Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Morning Cup O'News - Nelly Furtado flops back, Leona Lewis goes accoustic

Undoubtedly the biggest flop of 2012 was the failed comeback of Nelly Furtado, the once popular and talented singer teamed up with the wrong people for some truly horrid songs (My Hoops, Parking Lot) selling just 66,000 copies we have to ask ourselves why would she release a third single?

Well she has, and like every other song of late it is horrid. Check out the snooze fest below

Leona Lewis is one of our favourites and she never disappoints with a live performance. Keeping with that she has recorded an accoustic version of the Counting Crows hauntingly beautiful "Colour Blind" Lewis adds her own powerhouse vocals to re-invent this track for 2013 audiences. Check out the awesomeness below



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