Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stronger With Each Tear - Mary J Blige REVIEW

We are so proud to bring you ANOTHER Novastreamusic exclusive!! A review of Mary J Blige's new album "Stronger With Each Tear" that landed in our hot little hands this evening, after the track leaks (even up to today) we weren't expecting anything too great, after "The Breakthrough" there hasn't been much that can top that album. Fortunately this is a major improvement on "Growing Pains" and Mary delivers a solid album that should make it one of the must have albums of the summer.

"The One" - I'm sure you have all heard this before, has been hored out on the radio and failed to chart decently, this Darkchild produced track has actually really grown on us and we kind of love it now, great way to start the album IMO.

"Tonight" - thie KONVICT produced track takes Mary J to a dancey side that almost sounds like a rnb watered down version of a dance Lady GaGaish track. for me this didnt really work

"Said And Done " - mid tempo track, really taking Mary J back to her rnb, soul roots we are loving this track

"Good Love feat T.I." - so most of you have probably already heard this track, this song is just kind of blah to be honest, doesn't get me going, really just album filler and T.I. rarely makes an impact.

"I Feel Good" - this song is just begging to be played on radio, a really light and breezy feel good song that is really encaptured in the title. Is hte first song on the album where you start to get the feel of what the album is meant to be

"I Am" - I was just waiting for a "Sasha Fierce" reference in this song! but thank god it never came!! This is one of our favourite tracks of the album. This track takes us back to "The Breakthrough" solid gold songs, this song has depth, meaning and you can tell that she put her soul into this track. We LOVE it and is definitely one of the stand-outs.

"Each Tear" - obviously in reference to the albums title, once again Mary J takes us back to her earlier days when her songs where about something, a message, hope, love, strength and the perfect song to follow after "I Am" this rnb bouncy track really carries the album well.

"I Love You" - 3 hot songs in a row! yes yes yes!! a perfect description of love, great beat and vocals from Miss Blige! Not much more to say that definitely don't skip this one

"Hood Love feat. Trey Songz" - there comes a point when you are listening to an album where you ask "why the hell did they put this on here?" this is that point, totally don't get it, great vocal work but song is as plan and boring as a saltine square! snore

"Kitchen" - seeming to follow on from the theme of the last song, "let the piano man play" ahh Brandy much?? first thing that irked me about this song, then it all went REALLY downhill from here, I just dont get this song "never let a girl cook in your kitchen" I dont know if this is a metaphor and if it is what the hell is it for and why? ? WHY MARY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US!!!

"In The Morning" - taking the tone of the album back to a more serious place (thank GOD!) this rnb ballad shows off Mary J's amazing vocal tone and the instruments are very raw and it just seems to work (unlike other certain songs look above!)

"I Can See In Colour" - again taking Mary J to the "raw" place musically and emotionally, this song sees Mary experiment with some different vocal styles very similar to Erykah Badu. Not the perfect album closer this track still serves as a great album track.

Bonus Track "Stronger" - on the first couple of tracks I really didn't get what this song was trying to be, now I totally do and I LOVE it. Amazing ballad, amazing vocals cant really say anymore!

Overall Mary J improves on the "Growing Pains" disaster but is still a far away from "The Breakthrough" perfection, while she has definitely shown growth and maturity this album tends to be a bit all over the shop, I am hoping this will grow on me, with so many albums being released this month my senses could just be on overload but I really hope it does well for her, well she shouldnt have to do a few "re-releases" to sell a few copies *wink wink*



  1. WTF? Growing Pains is every bit the equal of The Breakthrough. Disaster my ass.

  2. Don't let a girl cook in your kitchen is a great metaphore, are you crazy?
    I am not an American and even i understand it. Probably the best catchy song on the cd for me


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