Friday, September 21, 2012

Album review- Truth about love - Pink

A little while ago I said that I felt like Pink had kind of stuck to close to what she knows and needed
to try something new and change it up a little bit, and she finally has done that with this new album.

And now I wish I had never said that at all!

The newest release from Pink really does showcase a wide variety of sub genres that Pink would be
able to step into if she choose to, but it just seems that she is trying to have to many ideas on one
album and as such the overall product is subpar.

You can almost go through the whole album naming the artist that each different song sounds like,
whether it be the Kesha sounding ‘Slut like you’ or the Destiny’s child like ‘where did the beat go’
and for the few songs that don’t fall into the “sounds like someone else” category, well they can get
filed under “sounds so much like one of her old songs its not funny”.

It really just feels like Pink didn’t even try on this album at all, it’s just another album that the label
said she had to do right now and it feels like there is none of the usual energy that, even if you don’t
like her music, you have to admit was at least an always present feature of her songs.

And really the overall lack of energy was the biggest problem I had with the album, there were a few
moments where it picked up a little but no enough. This album is the musical equal to the Lord of
the rings films, some really good moments but a lot of boring go nowhere parts that aren’t worth
waiting through.

The lyrical content on the album doesn’t break any new ground either, choosing to stick to the
things she knows best and taking up being in love, how that can hurt, oh and who could forget,
songs about parties, this is all well and good but I was hoping for some new deeper songs about
being a mother now and maybe even how being a mother and, let’s face it, a pop icon, is a very hard
thing to deal with at the same time, but fingers crossed we get that soon.

There are a few songs that we can only hope get released as singles, because they are the stand outs
as the best songs on the album, the opening track ‘Are we all we are’ is a killer opening track and
I’ll admit did get my hopes up for the rest of the album, ‘the truth about love’ is a fun track with an
old school rockabilly feel that will have people dancing away and while it does have a little bit of
a “stolen from Kesha feel” that isn’t a bad thing and ‘slut like you’ is still a stand out track here.

Review by Trucker



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