Monday, June 25, 2012

This Is Love - Will.I.Am feat. Eva Simons

OK so sitting at a piano, singing a power ballad, that’s enough to scare anyone right? Don’t worry though, it is the whole song and before too long his jumped right back into the mix of dance/hip hop that we have come to know and love from him.
Despite the introduction that had me scared that this was the sound the whole song was going to have and the fact that it does cut back into this sound again later in the song, this song is really good. It’s nothing short of the fun dance floor anthem that we have been looking for, while still writing a song that doesn’t become boring and interest is lost after the 1st few minutes of the song.’s vocals still have a bit too much auto tune to really say if his any good or not, but once he gets back to doing what he does best and rapping, it becomes pretty clear this man knows what he is doing.
The film clip to go with the song still confuses me though, I can’t work out the point of the laptops all over the place at all and where in the world do you find parties or clubs like that?
If somebody knows the answer to that can they let me know, because I want to go there?
If this song focused a lot more on the dance/hip hop parts than the slow piano parts then this song would have been perfect, but it doesn’t. Though if you can sit through the boring parts of the song there are some really good bits.

Review by Ben Hermon



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