Monday, March 28, 2011

More Britney LIVE in Las Vegas!

Some other blogs are posting hate about Britney's latest performance at the Las Vegas "Rain" Nightclub. Our response is that Britney is 29 not 17! She has changed as an artist with the main focus on music and celebrity rather than dancing. Also it's worth mentioning that this other blog only showed one performance instead of the whole picture, an example of journalism and media using certain clips to benefit a negative angle and story. Do we really need more of this crap?

Check out Ms.Spears in HD performing "Big Fat Bass" where she is clearly dancing. This is a nightclub promo not a tour or live show.



  1. Fair play its a promo etc for the tour. But either way any recording artist should perform vocals live and there is no exception unless it just so happens all the mics break haha. If i went to watch a promo of any artist and see that i wouldnt pay for tickets. I could have just watched the music video as it aint no different. It aint hating i think Brit is better now then ever but the Lip Synching , she should know better

  2. It was a free concert at a nightclub in Las Vegas, i understand the lip-synching thing but honestly I don't think we would want to hear her sing live (and this is coming from a MEGA fan!) She had a massive breakdown and is still recovering, she has had knee surgery and been told not to dance. There are alot of other factors to consider, I dont want to make excuses for her but I think the public are WAY too harsh on her.


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