Monday, May 16, 2011

Cosmo Jarvis is BACK!

Cosmo Jarvis the genius behind Gay Pirates is back with a new song Sure As Hell Not Jesus this highly controversial track is on heavy rotation at Triple J and the video is on YouTube cranking up over 24,000 hits!

The EP of the same name will be available digitally on May 29th and contains three additional tracks including "What's wrong with Betty (Part 1)" from the forthcoming album Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange scheduled for release in mid August 2011.

The EP sees Cosmo examining a typically broad range of musical and lyrical themes with the lead track “Sure As Hell Not Jesus” describing ‘how the thought of somebody can give you hope in times of anguish that a God never could’, and is accompanied by a typically provocative video that explores the themes of shame and redemption from a papal perspective.
Cosmo Jarvis is a singer, a songwriter, an actor, a director, a composer, a producer and a multi-instrumentalist. He writes about topics ranging from his alienation from religion to the equal treatment of gay pirates (and he's completed nearly three hundred songs already). Cosmo is an extraordinarily talented twenty-one year old, and a genuine one-off. When Brian Eno is singing your praises, as he did recently - "he is a very interesting example to me of a new kind of person; a new kind of artist" - you must be doing something right.

The EP SURE AS HELL NOT JESUS will be released digitally worldwide on May 29.
The album, IS THE WORLD STRANGE OR AM I STRANGE? will be released worldwide on August 15.



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