Monday, October 1, 2012

Review- Die young - Kesha

Kesha has a new offering to the music world in the form of “die young”. The first single debuted from her upcoming album “Warrior” set for release on December 4.

But is the song good? Well yes and no, it is definitely an improvement of other smash hits she has had but is that anything to boast about?

There are some amazing parts to this song, I love the electro introduction and the chorus is certainly catchy and I’m sure I will be humming it for a while. I think the disappointing thing is how promising this song until she ruined it by being Kesha.

Let me be clear, I am not trying to insult Kesha as a person, but a staple of her music is an irritating trait I have dubbed sing talking, that is, talking into a microphone and passing it off as music. She almost made it an entire minute without using this technique. The sad thing is I know songs where know this is used well, hell look at most rap songs, but her voice just makes it all the more grating.

All in all yes it is an OK song which I think I will prefer hearing once it has been mixed into a dance track that eliminates that one crucial flaw. 

Review by Laura Smith



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