Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wide Awake - Katy Perry

Katy Perry is at it again, gone away with the cuties gimmicks and sexy outfits this time around, you can tell she is trying to be taken even more serious as an artist.

Not content with use another film clip of here parading around in skimpy latex outfits, this film clip seems to have a story and a message, and that message seems to be that she does struggle with the fame and attention that she is getting these days.

We follow Katy battling her own problems while guiding her younger self to safety, though it seems that her younger self is doing an even better job at saving the older Katy.

It was an interesting choice of film clip for this song because up until now this song seemed to be about seeing things clearly after a relationship, but with this clip it could be seen as a song about seeing things more clearly in relation to who she is and where she is at in her career.

The song musically isn’t too bad, it shows that when needed Katy can focus on a message, rather than try to write something that is just fun and is a powerful enough singer to pull that off and get her message across.

It is a song that will definitely be played by every teenage girl going through a break up and need something to cry alone to until they feel stronger, which at the end of the day, teenage girls are the biggest part of her target market, so she really nailed exactly what her fans want from her, while still writing a song that meant something to her.



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