Thursday, May 19, 2011

Born This Way Lady Gaga - ALBUM REVIEW

A lot of hype has been surrounding Lady GaGa and her new album Born This Way basically this album has to cement her as a pop icon and ensure her future in the industry. We are happy to announce that not only does she do this but exceeds all expectations and delivers the hottest and most diverse album of the year.

1) Marry The Night - Lady GaGa/Fernando Garibay - This is the perfect opener for the album, a thumping disco track that is classic GaGa with a fresh take.

2) Born This Way - Lady GaGa/DJ Shadow - Well you know this track, everyone does amazing Gaga pop track

3) Government Hooker - DJ White Shadow/DJ Snake - This is our favourite song on the album this track is dance sex goodness. The hook "yeah you're my hooker" is extremely catchy and the song is incredibly advanced for it's time.

4) Judas - RedOne/Lady GaGa - One of our favourites and definitely the best single this track is a grower and showcases religious intolerance while intertwining a love story

5) Americano - Lady GaGa/DJ White Shadow - This track showcases GaGa's extreme diversity this mexican flavoured track just fits in perfectly on the album and adds a theatrical element that is always GaGa

6) Hair - Lady GaGa/RedOne - This uplifting power track is once again from RedOne but shows a raw element to GaGa's voice mixed with electro pop. This track was used as a promo song for the album before it's release

7) Scheiße - Lady GaGa/RedOne - Another album favourite and highlight we where quite surprised to find out that this track was RedOne produced as it is so different to anything he has done before with GaGa or any other artist. The song is international and features GaGa rapping in German! What more could you want???

8) Bloody Mary - Lady GaGa/DJ Snake - Incorporating the religious theme again this is a mid-tempo track which is extremely radio friendly but due to lyrical content will probably not see a release.

9) Bad Kids - Lady GaGa/RedOne - Another anthem for the album, this song is like a sequel to Born This Way. Encouraging all the outcasts, bad kids to celebrate their diversity and party together. Perfect party track

10) Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) - Lady GaGa/RedOne - The closest thing to a ballad on the album this is a power anthem which meshes pop and rock together with a running unicorn theme. This song is a perfect addition to the album and showcases GaGa's diverse vocal range

11) Heavy Metal Lover - Lady GaGa/DJ Shadow/DJ Snake - The opening lyric of "I want your whisky mouth all over my blonde south" was enough to make us love this song. The dark murky mix of pop, dance and rock all blend together beautifully and showcases just how much you cannot label Lady GaGa's music.

12) Electric Chapel - Lady GaGa/Blair - Pure rock something you do not expect on a GaGa album but she manages to pull it off effortlessly. As far as tracks go this is our least favourite on the album, not saying it is bad it's just ok.

13) You And I - Lady Gaga/Robert John "Mutt" Lange - One of the best tracks we have heard for a VERY long time. GaGa's sweet vocals cruise over the anthem seamlessly. This is helped by the production of Mutt best known for his work with Shania Twain. This track blends country, pop and rock together and we cannot say enough good things about it.

14) The Edge Of Glory - Lady GaGa - Single number 3 this "promo" track shot into the charts at number 3 on the BillBoard charts and is GaGa's first track to fuse pop and rock together perfectly as reflected by the chart positon and the quality of the track.

Overall this album is definitely the anthem of a decade, it incorporates old GaGa from "The Fame" and "Monster" and infuses and creates a new sound mixed with an extremely international flavour that pop music so desperately needs right now. GaGa has perfected her craft and gives pop music a reason to exist again. This album could not be more perfect and is our first to earn 5 stars.

Born This Way is released internationally on June 26th



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