Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NEWS - Greenday push a new video, Jade Smith cashes in on his family name and 90's girl Mya is attempting a comeback?

GreenDay have released a new video for the upcoming Twilight sequel Breaking Dawn Part 2. Fans of the band will probably hate this, but the video is shot quite well and the song is a winner so check it out below (waits for Trucker to send a rant!).

Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith, brother of Willow and son of Jada Pinkett) is holding his name to the music game now. Recording a song with Justin Bieber titled Love Me Like You Do. Check it out below

90s rnb star Mya has been hard at work trying to get a single to chart and get noticed again. Previously here efforts have been abismal but fortunately this song seems to hit the right chords. Check out Take Him Out below.



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