Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Truckers Review - In A World Like This Backstreet Boys

In a world of 1D’s and Justin’s we slowing started to forget that they weren’t the first ones in this game, that long ago boy bands once before roamed the earth, holding young girls hearts with bad songs and cheesy dance moves.

We forgot what being a boy band was really about, but we don’t have to worry because, with the risk of being the millionth person the make the joke, Backstreets back and they are showing us just how cheesy the boy band game is meant to be.

What we have here is a song that by all accounts can only be described as “1D didn’t want it so you can have it”, because really it does just sound like one of their songs with men singing it instead of boys.

And that is just bad one the only difference musically between new Backstreet boys and One Direction is lower hang balls.

The thing that really sets this song apart though is its film clip. To sum it up fast “cheesy as hell”
While other bands (term used very loosely) in this scene make their film clips about having fun and jumping up and down, the Backstreet Boys have straight out stuck to what they know best. standing next to each other and doing a move I would call “passing the sandwich”, close up shots of their faces doing odd expressions which I think are meant to be passion and bending at the knees to the beat of the music.

This all may have come across well back in the day but now that they are old I think we need more, they aren’t good looking enough anymore to just swoon over anymore we need substance.
Oh let me mention that they do attempt this once but it doesn’t work because they show they have no real idea. We get a few shots of them playing the guitar, which at first was cool, you think “ok they finally learnt to play” but when you start to see shots of them playing guitar again in parts of the song that don’t have guitar in them, you start to relies that it’s just for the film clip and they don’t know how to play still.

This is nothing but a letdown to say the least, if you are going to step back into a game you have been gone from for so long then I think you need to bring more than this song did.



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