Friday, August 17, 2012

Dancing With A Broken Heart VIDEO - Delta Goodrem

The Aussie pop songstress is back with the video to her mis-guided second single "Dancing With A Broken Heart" Funnily enough this song has not ripped up the charts or had any kind of impact, other than to produce a self-indulgent video that is as boring and unoriginal as the song itself.

This song is a perfect example of when an artist tries to move their music towards the current music trend when they don’t really belong in that style at all.

Delta’s new song dancing with a broken heart doesn’t really work, her voice just does not suit this style of music . She is trying use electronic and even radio friendly dubstep at times, this just isn’t the style this girl was born for.

Couldn’t she maybe just go back to the days of old, you know just her and a piano, and bring us a new round of heartfelt ballads like she used to? Or are we now stuck with a Delta that thinks that she is just like everyone else and sounds like a B grade example of current musical trends?



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