Monday, March 28, 2011

Novastream introduces...James Varnish

James Varnish is a Melbourne up and comer and is getting ready to release his debut single "Compare" produced by Murder One.

The single is being described as a darkly romantic marriage of suave synths, insistent beats and

Varnish’s distinctive, emotive vocals that owes a debt to the classic sounds of ’80s electro-pop

titans Depeche Mode and Giorgio Moroder but that firmly belongs in tomorrow’s charts.
Varnish’s independently produced and released music is the result of several years of hard work

that took him to the other side of the world and back in his quest to find his vocation.
Varnish studied graphic design at Uni, not feeling ready to study music and describes that journey as
"learning, experimenting and growing and really finding myself."  
“I’m not interested in copying a trend or being an impersonator. I just wanna be me and I just
wanna create a unique sound that stands alone.”
 From what we have heard so far from Vanish he has definitely found his style and sound and we love it.

Vanish has had recognition already from "Compare" for Paris and the US choosing not to include it on a compilation because he was waiting for the right moment. Well Vanish your moment is here and we can't wait to hear your music.
Check out his official website at
Follow the below link to preview the song "Compare"

At this stage "Compare" is being sent to radio in Mid-April, we will keep you updated with the latest info about Varnish and wish him the best in a long and successful career!



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