Friday, November 23, 2012

ALBUM REVIEW - Pitbull - Global Warming

I have tried to write this review 3 times now and I keep coming up with the same thing, a simple few words and nothing more PITBULL SHOULDN’T DO VOCALS and that is all said done over and out, all that needs to be said.

If I really must take this further and give some detail to what I mean (which I do) , I guess that I feel so strongly about this point because every song on this album could have been really really good if it wasn’t ruined every single time by that sad attempt of rapping that Pitbull insists on pushing down our throats and making our ears bleed.

The music on this album is actually amazing, song structures are perfect, production is flawless and all the beats and melodies are so catchy you would hum along to the whole album, that is if you can stomach the vocals.

And its not just how he sounds either, if Pitbull isn’t spitting out catch phrase after catch phrase (this is world wide and woo whooo and called out so much you would end up in hospital if you made a drinking game) he is, for lack of a better word vomiting out lyrics about how he wants to have sex with every girl he lays his eyes on and how it is “so clear” that every girl wants to sleep with him. If anyone thinks higher of their own sex appeal than this guy then I would hate to meet them.
What makes this even sadder is the work of the guest vocalists that are on every single song (Pitbull cannot do anything on his own). In contrast to Pitbulls horrible attempts at rapping, every guest on this album pulls no stops and does amazing work on the songs, making every chorus the catchiest  a pop song could have.

I think that the message this album was trying for was that Pitbull does have some talent, just not when he opens his mouth and even if that’s not what he was going for it is still the message we all got. Maybe, just maybe Pitbull should stick to writing music and maybe production work and leave rapping and singing to those with the talent to do so. 

Review by Trucker



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