOA

Alicia Keys hit up Jonathan Ross to perform her latest single "Brand New Me" directly from the piano. The song is really beautiful and Keys has recorded a remix of the song for radio.

Will I Am has unnecessarily re-recorded his number one hit Scream & Shout and has enlisted Lil Wayne, Diddy, Flock Flame and Hit-Boy to this urban mix of the song. The rapping is honestly a horrible mess and this song should have just been left alone. Check out the horrible remix below

One of our favourites BOA has been rather quiet lately but do not worry K POP fans She is back with a brand new song and video!
The song titled Disturbance is a beautiful pop ballad and showcases her sweet vocals. Check out the video below


Saturday, January 26, 2013

NEWS : Wiz Khalifali , Ester Dean ft Missy Elliot, I Knew You Were Trouble

Wiz Khalifa has finally released the video for Gone featuring Juicy J, the gritty clip compliments the song in every way. Check out the video below

Ester Dean has teamed up with Missy Elliot for her latest single How You Love It the song is taking things back to old school hip hop and feels very like a Keri Hilson song (not a bad thing!) Check out the song and let us know what you think

Ariel Winter or Alex from the television show Modern Family as you may know her is getting into her music. She has recorded a video cover of I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift. Check out the video below

Friday, January 25, 2013

NEWS - New Kat DeLuna, New Kids On The Block and One Republic

Kat DeLuna has released a new video for her latest single Always On My Mind  the song is your typical De Luna dance track. Check it out below

New Kids On The Block are back with a brand new album and single, the song is called I Like The and an outstanding remix has been posted. Check out this exclusive below

One Republic are still promoting their latest album with a new single If I Lose Myself is the new single and we have the new video to share with you.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

NEWS - Nicole Scherzinger Hot Chelle Rae and Justin Timberlake

Nicole Scherzinger has released the video for her latest single Boomerang, the song is the first since her USA scrapped album Killer Love (that actually did well in the UK and Australia!) and with a Scream & Shout style video, hopefully this single will push her to the top of the charts and raise her profile.

Check out the audio below and we will post the video as soon as we can

Hot Chelle Rae have released a new single "Hung Up" and the song is amazing. The band have really come into their own recently and this single is a great example of that. Check out the song below

Justin Timberlake has released a lyric video for Suit & Tie with Timbaland and Jay-Z, the song has hit number one on the charts but has received mostly negative feedback from critics and a lot of listeners as well. Check out the video below

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

NEWS : T-Boz has a new song and Carrie Underwood has a new video

TLC band member TBoz has started a new reality show and has surprisingly released a new song called "Chamption" the perfectly produced track hits all the right notes and has some great positive lyrics. Check out the song below

Carrie Underwood has released her latest video for "Two Black Cadillacs" The singer has been unusually quiet as of late and has also announced a duet with rock band Aerosmith coming later on this year. Check out the video below

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nicole Scherzinger goes Boomerang, Zak Waters keeps us Runnin Around and Beyonce swears in the Presidentt

Nicole Sherzinger is emulating "Screan & Shout" in her new video Boomerang, a sneak peek has been released. Check it out below

One of our newly discovered favourites Zak Waters has released a new video for his latest single Runnin Around. The video is  well shot and the song is catchy. Check out this great new track below

One of the featured performances at Barack Obama's presidential ceremony was Beyonce. Check out her flawless rendition of the national anthem below

Sunday, January 20, 2013

NEWS : HAIM, Amelia Lilly and new artist Kwanza Jones

HAIM have released the video for their new single "Don't Save Me" the band have really changed up their sound and the basketball inspired video is an odd choice. Check out the video below

Amelia Lilly is riding high off her X Factor success with her latest single "Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)" The song is a weird cross between Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera, it is very catchy. Check out the song below

A new artist for you now Kwanza Jones this trashy urban nicki minaj wannabe is trashy and hot. Check out her low budget video for Superccharged below and let us know your thoughts

Friday, January 18, 2013

NEWS : Ashlee Simpson video premiere, Kelly Rowland new single premiers and Tamar releases her new video

Ashlee Simpson has premiered the video for Bat for A Heart, her latest flop single with home made video that looks like it will be going nowhere fast. Check out the video below

Kelly Rowland keeps churning out the songs desperate for a hit single, unfortunately she keeps releasing flop after flop. This horrible song titled Kisses Down Low is not the best and she should hit up David Guetta and make a party anthem, something that our music industry is lacking at this very point in time. Check it out below

Tamar has released the video for her much anticipated single "Love & War" the sexy and addictive video is the perfect accompaniment to this power ballad. Check out Ms Tamar in the great video below

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NEWS - Nicki Minaj performs live on Ellen and Alexis Jordan tries for another hit

Nicki Minaj hit up Ellen to perform one of her hit songs of The Re-Up titled Freedom, personally it is one of our favourites off the album and is great to see Minaj performing it live. Check it out below

Alexis Jordan is still trying to get another hit song under her belt, this time teaming up with J Cole to perform the song Acid Rain. It is very high energy and has a distinct dubstep sound but oddly this song just doesn't work. Check it out below and let us know what you think

Nicki Minaj also hit up Ellen to talk about her feud with Mariah Carey and what judging American Idol has been like, makes for some interesting viewing! Check it out below

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NEWS : Cascada, Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys

Cascada have moved on from their horrible christmas album and have readied a brand new single due for release in early February. The song is called Glorious and features classic Cascada dance/pop sounds. Check out the track below

Justin Timberlake disappointed the music world by "coming back" with what is arguably the WORST comeback song possibly ever by any artist. The track does not reflect anything that is revolutionary or groundbreaking like he promised and the production by Timbaland does sound like was recorded years ago. Check out the flop fest below

Alicia Keys announces her Girl On Fire world tour. Check out the official announcement by Miss Keys herself

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Girls Alound Doco and Ciara tries a third time

Girls Aloud have released a documentary called "Ten Years At The Top" and thanks to the miracle of You Tube you can view it yourself online! Check out the documentary with gloating girls about how wonderful their "career" has been.

Ciara is preparing for her new album "One Woman Army" and while the album hasn't produced any hits so far with two leading singles, the third single is titled Wake Up, Turn Up and features singer/rapper Future. The track is produced by Mike Will Made It. Check it out below

Friday, January 11, 2013

NEWS - Destiny's Child new track, Ke$ha new video and Justin Timberlake comeback

Destiny's Child are releasing a new album...well sort of...the album titled "Love Songs" features some of their greatest ballads with one new track. The tracks is titled Nuclear and sounds suspiciously like a Solange (Beyonce's little sister) track. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts.

Ke$ha has released the video for her second single off Warrior, the track is titled C'Mon and the video is weird and very Kesha like, which in the world of videos looking similar can only be a good thing. Check out C'Mon below

Justin Timberlake has taken a long break from the music industry, and for good reason. In his own words, what is the point of releasing a song if it's not amazing. Great advice and some people (cough Rihanna) should take heed of this advice. Check out his promo video below

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good Night/Good Morning Update - One Republic and Willow Smith

One Republic are still at the head of their game releasing a new song If I Lose Myself, we are still waiting for an official video, but here is the lyric video. Check it out and let us know what you think

Remember Willow Smith? (Whip My Hair) she is still trying to get a second hit and has released a new song with a completely different sound. The more mature "Sugar & Spice" has been leaked today. Check it out below

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Morning Cup O'News - Nelly Furtado flops back, Leona Lewis goes accoustic

Undoubtedly the biggest flop of 2012 was the failed comeback of Nelly Furtado, the once popular and talented singer teamed up with the wrong people for some truly horrid songs (My Hoops, Parking Lot) selling just 66,000 copies we have to ask ourselves why would she release a third single?

Well she has, and like every other song of late it is horrid. Check out the snooze fest below

Leona Lewis is one of our favourites and she never disappoints with a live performance. Keeping with that she has recorded an accoustic version of the Counting Crows hauntingly beautiful "Colour Blind" Lewis adds her own powerhouse vocals to re-invent this track for 2013 audiences. Check out the awesomeness below

Good Night/Good Morning News Update - Borgore Decisions featuring Miley Cyrus, Bon Jovi and Blue

Borgore Decisions have released a brand new single with the help of Miley Cyrus, it doesn't make a lot of sense the pairing but it actually works really well and is great to see Cyrus back in the game. Check out the video below

There seems to be no stopping Bon Jovi, the band have released a new single titled Because We Can. No official video has been released yet but the song is here for you to listen to in full. Check it out below

British boy band Blue have re-formed and still pumping out the hits, this time through the track Hurt Lovers. The mid tempo pop track is definitely one for fans only, check out the song below

Monday, January 7, 2013

Morning Cup O'News - One Direction, Marcus Canty and Brian McKnight

One Direction keep delivering the hits with the release of their new video Kiss You, the classic green screen video sees the boys going back to the 50's style of movies and riding on bikes and old cars. Girls everywhere are crooning over this, as for the song it is one direction, it sounds like one direction. Check it out below

X Factor Season 1 contestant Marcus Canty has been doing a lot of hard work with his music lately and if this video is any indication it can only mean good things for the USA X Factor singer. The song and video is pure rnb bliss. Check it out below

Keeping up with the rnb theme that seems to be echoing in this morning's news one of our favourites Brian McKnight is back with a beautiful new song titled Sweeter, the melodic rnb anthem is proof once again of the immense talent that this guy brings to the table. If you have never heard McKnight's amazing voice before make sure you press play below! This is something worth listening to!

Good Night/ Good Morning Update - Nelly, Kelly Clarkson and Kylie Minogue

90's rap artist Nelly is still trying to be relevant in today's dub-step market and has released a new song called Hey Porsche. Not sure how we feel about this one, it's a little out of place and showcases how much Nelly just should stick to rapping instead of trying to sing. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

Kelly Clarkson is celebrating gold sales in Australia with the first installment of her Greatest Hits collection. One of the new tracks 'People Like Us' is a grower and we have it all ready for you to listen below.

Kylie Minogue hit up Alan Carr to perform her classic hit "Better The Devil You Know" Celbrating a string of hits and number one singles, Minogue proves she still has what it takes to be a strong contender in the entertainment industry. Check it out below

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Morning Cup O'News - Nicki Minaj hits Vegas for NYE, The Collective debut their first single and Stefano gets the first single for 2013!

Hitting up Las Vegas for NYE hip hop superstar Nicki Minaj had some fun and performed some of her biggest hits. Check out the video blog below.

Australian group The Collective have posted a video for their new single "Surrender" The One Direction wannabe's graduated from X Factor and have gone off to be signed by a record label. Check out the video below

American Idol singer Stefano Langone has released a new single titled "Yes To Love" Check it out below, it is the first official single for 2013!

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