Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Truckers weekly rant- Mumford and sons

It seems that every man and his dog will leap to defend the band Mumford and sons, and you know something I can’t for the life of me work out why.

It is a mystery to me how a band, that lets face it are average at best, has gotten themself such a following and fan base with so much passion that they will fight to the death to defend them.

Let’s look at the facts here people ‘Little lion man’ or whatever the hell it was called wasn’t a good song, triple J just plugged the hell out of it at a time where every band sounded like that already. Sure it was good when you look at it against the other bands, but hell that isn’t that hard.

Any band can do what they do, all their songs are the same, play little riff, verse made up of held chords and half spoken half sung lyrics, up beat chorus, repeat and hey why don’t we throw in something like a banjo because that’s so hard/never been done before and will give people something to say makes us better than other bands.

Man I bloody love Yellowcard, but if one person ever told me that the reason that they are good is because they are a punk band with a violin, I would punch them in their stupid face, the band is just a good band that happens to have a violin and if they couldn’t write good songs they would still suck even with violins.

Furthermore a folk band should have a Banjo, so it’s not that big a deal! A punk band with a violin is new (well was) but a folk band with a banjo is just the natural order for that style of music.

Now I’m not saying these guys should make music, they aren’t that talentless, what I am saying though is that they are over hyped and shouldn’t be, anyone can do it, they aren’t breaking new ground and the bottom line is they only got so far because the field they stepped into wasn’t filled with much competition.



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