Friday, April 29, 2011

Love? - Jennifer Lopez Review 4/5 stars

It is finally here! After false starts, label changes and flop singles Jennifer Lopez is officially back! The album is a fusion of rnb, pop and of course dance. The album is extremely well crafted and although there is an abundance of RedOne songs they actually balance The Dream songs out and make the album a solid effort.

1) On The Floor feat. Pitbull - produced by RedOne This is Jennifer Lopez's number one hit that is still in the top 5 after two months of amazing promotion for Miss Lopez.

2) Good Hit - produced by The Dream & Tricky Stewart Perfect follow on from "Floor" this is a perfect throwback to old school JLo creating the perfect pop song infused with her urban flavour. We are still waiting for the video to leak in full! Cordless hair dryers!!!

3) I'm Into You feat. Lil Wayne - Produced by StarGate This serves as the second official single from "Love?" this mid tempo track is quite catchy and definitely a grower. It's saturated in the bahjan sound that Rihanna, Ciara, Amerie love to use. The video will premiere on Tuesday

4) What Is Love? - Produced by D.Mile One of our favourite songs on the album this pop ballad just HAS to be a single. Written by Miss Lopez herself you can really feel her struggle with love and security. It is produced by D'Mile and is our hot pick on the album!

5) Run The World - Produced by Tricky Stewart & The Dream The album switches into rnb mode for this track, it's very "Hold You Down" minus the rap but with a more updated sound. Lopez cruises over the smooth beat. Another favourite on the album

6) Papi - Produced by RedOne - Rumoured to be single number #3 RedOne brings the album back to party mode. This song is just amazing and sounds like a sequel to "On The Floor" the bass thumps hard and the catchy chorus will definitely be one for the clubs.

7) Until It Beats No More - Produced by Radio The only pop ballad on the album while previously they have never been Lopez's strong points you can hear the work she has done on her voice and how she has developed. The song is pure pop beauty in it's finest form

8) One Love - Produced by D'Mile - Mid tempo pop rnb song this is a cruisy track to drive around to. is ano

9) Invading My Mind - Produced by RedOne & Lady GaGa The first GaGa and RedOne collaboration track on the album and you can definitely hear influences from both. This club banger is another highlight from the album and one not to be missed!

10) Villan - Produced by The Dream & Tricky Stewart This rnb track is probably the least favourite on the album, it's not that it's bad just when compared to the rest of the tracks I would have much preferred "Loubitons" added to the album (yes it's not there we where devastated!)

11) Starting Over - Produced by Danja Known for his amazing work on "Blackout" for Britney this track seems a little off centre for Danja, while the electronic element is there it doesn't seem to fit in with Lopez's vocals. That being said it is still a solid track lyrically and electronically.

12) Hypnotico - Produced by RedOne & Lady GaGa The second GaGa/RedOne track will take you a couple of listens to get it and love it. The electro dance track will have you saying Hyp - not- i - co for days! It's extremely catchy and provides a great closing track for the standard edition of the album

13) Everybody's Girl - Produced by Mike Caren and Olgee The revamped song from Love?'s initial tracklisting serves as a bonus track and the updated music seems to suit the song a lot better. This rock inspired electro track blends everything together seamlessly.

14) Take Care - Produced by Tricky Stewart It's nice to see Tricky ditching the Dream for this track. The song is dance pop goodness and builds the "On The Floor" new Jeneration of music.

15) Charge Me Up - Produced by RedOne This track punches hard and shows that when RedOne is paired with a great artist he can produced amazing tracks. The combo of Lopez and RedOne is a marriage made in heaven and should have been done years ago when Love? was first envisioned.

Jennifer Lopez is back on the charts and the last couple of days have been great waking up to a new J-Lo album. This album is definitely one to purchase not just download. The album that is literally years in the making was worth the wait, the only thing missing was "Loubitons" and "Hooked On You". Love? is available in Australian stores and on ITunes now. Love? will be released in the UK on May 2 and the US on May 3.

4/5 stars



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