Friday, June 8, 2012

Love This - Cosmo Jarvis

Cosmo Jarvis is back with a hot new song and video! Titled 'Love This' the song is catchy showcasing that Jarvis can adapt to any music style and make it his own. Love This is the first single from his much anticipated album Think Bigger set for release on July 6. 

We do have an insight into the new album which we are all excited to listen to. "Whilst the tone of the album maintains a steady musical course the subject matter on Think Bigger is intriguingly varied.  There’s the roaring folkabilly of ‘Sunshine’ about contemporary society’s damaging sense of entitlement; the poignant elegy for ‘The Girl From My Village’ (“about my loathing at the fact she was taken when others who I am certain will do less good with their lives are allowed to keep on breathing”); whilst single-in-waiting ‘Train Down Town’ is about a dystopian future akin to one of Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’ satirical drama.  Even the love song ‘Lacie’ is revealed as an ode to Cosmo’s computer’s external hard drive - “because I am unable to express how thankful I am that while I sleep the contents of my brain are being guarded.”

The video features Jarvis dressed as a tight suited devil with 2 angels by his side. The simple and cleverly shot video stands out as one of his best, the song has been in high rotation on Triple J and the video has reached 50,000 views in its first week. Check out the video to Love This below!



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