Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bachelor Girl Interview

Australia's favourite pop duo are gearing up for their reunion shows in conjuction with the release of a greater hits album with some "lost tracks" that we are dying to hear! The album is called "Loved & Lost" and it will be released in Australia on April 15.

We sat down with Tania Doko, lead singer of Bachelor Girl to ask her some questions about her opinion on pop music and the future of the band! Check the interview below

What is your opinion on pop music today?

Pop music is in an interesting state. As much as I love four-on-the-floor (in the club world), and have welcomed the influence of dance in pop music, I think it's gone too far now. I miss great melody and interesting lyrics in the mainstream. There's always one that comes out of the box though, like Adele spending weeks on end at no.1 on the U.S and UK pop charts. This screams loudly and corrects the imbalance a bit - people STILL want to feel something beyond tapping their feet, even with pop music.

How do you feel it has changed since "Buses & Trains" especially in Australia?

The traditional song form that 'Buses' is built on is not as readily heard on the radio these days. I'm all about rolling with the times, and I often write for other artists these days without a pre conceived idea that it should take on a traditional style of writing, and it can totally work. One thing that hasn't changed is.. a song that connects is still a song that connects! Good is still GOOD! Whether there's raging guitars, or clever lyrics or a die-to-for bass line, you still need that 'hook' to reel people in, to capture their imaginations. Hopefully you can reach people musically, intellectually AND right in their gut. That's called a triple threat!
On a practical level, obviously there's soooo many more ways you can reach people with your music these days. It can daunting, but equally a wonderful opportunity if you're committed and in it for the real deal.

Is there any discussions of a new album in the near future?

James and I live in a world where anything is possible...;-)

We hope that the possible happens because we love your music and miss the raw emotion and pure pop goodness that eminates from Bachelor Girl. If by some strange chance you live on another planet and haven't heard their music, check out the smash hit "Buses & Trains" below



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