Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Truckers Weekly Rant - Autotune

Now I know this might get a bit of backlash, but I just feel it is about time someone said this, IF YOU CAN’T SING DONT JUST USE AUTO TUNE!

Now I don’t mind auto tune at all, it is/was a different sound and when used with other vocals as a layer or just in part of a song then it can work really well and make a song more interesting, but when it’s all that you use for every single song you make, then it starts to get boring and makes me think “wait can this artist even sing without it?”

Now this is the part that may bring in some haters, but it is also the part that got me onto this little rant.
Who the hell is Kesha trying to fool with her new little teaser of her singing her new song on a train in Tokyo? The teaser is meant to be her singing the song out loud while listening to it through headphones, but the voice that we can hear isn’t what is coming from her lips because it is still auto tuned. Now is it just me or does that just scream “I can’t really sing at all”? Or does Kesha think that little of her fans that she thinks they will believe that is really her singing voice?

Either of those answers make it very clear that the girl should have auto tune taken away from her and made release a song without it, if she still does well with that song then she may have auto tune back and if the song does badly then it will speak for itself and Kesha will fade away.

And well the same should go for anyone that abuses the right to use auto tune, in the modern world of music where so many people do try to, and I think with that way of thinking in mind we could fix music up a bit but getting rid of some of the imposters.



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