Thursday, November 19, 2009

Britney Spears LIVE in Sydney!

Well we where absolutely excited to get to attend Britney's Sydney "Circus" tour, I am doing a full review later, but I just saw this on from a fan on a message board and I just HAD to post it, if you are Australian and you are reading this it's just a few things to think about...

"this actually cracks me up. It shows how stupid people really are.

1) it is a well known fact that Britney lip syncs, you arent the first stop this tour and she didnt suddenly start lipsyncing in Australia ( she did it the whole tour) so if you paid for tickets thats your mistake

2) just because the media tears her apart doesnt mean that you have to . Dont be a flippin pawn.

3) Britney may decide not to come back again because people are unappreciative bastards.

4) there are quite literally thousands (potentially millions) of people who wished they could go but couldnt and you are talkin ish"



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