Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review - Live while we're young - One direction

Wow now this is just getting sad, not only are the 1D boys so self aware that their fame will fade fast so are selling future shows now while they will sell, they have also worked out they don’t really have much musical credibility and just given up any pretence of talent with this new song.

Live while we’re young is nothing more than a quick million bucks for all involved, it’s just “you don’t know you’re beautiful” pretty much exactly, just different  words and instead of the opening riff being stolen from Grease’s “Summer love’n” , this time it’s been stolen straight from the Clash’s “Should I stay or should I go”.

Now I’m sure this was meant to show respect to a great band, but im pretty sure that the Clash have every right to be annoyed their music has been turned into industry produced pop.

The song will do well though and the boys (or at least their managers) know their target and how to sell to them, but releasing the same thing over and over, so hey if you liked this song the 1st time, you can love it again with different lyrics.

Review by Trucker



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