Wednesday, May 4, 2011

GaGa Riffic News!

Australian fans we have some AMAZING new from Lady GaGa's manager Troy Carter ""We're coming to Australia. We'll make a couple of trips," he said."We'll be there in July to promote the album Then we're back out that way... well... it'll be a surprise."

While there are no further details yet, Troy revealed that they were inspired by Pink's huge 2009 tour which saw her spend several months living and touring in Australia.

"We're going to stay there for a while when we come," he said. "We were over there when Pink was playing and it was a great lesson for us to learn. When you invest in a country like [Pink did], a country will invest in you.

"It wasn't about Pink going over there and piling everyone into a few stadiums for a few nights. She went over there and lived there and became part of the culture."

Imagine Gaga spending a few months in Australia! That would be just AMAZING! We are already shivering with anticipation! BRING IT ON!



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