Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rhianna's "Rated R" review...

So we have been so lucky to get our mitts on a copy of Rhianna's latest album. After hearing Wait Your Turn, Russian Roulette and Hard I wasn't expecting to be wowed. I will say upfront I am pleasantly surprised that I really like the album.
1) Mad House - simply serves as an intro track, very carnival, "welcome to the mad house" by a creepy voice, the intro goes for 1:30 and definitely sets the mood for the rest of the album.

2) Wait Your Turn - most of you would have heard this song by now, I can't help but picture a bad eye-patch when i hear this song, but it has a solid beat.

3) Hard (featuring Young Jeezy) - the second single from the album, this should definitely be one for the dance floors, has a thumping bass line and shows us Rhianna's new "hard" side to music and life

4) Stupid In Love - no guesses who this is about, this ballad is very "Take A Bow" and clearly sends the message about Rhianna's feelings about the Chris Brown situation

5) Rockstar 101 (featuring Slash) - possibly 1 out of 2 songs I will probably skip when I listen to the album, nothing but filler here, this said it could grow on me. Is a very "look at me im hard, rock and edgy" but fails to actually deliver a good song.

6) Russian Roulette - ok so when I first heard this song I nearly vomited, why would Rhianna release a ballad for her first single??? After several listens though I am completely in love, is a great track, most of you would have heard it by now, has an amazing bass line and is very r&b, epic ballad.

7) Fire Bomb - this song surprised me, think 80's rock, pop made for a movie. It's a very radio friendly mid-tempo song, that just seems a bit "blah" for this album

8) Rude Boy - totally LOVING this track, definitely a "summer hit" one to dance to and will probably soon be in 90210 or Gossip Girl at a summer beach party scene, this aside reminds me alot of "Pon De Replay" this is DEFINITELY a track to check out

9) Photographs (feat Will.I.Am) - so I was totally in shock when I heard this song, was expecting something very Black Eyed Peas, this mid-tempo ballad is a great surprise on the album and something very different for WillIAm.

10) G4L - I think this is meant to be "Guns 4 Life" is a VERY dark track, totally takes Rhianna to a different, dark place. This track scared me to be honest, I actually got to fear for Rhianna's life, I know it sounds dramatic but this track is dark and very creepy.

11) Te Amo - obviously going back to her roots, is a very laid back "Island Life' track honestly for a white Australia this track meant nothing to me...NEXT

12) Cold Case Love - great track! Starts off as a beautiful Rhianna ballad, then just transforms into this electro/pop track, is truly brilliant! End of the track features some great beat-boxing very Justin Timberlake style.

13) The Last Song - pretty self-explanatory, sounds just like album filler.

Overall Rhianna takes her music to a new, dark, exciting place that I am really excited about. Good Girl Gone Bad was a bit too poppy, this has more edge and a rnb depth that I really love.



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