Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review- Push and shove - No doubt

Have you ever imagined what a Jamaican dancehall, synth pop song with dub step influences would sound like? Now you don't have to, No Doubt has done it for you.

The song starts nicely with some audio effects to catch your interest before Gwen Stefani's recognizable voice jumps in and smoothly transfers you to a slightly-faster, conventional Jamaican beat; of course is helped by some fast paced, short phrased lyrics. Throughout the verse, I found myself enjoying the accompaniment to Gwen Stefani's incredibly versatile, voice. Many have tried - and failed, some miserably - at experimenting with this sort of style though it seems that this song has done it justice.

Come the chorus and we are met with a dubstep, drop-like introduction that was clearly an experimentation. Personally, I feel that they would definitely have benefited if they had incorporated a slightly harder drop to pair with such a voice like Gwen's so that we, as the listeners can really feel the impact of chorus.

Despite that, it still really does make for a great song to listen to and I have No Doubt that if songs like this keeps getting churned out, we are going to be looking at a new turn for whatever genre you would class this in. As the song builds, the last statement is further reinstated.

In an interview, No Doubt had basically said that the very core of the album came from the idea that, " any relationship, there's always and back and forth." Obviously this message came through in this song with lyrics like "Bonnie and Clyde it, Not gonna testify" and "Boy you got me good, How you push and shove".

Overall, this song makes me nostalgic and want to dance at the same time. Just me?

Review By Nancy 



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