Friday, October 19, 2012

NEWS - Melani Amaro has a new video, Jenn D debuts, Kat DeLuna flops and Rihanna breaks cover

Melania Amaro has released her debut single "Don't Fail Me Now" the electro pop ballad is making waves on the music scene, and she has released the video in support of the single.

Pop music is certainly seeing a rise of trashy pop stars who want to cash in on the success of Ke$ha. The latest is Jenn D, whose debut song and video Lose It is pretty formulaic. Check out the trashy star below

Just a couple of days after premiering their song, UK girl group Girls Aloud have released the supporting video. Hoping to score another hit and win back fans after the failed solo career of Cheryl Cole, the girls are getting ready to embark on a Ten - Greatest Hits Tour.

Contending for WORST video of 2012 is poor little Kat De Luna, the poor girl just can't catch a break! After RedOne giving her greatest stuff to J-Lo to get worldwide #1 hits with, poor Kat is still struggling to keep a record deal. This latest track sees De Luna teaming up with DJ Yass Carter for a video that looks like it was done on a handi-cam! Check out the trashiness below

It is all about the girls today in pop music with Rihanna releasing the official tracklisting and cover for her new album due out later this year. The bajan princess can't seem to get through one year without releasing a new album, every year she promises that it won't suck, and every year it seems to. Check out the official cover art below



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