Thursday, November 15, 2012

NEWS : Carmen Electra debuts new single, Chris Brown/Rihanna record another song together

Carmel Electra is showing another side to her personality, now claiming to be a dance floor diva. Teaming up with Bill Hamel, this "song" is pure flop! Check it out below

Ready for shock and horror people? I actually don’t hate this song.

The beats and bass in this song are really cool, and will have people dancing, my only real problem with the song is the Kesha style rap type thing in the verses.

She actually doesn’t sing to badly, the song is well put together , well produced and seeing as its meant for the dance floor it really is well put together well for its target market.

If she had sung something over the verses instead of what did happen, this song could have actually been something big, as it is though it becomes something less and will be forgotten in no time at all.
Let us not forget though that this is a more into music for someone who doesn’t normally make music and as a first try this is a hell of a lot better than over half the other people who have tried to make this exact same move.

If this is what future songs will sound like then it isn’t exactly going to go anywhere, but if things from this song are taken away and mistakes are learnt from then I could see a lot of hits actually coming from this
Review by Trucker

Rihanna is releasing her annual album today titled "Unapologetic", one of the tracks features her on again/off again Chris Brown. The track titled "Nobody's Business" is in no doubt in reference to their rocky relationship. Check out the track below

Wow its about time that this happened, a song about how people should just shut the hell up and that them being together has nothing to do with anyone else.
But what is the song actually like?
Well I spent the 1st listen thinking that this was just a boring song and that they were just throwing out a song to prove a point, but with a second listen came a new view of the song.
It’s actually really good and clearly has taken a lot of its style from the late Mr Jackson himself.
Unlike a lot of times when a guy and girl do a son together and you can hear that this is just a song, with these to you can actually tell they mean the words they are singing, you really can hear the passion in their voices and that adds a new level to the song.
At the end of the day though, I’m not exactly sure how this song will be taken by the general public. It’s doesn’t exactly match up with the current trends of music, it is very old school pop in its style and so people may see it as out dated music and it pretty much tells people that their opinions do not mean anything at all and I just don’t see people being ok with being told that.

Review by Trucker



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