Sunday, February 3, 2013

A - Z Of Pop Music - Albums

We all love pop music here at Novastream, we have a long history with it and sometimes we do not get to review albums that we really love, especially ones from the past that you may not know even exist! This really concerns us so we had to think of a way to remedy it, and we thought the best way was to create a list, an ULTIMATE, BIBLE if you will pop music and start from A and go right through to Z!

How the hell will this work? Each week we will release an album review from an artist or band starting with that letter and do a full album review and let you know WHY you should add this to your collection.

Additionally if you have any ideas about what should be included or want to submit your own review to us please email it through to and include your full name and the review and we can look at posting it for you!

The reviews will start next week and we are so excited to be bringing you the BIBLE of pop music!



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