Monday, October 22, 2012

Trucker's Rant is BACK!

Its time to take aim and fire here people.
I have been busy writing up all the nice things that need to be said and done to get things moving in other areas but I am angry and need to get some of that anger out into the world.
And so here it is people the Chris Brown and Rhianna rant....

That is the point people, why do we care?
Now I don’t know all the details on what is happening right now, last I heard was that they were getting married (but that could be wrong), if this is true then good for them.
Ok then let me go from here to say that there is no question here, what Chris did is wrong, there is no reason at all, ever, to hit a women in anyway and any and all punishments that the law deemed fit for him were all deserved, but that is where this matter should have been left, in the courts of law.
There is a lot that I want to cover on this topic so I will lay this down in points.

1.     Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? – while what he did was wrong, has he done this more than once? No this is the 1st and only time this has happened (yes and i know this is a “that we know of” moment) but still it hasn’t happened, if we found out that Chris came home after every show and beat her around the kitchen and she still was going back to him, then yes I too would be saying “girl what the hell are you doing” and hope to god that the law had some grounds to step in and get her out of there , but Rhianna clearly thinks this is a one off thing and that she can trust Chris not to do it again and until proven wrong shouldn’t we let that happen if that makes her happy?

2.     The “but they are role models” argument- they are not role models by choice, they made music people liked and became role models and now every part of their life is on our screens and in magazines everywhere, but hey your son’s football coach might also beat his wife but because you don’t know, you are more than ok with him being a role model. “but little girls will see her go back to him and think it is ok to be beaten like that” and “boys will see her go back to him and think it is ok to hit women because they will come back”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 

Take some blame here people, if you have a child (and seeing as the artists we are taking about are pretty sexual I am sadly guess we are talking ages 12 to 16 here) and they see this and think that it is an ok way to behave in a relationship maybe it is time for you to sit back and look at the way you raised them , because one would hope that you have taught your children right and wrong. That is, for boys, hitting women is never ok, and for girls, that if a boy hits you should do something about it, if you haven’t  then I am sorry but you are doing something wrong!

3.     What if it was you?- Chris Brown has had a lot of trouble with what he did over shadowing his music, but why? Ok so he did something wrong and that isn’t a good thing , but what if you did something wrong and went to prison or whatever the case may be? You wouldn’t want that every minute of every day and it goes the same for Chris. To put it simply, if you were a cook when you did something wrong, should that make it so you can’t be one after? No it doesn’t and it should go the same if you are an artist. I say no more to the attacking of his musical works because of what he did.
4.     Why the hell do you care- lastly, and this is the most important point of them all, Chris Brown didn’t hit you!!! So why do you even care? It isn’t any of your business what goes on in their life and you don’t get to choice who does or doesn’t go back to who no matter what happens. So please stop going on about it.

There you have it people, reasons why we shouldn’t care or worry about this, may this please be the last I hear of it.



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