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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lady GaGa rehearsal footage

EXCLUSIVE Lady Ga Ga performance rehearsal footage before her first "Fame Monster Ball" show!

check it out

Friday, November 27, 2009

I Am Yours...Beyonce special!

I Am Yours Special

watch the special that premiered on ABC in it's entirety and post your comments :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart - Alicia Keys

we are LOVING this song, took awhile to grow, but LOVING IT!, looking forward to "The Element Of Freedom" from Alicia Keys, check out the video below!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Fame Monster - Lady GaGa Competition 24 hours left!!

you only have 24 hours left to get your entries in to win a copy of "The Fame Monster" by Lady GaGa it is the deluxe edition which also includes "The Fame" her last album! You only have 24 hours to email with your entries!! Please include your name and address details so we can mail it out to you

good luck you little monsters!!

The Next Step - more clips...& you could win a signed CD from the boys! !

so it's kinda been a slow day music wise so thought I would post some more clips from Sydney group "The Next Step" we have received alot of positive feedback and messages from the review, we where lucky enough to score an autographed copy of their LP, for your chance to win it email your details to
good luck!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vanessa Amorosi behind the scenes...

Pop princess Vanessa Amorosi gives us a behind the scenes video! check it out below

Monday, November 23, 2009

Let Me Be Me Video

Jessica Mauboy has released her FINAL single from "Been Waiting" album, multi platinum, multi ARIA award nominated, she is really hitting things out of the park lately, she confirms that she is working with Pharrell and Timbaland on her new album! Good luck and we love you xoxo

The Next Step UP!

Saturday night we went to a show at Luna Park, under the Big Top we where there to watch a show called "The Next Step" I had no idea what to expect all I was told that it was a mix of rnb, hip/hop and tap dancing. I had no idea what to expect, as the lights went down and the show started I was immediately a fan. The music (completely original) blew me away, how are these guys not on the charts???? The sets where amazing, the guys dressed sharply in suits but still "street" I was just sitting for the first 20 mins in total shock of how amazingly talented these guys are and their music is just addictive! They have a new single called "Do It On The Dancefloor" which is HOT HOT HOT! ! We will keep you updated with release details, we are waiting on some official photos from "Rocktography" of the night. I never thought I would say this but there guys where better than Britney's show I went to in the same week. and that's saying something!! Anyone who knows me knows I'm addicted to Britney, but I would happily sit throught their show again over hers. Anyway rant over, these guys are an amazing Sydney group, check the video below and support local talent

Jennifer Lopez LIVE @ The AMA's

WOW!! Jlo has definitely been working on her voice! It's AMAZING!! I am so impressed, yes she fell down but honestly it wasn't really that noticeable and she just got back up and kept going, Fierce dancing, great singing, awesome presence!! I am so looking forward to "Love?"

Janet Jackson LIVE @ The AMA's

ok im going to be honest, im probably going to get slaughtered for this, but i was a little disappointed with this performance, I was expecting more, but still good none theless

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another new Beyonce album due next year??

Those of you hoping to get a break from Beyonce-mania are going to have to wait a little longer, with the leading Beyonce fansite B-World reporting that the booty popper is planning on releasing a new studio album next year.
The 28-year-old announced the news at her final London concert, and producer Darkchild also hinted on his Twitter that he was currently penning tunes for the singer.
Beyonce’s last album I Am… Sasha Fierce was released as early as last November and was eventually released in over five different editions, with a whopping eight singles and counting lifted from the album. She also just released a live CD/DVD of her recent shows in Vegas, and will then release yet another DVD of her main I Am… tour.
I think she’s making a wise move in terms of her career because pop stars today are so disposable, and if she takes a minute off somebody could easily come and take her place.
She does however run the risk of becoming overexposed, which many people feel she already is.
Are you ready for more Beyonce, or is it time for her to sit down and have some babies?

Ricki Lee - Idol chat and LIVE performance on Idol finale tonight

Can you pick who is going to win Australian Idol this year?

I actually can’t. And usually I do. Every year, I’ve thought ‘it’s going to be this person’, but this year I actually don’t know – I can’t pick it. The crowd reaction is 50/50. The people I speak to on the street and in media and my friends and family – everyone I talk to, it’s 50/50. And I think this will be one of the closest finals we’ve ever had because there isn’t a favourite – there isn’t someone who stands out above the other.
"People are talking about how amazing Stan’s voice is. But people then will compare Hayley’s performances and her charisma and her energy and how engaging she is. I actually have no idea this year. I would be happy either way because these two have been my favourites from the very beginning."

We've not been shy in saying here on the site that we believe this year's Idol competition is the most lacklustre in the show's seven years on air, but Ricki-Lee disagrees.

"I think it’s been just as strong as every other year. I think we had an incredibly strong year last year with the amazing talent that we had, and I think this year definitely steps up to that and challenges that. I think the final two definitely speak for themselves. I mean, I think Stan’s one of the most amazing voices I’ve heard in a long time. Hayley is an incredible performer and she’s going to be an amazing artist," she says.

But tomorrow night's Idol finale won't just be about the battle between Stan and Hayley - it'll also mark the first time Ricki-Lee has performed at the event as a solo artist - and she's ready to prove what she's made of.

"I am! I’m so pumped – we’ve been in rehearsals all day today and all week this week. The dancers and my choreographer and all the creative guys all getting the performance sorted out. It’s going to be amazing, I can’t wait.
"I think for me it’s a massive achievement five or six years on to be standing there on the steps of the Opera House performing with the Harbour Bridge in the background, and proving to these contestants that if you get out and work hard and you want it enough, it’s doable. I think it’s kinda cool that I’ve spent the whole year mentoring these guys and helping them with their performances and their nerves. But then stepping up on stage in front of them is a little nerve-wracking for me. But they’re really excited as well. They’re going ‘We’ll finally get to see you perform!' It’s going to be incredible."

Ricki is set to sing 'Hear No, See No, Speak No' - the second single to be lifted from her forthcoming album of the same name. In the video clip for the song, revealed last month, she dons a dominatrix outfit and sets herself upon hunky rugby league player Daniel Conn. We ask her if she was tempted to cut off a slice...

"Oh, you know – who wouldn’t!? He was amazing. He was amazing, but because I had to be in the zone, because I had to go to that place where I was angry and have to act all that stuff going on in my head, I had to not be excited about jumping on top of him. I had to be in the zone and to be angry at him and to be looking at him as if I was going to hit him.
"It’s my favourite video I’ve ever done. Just an amazing concept, an amazing idea, the video just looks so incredible. And you know, I got to walk around with a whip and be a dominatrix for a day – it was so much fun."

Friday, November 20, 2009

Louboutins - Jennifer Lopez

Brand new CONFIRMED single from Jennifer Lopez! This is a left-over track from Brandy's "Human" album produced by The Dream & Tricky Stewart. Check it out!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Fame Monster Competition

Do you want to win a copy of Lady GaGa's "The Fame Monster" ???? Send us an email with the subject "He ate my heart, then he ate my brain" to with your name and address details to win! Competition closes 27th November 2009 at 12pm.

good luck :)

Britney Spears LIVE in Sydney!

Well we where absolutely excited to get to attend Britney's Sydney "Circus" tour, I am doing a full review later, but I just saw this on from a fan on a message board and I just HAD to post it, if you are Australian and you are reading this it's just a few things to think about...

"this actually cracks me up. It shows how stupid people really are.

1) it is a well known fact that Britney lip syncs, you arent the first stop this tour and she didnt suddenly start lipsyncing in Australia ( she did it the whole tour) so if you paid for tickets thats your mistake

2) just because the media tears her apart doesnt mean that you have to . Dont be a flippin pawn.

3) Britney may decide not to come back again because people are unappreciative bastards.

4) there are quite literally thousands (potentially millions) of people who wished they could go but couldnt and you are talkin ish"

Janet Jackson Interview

ABC in America just premiered a "Janet Jackson" special, in this interview she talks about losing her brother, her career and not being with Jermaine Dupri anymore, Janet has ALWAYS been my favourite Jackson (sorry Michael fans) Can't wait for her new album! Check out the interview below

Monday, November 16, 2009

Scarless - Paulini

Paulini is back with a track called "Scarless" WOW! This girl is back! Check it out and let us know what you think

Give It Up To Me - Shakira

Shakira releases her second single "Give It Up To Me" honestly I am just disappointed with this album, Shakira could have really brought it but didn't unforunately. Check out the video

Regret feat Missy Elliot

LeToya has just dropped the official remix to her hit single “Regret”, complete with new lyrics, a different beat, and a hot verse by Missy Elliott.
Admittantly I was really disappointed with Letoya's album except for "She Ain't Got" this remix is AWESOME!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Fame Monster is HERE!!!!!

So finally "The Fame Monster" by Lady GaGa has leaked!! here are the new tracks you haven't already heard!


So Happy I Could Die


Speechless - Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa performed at the Museum For Contemporary Art in L.A, the ballad was written for her dad, is such a beautiful different side of GaGa totally loving it

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rhianna's "Rated R" review...

So we have been so lucky to get our mitts on a copy of Rhianna's latest album. After hearing Wait Your Turn, Russian Roulette and Hard I wasn't expecting to be wowed. I will say upfront I am pleasantly surprised that I really like the album.
1) Mad House - simply serves as an intro track, very carnival, "welcome to the mad house" by a creepy voice, the intro goes for 1:30 and definitely sets the mood for the rest of the album.

2) Wait Your Turn - most of you would have heard this song by now, I can't help but picture a bad eye-patch when i hear this song, but it has a solid beat.

3) Hard (featuring Young Jeezy) - the second single from the album, this should definitely be one for the dance floors, has a thumping bass line and shows us Rhianna's new "hard" side to music and life

4) Stupid In Love - no guesses who this is about, this ballad is very "Take A Bow" and clearly sends the message about Rhianna's feelings about the Chris Brown situation

5) Rockstar 101 (featuring Slash) - possibly 1 out of 2 songs I will probably skip when I listen to the album, nothing but filler here, this said it could grow on me. Is a very "look at me im hard, rock and edgy" but fails to actually deliver a good song.

6) Russian Roulette - ok so when I first heard this song I nearly vomited, why would Rhianna release a ballad for her first single??? After several listens though I am completely in love, is a great track, most of you would have heard it by now, has an amazing bass line and is very r&b, epic ballad.

7) Fire Bomb - this song surprised me, think 80's rock, pop made for a movie. It's a very radio friendly mid-tempo song, that just seems a bit "blah" for this album

8) Rude Boy - totally LOVING this track, definitely a "summer hit" one to dance to and will probably soon be in 90210 or Gossip Girl at a summer beach party scene, this aside reminds me alot of "Pon De Replay" this is DEFINITELY a track to check out

9) Photographs (feat Will.I.Am) - so I was totally in shock when I heard this song, was expecting something very Black Eyed Peas, this mid-tempo ballad is a great surprise on the album and something very different for WillIAm.

10) G4L - I think this is meant to be "Guns 4 Life" is a VERY dark track, totally takes Rhianna to a different, dark place. This track scared me to be honest, I actually got to fear for Rhianna's life, I know it sounds dramatic but this track is dark and very creepy.

11) Te Amo - obviously going back to her roots, is a very laid back "Island Life' track honestly for a white Australia this track meant nothing to me...NEXT

12) Cold Case Love - great track! Starts off as a beautiful Rhianna ballad, then just transforms into this electro/pop track, is truly brilliant! End of the track features some great beat-boxing very Justin Timberlake style.

13) The Last Song - pretty self-explanatory, sounds just like album filler.

Overall Rhianna takes her music to a new, dark, exciting place that I am really excited about. Good Girl Gone Bad was a bit too poppy, this has more edge and a rnb depth that I really love.

Russian Roulette - Rhianna video

Ok so being honest when I first heard this song I wanted to throw up, I couldnt believe it was chosen as a first single off an album that was supposed to be hot, I guess Im kind of holding a gruge as I think she is milking this Chris Brown thing way too much instead of having actual talent, that aside, I got hold of "Rated R" yesterday and I must say it's a solid effort. The album has some amazing tracks on it (full review up soon) and this song has really grown on me. Check out the video from Rhianna's "Russian Roulette"

Friday, November 13, 2009

Paulini update....

Remember Paulini? Always my FAVOURITE of all idol contestants, had a successful first album, released a second album, didnt do too well, joined Young Divas then left and has been hard as work recording ever since. Paulini has been working with Paul Mac and Cindy Ryan on her new stuff, she took to her twitter today to write this
"I had the most amazing day,just finished my video clip so excited,its a song close to my heart & i hope ya'll like it....bless u all.xo,p.."

can't wait to hear it Paulini! More details soon

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beyonce feat. Lady GaGa - Video Phone

Not to be confused with Lady GaGa's "telephone" Beyonce releases her new remix of "Video Phone" featuring Lady GaGa, check it out below, review up later

Lady GaGa feat. Beyonce - Telephone

ok so it just premiered! the next single off "the Fame Monster" Telephone feat. Beyonce!check it out and let us know what u think. review up soon

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sugababes single #3

Sugababes are set to release their 3rd single "Wear My Kiss", the album Sweet 7 has been delayed till March 2010 at this stage, hope momentum for the release is still going by then. who knows what they will do with the tracks between now and then. let us know what u think.

Alexndra Burke - Broken Heels

Alexandra Burke is readying her second single "Broken Heels" its a RedOne produced track, let us know what you think

Heard Em All - Amerie LIVE on Jimmy Kimmel

RNB Singer Amerie performed "Heard Em All" live on Jimmy Kimmel the other night, finally some more promotion from her album "In Love & War" (review up soon!) We are in love with this track and with this singer, the album isn't doing too well in its first week of sales but lets hope things pick up!

Alejandro - Lady Gaga

The Haus Of GaGa just doesnt stop! The premiere of "Bad Romance" is still trending on twitter 1 day later, reactions to the video have been phenomenal! This morning we get the proper finished version of "Alejandro" this is set to be a single off "The Fame Monster" and we love it already!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bad Romance Video - Lady GaGa

Well in the words of Rhianna "the wait is over!" but not for Ms.Fenty, for Lady GaGa's video for "Bad Romance" the only words i can think to say is WOW! She just keeps one-upping herself and this clip shows it! This is probably some of her best work! You can tell the director completely gets the "Fame Monster" concept. Check it out below

Jessica Mauboy news

Jessica Mauboy is set to release the 6th and final song off her album "Been Waiting" wow! What an incredible year this girl has had! Amazing album and so happy that she is doing well. We decided to add Jessica's live performance of "Burn" at Australian Idol final last year.

She Got Me - Nelly

Remember Nelly? The famous rapper/singer who skyrocketed to fame with "Dilemma" with Kelly Rowland still a HOT HOT song. Nelly is hard at work on his comeback album, this cut leaked today "She Got Me" has a VERY radio friendly vibe and the chorus is VERY 80's, imagine this will be a great summer hit! Check it out below

Monday, November 9, 2009

JoJo - Back Words & Safe With Me

2 new songs leaked from JoJo today. She is getting ready to release her new album "All I Want Is Everything" despite the album being ready to go for over a year, she has headed back to the studio to record some new material for it. Check it out below

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cool Wit You - Craig David

Remember Craig David? his debut album "Born To Do It" set new heights for RNB music and was a international success. He has been in the studio recording some new tracks, check this one out!

New Leighton Meester & Robin Thicke Video

so the video has FINALLY just been released for Leighton Meester's debut single with Robin Thicke, "Somebody To Love" loving this video! The director really got the chemistry between these two. Let us know what you think

Photos from Britney's "Circus" tour in Perth

Thanks to Team-Britney for these photos! Taken from Miss Spears's first ever tour Down Under! These where taken at Britney's Perth show, next Britney heads to Melbourne!

Dance In The Dark - Lady GaGa

New leak by Lady Ga Ga from "The Fame Monster" it is great, we are loving it. Let us know your thoughts

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Statement from Britney's Australian Publicists.

The media circus surrounding Britney Spears' first ever tour of Australia is in full swing, with many media outlets savaging the performer's first Australian concert in Perth. websites along with The Australian website were reporting that many fans had left the concert in disgust, some within a few songs of the concert beginning.
Britney's Australian publicists have tonight issued this statement about the reports;

"Burswood Entertainment Complex is proud to host the Britney Spears 'Circus' concert tour in Burswood Dome.
Last night's concert (Friday) saw record crowds turn out for her first performance in Perth and from Burswood's perspective the event was a huge success. Early media reports that hundreds of fans left the concert early cannot be substantiated and Burswood has received no complaints about the concert."

They also cite hundreds of excitable fan posts from Britney's official website, her Twitter page and other Britney-related sites, all praising Britney's first Australian show.
The performer's second Perth show is due to get underway within a few hours. She next heads for Melbourne.

Britney Spears in Australia...

ok so we don't like celebrity trash stories on here, but I feel like I have to post this. Read this article first from the Daily Telegraph

As a MAJOR Britney fan, and have been since '99, she is FINALLY coming to Australia to tour, personally I don't care if she sings live, mimes, or just stands on the stage and waves, the fact the she is here and going around the country for a month is enough for me. Seeing clips of "The Circus" it looks amazing and I am so excited about going to see it. To the journalists in Australia criticising Britney, let's hook you up in the air and see how you sing live...get over your small minded Australian tall poppy syndrome rock show crap and get over it! If you don't want to review a Britney concert give it to other journalists who wouldnt lie about "fans leaving the concert due to miming" and would give a fair perspective on things. 

Well that's our rant (for now!) we will be doing our own Britney Spears Circus review when she hits Sydney in 2 weeks to entertain us :)

Jennifer Lopez aka Lola update

Following the release of Jennifer Lopez's Pitbull-featured buzz single "Fresh Out The Oven"  the announcement that she will be performing at the 2009 American Music Awards comes the inevitable news of her first official single off Love?, which is due in January. The song is called "Louboutins" & was produced by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart.

2009 MTV EMA Awards

So the 2009 MTV EMA Awards have been and gone and surrounded in millions of disappointed fans. The music video for the highly anticipated "Video Phone" by Beyonce and LadyGaGa was due to premiere after the awards, but due to the newscast of a national disaster, the video has been set to premiere later in November. See the performances below

Beyonce - Sweet Dreams

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lady Ga Ga on 106 & Park

I LOVE this interview, it strips back all the crazy outfits, the music, the front and shows that behind Lady GaGa is one extremely talented woman who has changed the music industry. Lady GaGa is the first artist to have 4 number #1 singles off a debut album (we are hoping maybe 5 with "Bad Romance") check out the interview below and don't forget "The Fame Monster" hits stores 27/11/09

Find more videos like this on The Celebrity Network

Find more videos like this on The Celebrity Network

Find more videos like this on The Celebrity Network

Amerie performing "Heard Em All" live on The Wendy Williams Show

This is the first live performance from the "In Love & War" album, honestly we are just loving this album at the moment, it shows that true rnb talent still exists, the album challenges the rnb rulebook and creates something amazing. We hope this album does big things for Amerie. check out the live performance below

Wait Your Turn - Rihanna

the video for Rhianna's "Wait Your Turn" single premiered last night. Check it out, let us know what you think.

Up Down - Jessica Mauboy video clip

Check out the video for Jessica Mauboy's latest single "Up/Down" was filmed in L.A and is FANTASTIC!check it out

Monday, November 2, 2009

new Rhianna song AGAIN!!

Well they are coming out fast now! another Rhianna song that sounds like this could be finally be a good track! check it out and let us know what you think.
Rhianna's "Rated R" LP is due to his stores next month...

Britney is headed to Australia!!!

Britney Spears is set to arrive in Australia tomorrow morning!! This pic was her spotted leaving LAX this morning!! HOW EXCITING! We will be bringing the latest Aussie Britney news and pics as they arise and we are excited about going to her Sydney shows! More info to come

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whitney Houston was interviewed by Molly Meldrum on Channel 7's Sunday Night, check it out below, we are loving her right now

Lady GaGa makes history!

Lady GaGa's 4th single "Paparazzi" just hit number one on the Billboard Pop Songs chart (Top 40 Mainstream)! This means that it's currently the hottest pop song on the radio!

This also makes Lady GaGa the only artist in the charts' history to collect 4 consecutive #1's off a debut album!
Congratulations to the Haus of GaGa, keep pumping out the hits we love you!

Kelly Clarkson Tour 2010

FINALLY!! The tour we have been waiting for! Kelly Clarkson will tour Australia in March 2010! Check out the dates below, will post more info when it comes to hand

April 13 : Brisbane (Entertainment Centre)
April 15 : Newcastle (Entertainment Centre)
April 17 : Sydney (Acer Arena)
April 19 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena)
April 22 : Perth (Challenge Stadium)

Hugh Sheridan - All About Me

Packed To The Rafters star Hugh Sheridan has released the video for his debut single "All About Me" great rock/pop song, it's good to see some great local talent popping up this year. The video is very interesting, reminds us a bit of J-May-Boo (Jessica Mauboy) "Been Waiting" but still hope this song does big things for Hugh

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