Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Owl City EP Review

I know what this is, this new EP from ‘Owl City’ is what happens when ‘Angels and Airwaves’ meets ‘Death Cab for Cutie’ and works out well.

Well I say that , but actually that is how ‘Owl City’ has always sounded to me, not just this EP
There is something about the vocals that always makes me think that this is actually a death cab side project and there is nothing wrong with that .Adam makes this vocal style work in a style of music that I didn’t think it would.

For me the stand out track on this EP was the title track ‘Shooting Stars’, it is catchy , fun and will, like his last hit, most likely be mixed into every club mix around the world. But it is still a powerful song and remains interesting and keeps you hooked the whole way through.

The big thing to note on this EP though is the guest vocals of Mark Hoppus of ‘Blink 182’ , but don’t get any hopes up that this is going to be the biggest song in the world or anything, Mark really doesn’t do much and the song itself sounds more like an ‘Angels and Airwaves’ B-side track than Owl City has ever before.

I know I said that to me it has always sounded that way to me, but this is more that way.
Before it was just the sounds that the synths used and how they were used, but this song moves further into that sound, with similar drumming style and guitar parts, even the echo effects on the vocals are straight from the pages of “epic sounding song writing” by Tom DeLonge.
If the upcoming album is more like the track ‘shooting stars’ then this is one to watch for, as it will no doubt be dominating the charts like a school yard bully.



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