Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ALBUM REVIEW - Unapologetic Rihanna

For those of you who do not read a whole review, I will start off by telling you all you really need to know about it from the very start DO NOT GET THIS ALBUM , do not spend money on it and for the love of god please do not download it and waste that time.

Now that I have gotten out of the way , let me tell you all the reasons that this was the biggest let down of an album from an artist that most of the time I actually do not mind (if I like at least 8 out of ten songs from an artist then I would say I’m a fan)
For starters the album itself seemed very under produced, I don’t know who she got in this time but that was biggest mistake number one, for about 90% of the album it sounds like someone got a “my first production kit” and still failed to put it together right.

The instruments are all over the place when it comes to tone and volume levels being right with each other. Most of the time the vocals are not only are heard over the top but over power the music to the point you cannot even hear it anymore.

Mistake number two comes in the form of vocal phrasings on pretty much every song. Whoever told the poor girl that the best thing for her to do is sing out the nose and over use the same sounds she used in Umbrella really didn’t do the girl any favours at all.

The biggest mistake of all on the joke.... wait sorry I mean album, is the songs themselves, I mean why is she doing reggae badly? Why just why, not much of the songs make much sense at all. The only songs that I would actually tell people to listen to are the songs Nobodies business with  Chris Brown which is clearly a throwback to Jackson style pop and the dance floor styled Right Now  with David Guetta. 

If she had done an album of just songs like either or both of these I would be sitting here telling you that this was the golden album of the year for pop music, but as it is, with only two songs off the whole thing making it into the “do listen to” pile, all that we are left with is a feeling of throwing up and using the disc as a shine Frisbee.

So if you like music that is done badly then this is the album for you and since no one actually does then this album is for no one at all, do not buy it, do not listen to it and just avoid it at all costs.  Hell I would pay to have the memory of hearing it removed from my brain, That would be a smarter use of my money. 

Review by Trucker



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