Sunday, November 25, 2012

NEWS - Kat DeLuna has a new video, Lexi St George brings in some Christmas spirit

Still unwilling to let her career die Kat De Luna has released a new single called "Shake It" the song features rapper Fatman Scoop and will have a limited release. Poo Kat just can't catch a break! RedOne gave all his good beats to JLO and gave her the scraps, now comments on her video saying "You are copying Lady GaGa" and "Copying Rihanna" sorry stans but DeLuna was around before your fave's (Just sayin!)
Check out the video below

Lexi St George is taking no prisoners this christmas with her rendition of Last Christmas. The song features St George barely wearing any pants, dancing seductively with a toy soldier and cooking? The song is weird but somehow it works. Check it out below



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