Monday, August 27, 2012

Review- Muse- what is this "Madness"

OMG Muse rare using synths and have made a dubstep song and it’s like going to be so good cos like Muse are like so amazing!

These are the rambles coming from almost every teenager that listens to triple J that doesn’t have a clue that there is more to dubstep than wobble bass.

This song is the most boring and self indulgent thing I have heard in a long time, almost 4 minutes on the same wobble bass line and drum beat with Mat Belemy’s haunting vocals over the top and really that is about all there is to this song.

There isn’t anything that drags this song into the world of interesting music at all, even the guitar solo is rubbish, leaving a terrible tone on the guitar and the solo itself making it sound like he still didn’t know how to play it the day of recording.

I guess if the only reason you listen to Muse is for Mat’s voice and nothing else then this is for you, but for those that expect a little more from the boys then you will be left disappointed.

Review by Ben Hermon



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