Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ALBUM REVIEW Killer Love - Nicole Scherzinger European Version

Nicole Scherzinger started out as lead singer of "The Pussycat Dolls" shining as the only member that can actually carry a tune and dance incredibly (we have seen her live and can confirm this!)
After several false starts at a solo career Nicole found a Top 5 Hit in the UK with her debut single "Poison" produced by RedOne and starts as the first song on the album. The song is pure pop hotness and shines as an outstanding track on the album.
The next track "Killer Love" builds on "Poison" and is one of the hottest songs in pop music right now that you will find yourself going back to again and again.
"Don't Hold Your Breath" is single number 2 and is a outstanding mid tempo pop track. The song has hit the top of the charts in UK and has solidified Scherzinger's positon as a solo artist.
"Right There" is single number three and while we are struggling to understand why, the song is islander style aka Rihanna and Ciara
"You Will Be Loved" is the oddest track on the album, it features yodelling but fortunately Nicole pulls this off perfectly.
"Wet" is another club banger and will have you dancing on the nearest pole and is very Pussycat club banger style.
"Say Yes" could be passed off as album filler but manages to hold it's own as a great pop track
"Club Banger Nation" is exactly as the title describes, this RedOne masterpiece heats it up, slows it down then throws it all back in for a hot ending
The album moves to the ballad side with a duet with Sting called "Power's Out" their voices entwine perfectly together and is a standout song on the album
The next four songs "Desperate, Everybody, Casualty and Amenja" all sound like they run into one another, more thought and time should have been taken with these tracks which is possibly why the album is being re-worked for the US audience.
Overall it's a solid debut from Nicole and should cement her place in pop music as Beyonce did with "Dangerously In Love"
We are still waiting for a Australian release date



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