Sunday, October 28, 2012

Truckers Weekly Rant - My Chemical Romance

Let me start off by explaining what is happening here so that everyone is up to speed.

Somewhere between recording The Black Parade and Danger Days, My Chemical Romance went and recorded an album called Conventional Weapons, but when it was almost finished something felt wrong to them and they didn’t release it and recorded Danger Days instead and released it.
Now they are releasing the songs off that missing album two tracks  a month at a time with the first of those being released this week.

Now that you know whats going lets talk about the songs

Boy Division and Tomorrow’s money are without a doubt some of the coolest tracks that My  Chemical Romance have given us in a long time.

Striped back and straight up rock and roll, everything that MCR started as packed into just two songs.
Gerard Way’s voice is raw and edgy and just makes every word that comes out of his mouth the coolest statements you will ever hear no matter what it is.

The question that now needs to be asked is, “why the hell was this never released?”

The easiest answer would seem to be that, unlike the tracks on Danger Days, the songs so far don’t seem to radio friendly and wouldn’t have kept them in the spotlight, but only time and hearing the rest of the songs will tell with that.

These tracks will never be on mainstream radio and will not be loved by everyone, but fans of their older stuff will love the trow back to their roots.



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