Friday, March 11, 2011

Britney Spears - Femme Fatale - Review

Britney Spears
Femme Fatale - Standard Edition

Britney Spears now queen of pop has released her seventh studio album "Femme Fatale" with long time collaborator Max Martin & Dr Luke, they deliver a album packed full of hits and a flow similar to "Blackout."

1) Till The World Ends - Kesha & Max Martin - This is the second single but first track on the album, a great introduction with high energy and spectacular production from Martin. The song was written be fellow pop-star Kesha and you can definitely hear Kesha singing it!

2)Hold It Against Me - Gottwald, Martin, Mathieu Jomphe, Bonnie McKee - The debut single that went straight to number one on the billboard charts. High energy, sexy and sassy like Ms.Spears and the "Femme Fatale" image she has created for this era.

3)Inside Out - Gottwald, Martin, Jomphe, McKee - Dr Luke & Martin take Britney back to "Blackout" and "Slave" times this track is mid-tempo classic Britney that fans are going to go crazy for!

4)I Wanna Go - Martin, Savan Kotecha, Karl Schuster - This track is probably the catchiest on the album with a whistle hook you won't be able to get out of your head. The song is dub step with some brilliant production from Martin and Shellback

5)How I Roll Christian Karlsson, Henrik Jonback, Magnus Lidehäll, Pontus Winnberg, Nicole Morier, McKee - The perfect blend of urban and dance fused together to make an amazing track that is hardcore while also being mid-tempo and showcasing Spears sweet soft vocals. This is one of the best on the album

6)Drop Dead Beautiful (featuring Sabi)

Ester Dean, Jeremy Coleman, Jomphe, Benjamin Levin, Joshua Coleman 

 It's great to see that Spears won't just collaborate with anyone, the obvious choice on this one would have been Nicki Minaj, and while that would have been amazing I'm sure, it's great to see Spears using newcomer Sabi as a rap on this song. This sexy, sultry song is a throwback to "Gimme More" only a whole lot more!

7)Seal It With A Kiss - Martin, Henry Walter, Gottwald, McKee - Martin & Luke show their production diversity on this track, while keeping with the dance theme they manage to keep the flow and vocals ballad-like with a hot mid tempo dance track combined with a catchy hook that provides the perfect pop song.

8)Big Fat Bass - Will.I.Am - Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.I.Am takes the reigns for this track while also lending his vocals, the song is very reminiscent of B.E.P "The Beginning" but with Britney replaced as Fergie. Fortunately Spears holds her own and the track is a club banger that is screaming for the single treatment.

9)Trouble For Me - Heather Bright, Fraser T. Smith, Olivia Waithe - As the song begins you will feel like you are in a club surrounded by green laser lights in Ibiza, the track floats between sweet Spears vocals in the verses while the chorus whip your head to the club dance track. This feels very experimental and it all comes together and manages to work in the most bizaare yet incredible way.

10)Trip To Your Heart - Karlsson, Jonback, Lidehäll, Winnberg, Morier, Stern - Bloodshy produced this is the closest thing to a ballad on the album but like "Perfect Love" on "Blackout" it has an amazing dance beat behind it to maintain your interest. This song and most others on the album showcase the sweet vocals of Spears rather than the strong moaning and groaning we have come to know and love over the years. It's a refreshing change.

11)Gasoline - Claude Kelly - This is my favourite song on the album so far (only after several hours of listening) the Dr Luke & Benny Blanco produced track blends rock, dance and pop together that is a throw-back to "Britney Spears" album era while infusing the new sound. This is a must listen!

12)Criminal - Tiffany Amber, Martin, Schuster - The final track on the standard edition of "Femme Fatale" may have you questioning why it was put on the album, it doesn't seem to fit in with the other tracks on the album, it sounds like a "Hard Candy" bonus track and is very Madonna-esque in it's sound and production. That being said it is still a great track it just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the album.

Britney has had her ups and downs in her personal life but when it comes to music she never disappoints and she continues this trend with "Femme Fatale" When the extra tracks for the deluxe edition are released we will add them on here
"Femme Fatale" hits stores and ITunes on March 27th



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