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Friday, August 31, 2012


After several successful singles including Raining Diamonds, Do It Like that and Crazy, Ricki Lee has finally released her highly anticipated album Fear And Freedom.

The expectations where high for this album after such solid singles and with great chart performance if Ricki Lee delivered anything less than stellar it was going to lead to disastrous results. The great news is that this album is not only more than stellar, it recreates and redefines Aussie pop music for a new generation.

Fear & Freedom feels like a new era for the Aussie songbird as she explores new sounds that we would come to expect from Beyonce or Lady GaGa, Ricki Lee twists and bends these contemporary pop/dance/dub step sounds and makes them her own, in a way that I have not seen for a while.

The first track Human is the kind of raw and emotional track that Ricki' previous albums have been missing. You can tell that this was written by Ricki, and just like every other track on the album it is!

Raining Diamonds is the dance track that introduced us to the new Ricki Lee and made us fall in love with her all over again, this is still a song I can never skip on the album. The next three songs Burn It Down, Do It Like That and Crazy are all a warm up to some of the best Aussie pop/dance songs ever produced.

One the Floor is hands down the stand out track on this album. I am going to make a big call and say that it is actually better than Jennifer Lopez/Pitbull's track of the same name. Let me tell you why, the lyrics create the perfect party track, incredible production from Pizzinga fuse Lady GaGa and Ricki-Lee's own sound together to create the perfect party track.

Keeping with the party sound I Feel Love starts off with a sweet, melodic sound and builds to a thumping party crescendo with production by Rob Rox, this is another highlight.

Never Let Go and World Disappears are also hard thumping party anthems that compliment Ricki-Lee's incredible vocal ability, which is shown on her growth in this album.

The final track Bombshell is the icing on the cake, this sweet and vulnerable dance track reads as a cleverly crafted love letter. An obvious expression of her current relationship and feelings about love and progression, this is the perfect way to end a flawless album.

Ricki Lee has come a long way since Australian Idol, and in this album Fear And Freedom she has not only crafted the perfect pop gem, but cemented herself as one of the heavyweights of the Australian music industry. No hater can argue with the outstanding quality of this album and this artists incredible progression.

Fear And Freedom is available on I-Tunes and in stores now

Review by Alaisdair Dewar

Monday, August 27, 2012

Review- Muse- what is this "Madness"

OMG Muse rare using synths and have made a dubstep song and it’s like going to be so good cos like Muse are like so amazing!

These are the rambles coming from almost every teenager that listens to triple J that doesn’t have a clue that there is more to dubstep than wobble bass.

This song is the most boring and self indulgent thing I have heard in a long time, almost 4 minutes on the same wobble bass line and drum beat with Mat Belemy’s haunting vocals over the top and really that is about all there is to this song.

There isn’t anything that drags this song into the world of interesting music at all, even the guitar solo is rubbish, leaving a terrible tone on the guitar and the solo itself making it sound like he still didn’t know how to play it the day of recording.

I guess if the only reason you listen to Muse is for Mat’s voice and nothing else then this is for you, but for those that expect a little more from the boys then you will be left disappointed.

Review by Ben Hermon

News- Usher, Evermore & Madonna

Usher has unveiled the video clip to his new song “dive”, the latest single off his album “Looking 4 myself.”

Evermore have also released their official video for their single “follow the sun” off the album of the same name.

Madonna has issued a video apologising to her Australian fans for the cancellation of the Australian leg of her MDNA tour. The singer was due to touch down in January, however many fans were left disappointed when she cancelled. Now many are questioning how genuine her apology actually is, see the video here:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

News- One direction

Good news for One direction fans, the pop group have released the title of their highly anticipated new single, the first one off their second album. “Live while we’re young" is set for release on October 1st with the album following in November. The song is already available for pre-order on ITunes.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Review- Jacob Butler UKOK

Dreams can come true it would seem, risking it all and moving to the UK with dreams of making it big didn’t go to well for Jacob, but after moving back to Australia Jacob’s music dreams have come true.
 “UK o.k.,” is a song about him trying to live out his dreams and finally making it to where he wants to be, it’s fun and catchy as hell (the chorus will be stuck in my head all day), it’s a smart blend of UK poprock  with straight up rock and roll.
This song is sure to have people everywhere singing along and just shows us that you can make it if you try hard and that there is nothing but big things in Jacob’s future.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Miss U - Aaliyah

The tribute video that had fans and people everywhere, the intro by DMX still brings tears to my eyes to this day. The song was set to be a bonus track on her Aaliyah re-release album.
The video features pics and clips from her career and features appearances from celebrity friends.

Aaliyah remembered 25.08.01

It has now been 11 years since the music industry lost one of the hottest rnb up and comers. Aaliyah "Babygirl" Haughton was tragically killed in a small plane accident off the coast of the Bahamas after filming her legendary music video for Rock The Boat.

Nurtured by industry heavyweights R.Kelly, Timbaland and Missy Elliot, Aaliyah had an extremely bright future ahead of her, two successful albums, a hit movie and a industry buzz that is so rare to find these days in rnb music.

Now it is 11 years on and her music still feels fresh and the sound that eminated from her self-titled album still calls out to fans year after year for its brilliance and innovative sound. Here at Novastreamusic we support artists like Aaliyah, ones who work hard, create something new and fresh and have an amazing talent. Babygirl you are long gone but NEVER forgotten.

Today we will be posting up videos, songs and pics of the late, great Aaliyah in remembrance.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

News! Vannessa Amorosi, The script, Alicial Keys & b.o.b

Vanessa Amorosi has left Universal after a six year run. It is not clear what this means for her unreleased album V, which was already pushed back.
The Script have released an official video for their new song “Hall of fame” feat. The song is the first single off their new album titled “#3”, set to be released on October 9th, with pre-ordering now available.

Alicia Keys has revealed the album cover for “girl on fire”. The Album itself will be released on November 27th with Alicia set to reveal her debut single at the MTV music awards on September 6th.

B.o.B has released the music video for his new song “Out of my mind” feat. Niki Minaj, check it out bellow.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Truckers weekly rant- Mumford and sons

It seems that every man and his dog will leap to defend the band Mumford and sons, and you know something I can’t for the life of me work out why.

It is a mystery to me how a band, that lets face it are average at best, has gotten themself such a following and fan base with so much passion that they will fight to the death to defend them.

Let’s look at the facts here people ‘Little lion man’ or whatever the hell it was called wasn’t a good song, triple J just plugged the hell out of it at a time where every band sounded like that already. Sure it was good when you look at it against the other bands, but hell that isn’t that hard.

Any band can do what they do, all their songs are the same, play little riff, verse made up of held chords and half spoken half sung lyrics, up beat chorus, repeat and hey why don’t we throw in something like a banjo because that’s so hard/never been done before and will give people something to say makes us better than other bands.

Man I bloody love Yellowcard, but if one person ever told me that the reason that they are good is because they are a punk band with a violin, I would punch them in their stupid face, the band is just a good band that happens to have a violin and if they couldn’t write good songs they would still suck even with violins.

Furthermore a folk band should have a Banjo, so it’s not that big a deal! A punk band with a violin is new (well was) but a folk band with a banjo is just the natural order for that style of music.

Now I’m not saying these guys should make music, they aren’t that talentless, what I am saying though is that they are over hyped and shouldn’t be, anyone can do it, they aren’t breaking new ground and the bottom line is they only got so far because the field they stepped into wasn’t filled with much competition.

Kelly Clarkson- Get up

So we will be hearing a lot of songs in this same vein, it would seem. Pepsie are doing a cross promotion with the NFL, getting pop and rap artists to record songs about their home states football team.

The first of this I have come across is Kelly Clarkson’s Get up (a cowboys anthem), a fun dance inspired track that, while I’m not exactly sure something that a beer drinking football loving male will like, their wives and girlfriends who are stuck watching the game will sure love it.

I can’t wait to see what other songs come out of this and how well the whole thing plays out, but if Kelly’s song is anything to go by it should good.

News, Talyor Swift, Muse and Evermore

Taylor swift is set to unveil a new song off her upcoming album “Red”. Taylor is set to perform it at the MTV music awards on September 6. Other artist who will be performing at the event include Greenday, Pink, Alicia Keys and One direction.
Swifts album will be released on the 22nd of October with her single “we are never ever getting back together” reaching no. 1 on the billboard top 100.
Muse has premiered it’s new song “Madness”, off its upcoming album 2nd law, on the 20th of August. The album is set to be release on October 1st with pre-ordering now available.
Evermore is set to release a new song off its upcoming album “follow the sun.” The song, of the same name, is set to be released tomorrow, August 24 on Itunes. The album itself is set to be released on October 12.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Leona Lewis – ‘Trouble ft. Childish Gambino

Check out the new song from Leona Lewis with the one and only Childish Gambino AKA Donald Glove AKA Troy from Comunity. It's an awesome track to showcase Leona's vocal talents and Gambino's verse at the end shows that he is going nowhere but up.

Mariah Carey - Triumphant (Get 'Em) ft. Rick Ross, Meek Mill

Some new songs and filmclips today for you to view and fall in love with (or not like at all its up to you), reviews for them will be up soon I promise, until then enjoy

so 1st off here is the clip for Mariah Carey ft. Rick Ross, Meek Mill it is call Triumphant (Get 'Em) , tell us what you think

Sunday, August 19, 2012

VIDEO I Was Here - Beyonce

Beyonce is still rolling out the hits from 2011's critically acclaimed 4 album. The latest single is in support of World Humanitarian Day. The clip is filmed live and features some beautiful images and graphics of Mrs Jay-Z and some Humanitarian Aid clips.

Check out the video below

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dancing With A Broken Heart VIDEO - Delta Goodrem

The Aussie pop songstress is back with the video to her mis-guided second single "Dancing With A Broken Heart" Funnily enough this song has not ripped up the charts or had any kind of impact, other than to produce a self-indulgent video that is as boring and unoriginal as the song itself.

This song is a perfect example of when an artist tries to move their music towards the current music trend when they don’t really belong in that style at all.

Delta’s new song dancing with a broken heart doesn’t really work, her voice just does not suit this style of music . She is trying use electronic and even radio friendly dubstep at times, this just isn’t the style this girl was born for.

Couldn’t she maybe just go back to the days of old, you know just her and a piano, and bring us a new round of heartfelt ballads like she used to? Or are we now stuck with a Delta that thinks that she is just like everyone else and sounds like a B grade example of current musical trends?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

We Are Never Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is changing gears from country to a more mainstream pop sound. Equipped with skippy guitars and a hot beat which her sexy and sweet vocals cruise across, Swift should see some pop crossover success. Check out the hot song below!

Put It Down - Brandy feat. Chris Brown

Brandy is set to make her comeback with the release of her first single and video "Put It Down", the sound features rnb singer Chris Brown. The song is shallow and un-interesting, it feels like Brandy has bended to the will of the current industry, instead of making something her own.

The video is ok, Brandy looks a little out of practise, but after an extended absence from the industry it is not that surprising. Check out the train wreck below

Happy Birthdays and news

First of all a very happy birthday to Ryan Lawler, one of novastreamovies site coordinator.
Now to the news,
Taylor Swift has confirmed news of her new album, “Red”, to be officially released on October 22nd. This album contains 16 tracks, featuring collaborations with several artists, producers and song writers.
Album pre-sale dates will be released in the coming weeks.
 Alicia Key’s has revealed the title of her new album. “Girl on fire” does not have a release date as of yet but watch this space.
Pink has also released some promo shots to promote her new album “Truth about love”. This new album will include collaboration with Eminem. The album is set for release on September 18th.

Relaunch podcast!!!

Here is our latest podcast! This week we talk about the re-launch of our websites, another True Blood with Toddles and a Big Brother Australia update!

You can listen below or download via iTunes.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New record for Carly

The news is out, the beautiful Carly Rae Jepsen has set a new record for the longest time spent at number one on the Billboard top 100 charts.
Nine weeks at number one is the new record, stealing the title from a very big name, the one and only Goyte who had held it for eight consecutive weeks.
Where can the girl go from here? Well with her new Album “Kiss” dropping on September 18th we can assume the only way is up.


So this is novastreammusic’s big new launch!!! A whole day late I know and people I really am sorry about that but it couldn’t be helped, my computer had died.
So what’s new I hear you ask?
Well my answer to that is, what do you want?
We want to know what you want from us, more rock, more dance.
Let us know and we will do our best to get it for you.
So the other thing that is new to the site I guess would be me, so I guess now is a good a time as any to tell you who I am and a little about myself.
My name is Ben “Trucker” Hermon , a 23 year old Newcastle resident.
I spend most of my time listening to music, writing about music and writing music and the rest of the time reading comic books, you may have seen some of my reviews on this site before and well now I am the one running the show.
So that is it from me for now, I hope that I can do you all proud and we can make this site the best that it can be.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

No Doubt Realease Album Cover for "Push and Shove"

With the killer new track “Settle Down” already out in the world, letting us know that No Doubt are back and mean business, the crew have given us another little taste of what is on its way by releasing the cover for their new album.
If the awesome cover and 1st track are anything to go by then this album looks like it with be something to keep an eye on and we will be hearing a lot of.
The album "push and shove" will be released on the 25th of September this year

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

JLO Tour

Well if this isn't the strangest news to wake up to this morning, I don't know what is! JLO has confirmed dates for her Dance Again tour to come to Australia! That's right, the lip synching diva will hit our shores later this year! 

The tour is heavy on the hits, so will feature tracks that have made her famous, including 'Waiting For Tonight', her break-out hit 'If You Had My Love', 'Let's Get Loud' and newer tracks including 'Dance Again' and 'On The Floor'.

Pre-sale kicks off next Thursday (August 16), with tickets on sale to the general public from Tuesday August 21.

December 06 : Perth (Perth Arena)
December 09 : Adelaide (Entertainment Centre)
December 11 : Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena)
December 14 : Sydney (Allphones Arena)
December 18 : Brisbane (Entertainment Centre)

Cosmo Jarvis Podcast

Here it is! We sat down for a chat with the amazing Cosmo Jarvis!

You can listen to the podcast below (beware this one is an hour long!) or you can download via this link in iTunes.

Podcast host Alaisdair Dewar @alaisdair

Guests Ryan L @ryanL , Josh @surfingsherlock

Special Guest Cosmo Jarvis

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Timomatic album coming soon!

It has been a massive year for Australia's newest pop sensation Timomatic, with hit singles and appearances O'Matic is gearing up to release his first self titled solo album.

The release date for Australia will be Friday August 24!

Check out the tracklisting below

01. Can You Feel It
02. If Looks Could Kill
03. Explode
04. Moment
05. Incredible
06. Set It Off
07. Satellites
08. Ayo
09. Get To Know You
10. Give Me Your Love
11. Trust
12. On My Mind
13. Rest Of Our Lives

Lady GaGa gives title for new album

Controversial pop star Lady GaGa has revealed the name of her upcoming third album via a tattoo on her arm, simply titled "Artpop"

Let's hope the album lives up to the "hype" after the disappointing "Born This Way" effort

Further details of the album will be released as they come to light...

Enough Said - Drake feat. Aaliyah

Rnb vocalist Drake has sampled some Aaliyah vocals on his new controversial track "Enough Said", the singer has outraged fans by not using Timbaland or Missy as production or featured on the song.

Aaliyah fans everywhere are outraged at the blatant dis-respect for her legacy and not using Timbaland to assist with the track. Timbaland said "” The record should go to charity, like Aaliyah would like, and I with Missy should be part of the project”.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Triumphant (Get Em) - Mariah Carey feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill

The queen of RNB music is back! Mariah Carey is back in full force with a new single Triumphant featuring rappers Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Although it is more like a Rick Ross track featuring Mariah Carey. This should definitely only be a buzz single as it is lacking in "lead single" punch, especially for a Mariah record.

Check out the track below

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dancing With A Broken Heart - Delta Goodrem

Oh Delta! Why????? WHY!!!! Delta's latest single "Dancing With A Broken Heart" is a sad and misguided attempt to cash in on the dance craze that is happening at the moment. Sorry Delta you should stick to what you are good at honey! This horrible mess hopefully does not represent what is upcoming on her new album. Check out the monstrosity below

As Long As You Love Me - Justin Bieber (feat Big.Sean)

Justin Bieber has released the second single off his latest album Believe, enlisting rapper Big Sean to assist with the cinematically epic video. Check out the latest offering below


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