Saturday, September 8, 2012

Trucker's weekly rant- One direction at the Beatles

I have read so many times now something that makes my blood boil, my skin crawl and makes me feel ill.
One Direction being compared to the Beatles

You know something that’s a lie, it’s slander and it’s just plain bloody wrong!!

How can anyone compare one of the greats in rock/pop music to a group of boys that got thrown together and told sing this and play this.

Yes sure if you look at it I am pretty sure the Beatles got told not to swear, but they didn’t have their personalities mapped out for them.

I don’t even get it, how are the two groups even close to being compared ? Is it the fan devotion?

Well that’s not even close to the same, the beatles had fans of all demographics, one direction have a group of 6-16 year old girls that don’t even understand why they are in love with the group.

There are some forces at work here that are carefully crafting the groups whole career and marketing the whole thing in every way they can, one boy in the group does the wrong thing and this whole package will fail and people will be out a lot of money at the record label.

You know who this band should be compared to The Monkeys , a group that got created , told how to act, and didn’t write their own songs , because that’s all these guys are , another record label puppet that due to clever marketing will make money.  



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