Sunday, September 23, 2012

Review - 9th inning - Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot’s new rap song Ninth inning Missy Elliot reunited with her musical muse super producer Timbaland
on USStream to announce the iTunes release of her new single “9th Inning”. fans on social media sites, Elliot
explained excitedly that her new tracks will be featured on her new album that is due sometime this year.

“I like to call it theatrical Hip-Hop,” says Elliot. “It’s not the Da Real World all over again, but just the dramatics
of the real world is the feeling that I get from this album.”

Even though this will be Elliot’s first release of an entire body of new material in seven years, Timbaland says
that their timing couldn’t be better. “I think what’s going on right now is the same ol same ol,” “The timing is
right for what we doing right now. We didn’t pick it. It just happened this way.

Social media sites are full of mixed reviews, some say about time we miss you Miss Elliot to others quoting”
the new songs are just like Nicki Minaj” either way, if you’re a fan of Missy Elliot, she won’t disappoint with her latest rap single.

Review by Tracey



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