Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Born This Way - Lady GaGa

"Born This Way" is the first single for Lady Ga Ga's new album of the same name. While the single has hit number 1 it has sparker major controversy as being compared to Madonna's "Express Yourself" and with GaGa sprouting Madonna's support of the song with Madonna's camp denying any "support" for this stage of GaGa's career, and then there are the fans or "Monsters" as they are called pitting Ga Ga against Queen Of Pop Britney Spears, a comparison we feel that is completely unequal, on one hand you have Britney Spears, has been at the top of the pop game since 1999, then you have Lady GaGa who is on her second album. . .while she has alot of sales she is still to push through the second album slump that most other stars incurr, so GaGa pushes the pink dollar and exploiting the gay market ensures a hit single which should flow through to the album. The song doesn't hit your ear on first listen and it took us some time to actually like it however the video clip is all kinds of wrong and while she didn't go in the direction that was expected with screaming queens dancing everywhere, instead we are forced to watch GaGa give "birth" before making out with a skeleton? The whole thing doesn't make sense and it feels like she has made a confusing video clip to seem "arty" and "edgy' check the video below and let us know what you think



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